30 Days of Books: Day 6

Day number 6 of the “30 Days of Books” challenge… I had this whole thing written out and then my stupid computer wouldn’t update what I wrote andall I needed to do was add in my nice little picture and then all of a sudden, that’s ALL that was there. YAR! It didnt’ even save a draft. Really kind of upset right now. Starting over…

30 Days of Books: Day #6

Favorite male character in a book and why…

Jonas from The Giver

The Giver has always been one of my favorite books. I first read it in 7th or 8th grade and then re-read it last year and I still love it! We first get to see Jonas as a happy-go-lucky kid, doesn’t question society or the rules… Then when he starts his apprenticeship with The Giver, he’s responsible for any and all memories that are left in the world that The Giver has to pass on to him.  On the bright side, he gets to see some really great things from the world before him like holidays and snow – But he also has the responsibility of taking on the bad memories: pain, suffering, sorrow, loss, war. In addition to the memories, he learns some secrets about what really goes on in his village and not all of the things are pleasant to know.

What I like the most is how much we get to see Jonas grow. It’s a beautiful transition from care-free kid to a young man who has more wisdom and more passion than most of the adults. He learns how to decide things for himself, even breaks the rules once he figures out the stories behind some of them. It’s really nice to see such growth in a character and I think the whole process was executed exquisitely.

The story of Jonas is definitely one of my favorites and I think it always will be!

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  1. Vyki

    That does sound really good! I’ll have to look into it. It would definitely be a good one to read for character development with the way he changes. I had enver heard of this one before!

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