New Feature Announcement!

And I know what you’re thinking… No, it’s not The Deja Vu Review (although I’ll still be doing it even if no one joins in :))

I know we were all sad that Ginger @ GReads decided to put TGIF on a semi-permanent hold, but I also say good for her for making sure she takes the time for her to get everything done that she needs to! So that left us without a Friday feature, and without one of my staple memes, I confess, I did feel a bit lost. Until I got an awesome email asking me to be a part ofΒ a NEW Friday feature in the absense of TGIF to fill our hearts and minds with happiness. And that will be………..


Hosted by Tee @ YA Crush, Sandie @ Teen Lit Rocks, Candice @ The Grown-Up YA, Dixie/Maggie @ Gone Pecan, and of course, me too!

Each Friday we’ll take a couple characters from our favorite books and discuss who we’d think would be perfect for the roles! And of course this gives us the opportunity as well to rehash our favorite parts of the story and swoon over all those dream literary crushes of ours.

Full details to come later, but keep your eyes open next Friday 9/14Β for our very first edition of Casting Call!!! We look forward to bringing you our dream casts as well as hearing what YOU think about our choices and who you would pick as well.

Hope to see you there!

6 thoughts on “New Feature Announcement!

  1. Vyki

    Sounds like a lot of fun I look forward to seeing it! I just started participating in TGIF and now it is on hold, but I completely understand that she needs to do it and I hope school goes well for her.

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