Wild Worlds Wrap Up and Winner Announcement!

Well, the Wild Worlds week long event is officially over… And I had so much fun!

Once again, I have to say a big, big thank you to all of the authors who participated. This was just me creating an event on my own accord and they graciously agreed to provide me interviews and some awesome giveaways (those are still open until next week, by the way!) and they were just a blast to work with. A huge thanks out to them again because they made this entire week possibly and an incredible success!
Second, I have to say thanks to all of you awesome bloggers/blog fans out there who also helped in making it so successful! Within a week, I reached 100 followers (which was a big goal for me) and set a new record several times for the most hits in a day on my blog. Thanks again to you guys because without you, it wouldn’t have had such a purpose!
It was such an amazing time, a ton of fun, and I felt like it helped me grow so much as a blogger too! Not to mention all of the awesome people that I’ve been able to meet through this event.

If you missed any of the author interviews or posts from Wild Worlds week, check out the links here! All of the authors had some awesome things to giveaway so if you missed any of that, all of the giveaways are still open until next Friday!Β 

Secondly, it’s time to announce some winners for my Follower Appreciation Giveaway! In honor of my 100th post and in the process, gaining 100 followers, I offered two $10 Amazon gift cards. Here are the two winners:

Lenna @ She Is Reading
Kelly @ Have Book Will Read

Congrats, and thanks to all who entered! Winners will have 48 hours to respond to their email to claim their prize. Thanks again for all your support!!

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  1. Vyki

    That’s awesome that you got to 100 followers and had such a good time doing it πŸ™‚ I been a bit behind this week, so I am going to go back and visit the link I haven’t yet!

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