30 Days of Books: Day 19

30 Days of Books: Day #19

Favorite book cover…

In all honesty…. The Harry Potter covers are pretty cool and informative at the same time… Just sayin…

But you don’t want to hear about those! Okay, I’m picking a few because I like them for different reasons.

Firstly – Numbers by Rachel Ward. This was the cover from when I first saw it and I was like WHOA. The red eye is pretty creepy and the fact that it’s the only thing on the cover pretty much it a little unsettling. You know you’re in for a wild and creepy ride. And I liked how they used the numbers to fill in all of the empty space here and also to shape the eye. I wish I had liked the book better, but I am still interested in reading on because the end was kind of a surprise! I had to choose this one though because it’s always stuck out at me.


YA covers in general.
There are tons of really sweet YA covers out there and if I listed all the ones I thought were cool, it’d be way too long of a post. Unfortunately, I haven’t read most of the awesome ones that are floating out there. There are so many that are just visually striking that I’ve wanted to check out based on cover alone (sometimes I do judge by their covers! I know you’re not supposed to do that…) and I’m keeping it short so I’m just going to sum up with that!

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  1. Vyki

    I definitely love me some covers, too. I picked up Numbers also because of the cover. Covers that have just a bit of color splash almost always pique my interest!

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