My Latest Bookish Addiction [8] – The Lunar Chronicles

In keeping with the theme of my blog, I decided to start bringing you updates of the newest and greatest bookish addictions in my life so I can share with you some awesomely bookish things or discuss if maybe we share the same bookish loves. It seemed like a great way to get a little […]

The Lunar Chronicles Novellas | Glitches (#0.5) & The Queen’s Army (#1.5)

Obviously being in love with CINDER and SCARLET, I had to read the novellas or the “in-between” stories that go with The Lunar Chronicles. GLITCHES is a quick story going back in time to before we start CINDER. It’s actually a glimpse into Cinder’s first experiences as she’s taken in by the Linh family. WHAT […]

Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) – Marissa Meyer

There has been some serious love for SCARLET out in the blogging world so I’ll admit that I felt a bit of pressure before I started the second installment of The Lunar Chronicles to feel that same amount of love and intensity for this book… What in the world was I worried about!? SCARLET proved […]

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) – Marissa Meyer

Yes, I FINALLY read CINDER, you guys!!! It’s about time, I know. I had put it off so long because come on. Cyborg Cinderella? Moon people? No way was I going to like that story. It just seemed impossible. But thanks to all of the encouragements and gentle aggressive prods from my fellow bloggers, I knew this […]

Exclusive WIRES AND NERVE Excerpt from upcoming Lunar Chronicles Graphic Novel

Today on The Book Addict’s Guide, I’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming Lunar Chronicles graphic novel, WIRES AND NERVE, centering on fan-favorite android Iko and her adventures with the Lunar Chronicles gang after the series of events in WINTER! Being a huge fan of The Lunar Chronicles, the lovely folks at Macmillan approached me […]

Stars Above (A Lunar Chronicles Collection) – Marissa Meyer

By now, we all know how much I love The Lunar Chronicles so it was definitely a bittersweet read for me knowing that this was the very end of new content for the series. (Although now we do have graphic novels to look forward to so that helps!) Some stories worked better for me than […]

WINTER Release Day | Lunar Chronicles Fun & Games

After what probably feels like a very long wait, WINTER is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited! And maybe a little bit nervous to see how it all ends!! As you probably know, I’ve been celebrating the entire series with the Lunar Chronicles (Re)Read along that kicked off back in August. WINTER is […]

Quiz: Which Lunar Chronicles Character Are You?

A LUNAR CHRONICLES PERSONALITY QUIZ! I was brainstorming future blog posts and I thought it would be really fun to some sort of a personality quiz! At first I wanted to do something along the lines of 2013 releases but there are honestly too many that I still have to get to so I realized […]

The Skylighter (The Keepers’ Chronicles #2) – Becky Wallace

THE STORYSPINNER was one of my favorite reads of 2015 so when I got approved to read THE SKYLIGHTER early on Edelweiss, this was one I didn’t hesitate to pick up right away!! Becky Wallace has this amazing way of crafting characters to really connect the reader to each one and also create this incredible […]

Fairest Blog Tour: Spread the Lunar Love!

Welcome to the blog tour for FAIREST by Marissa Meyer! I was OVER THE MOON (oh my gosh, no pun intended but that worked out perfectly) to be invited to join this blog tour by Macmillan (whom I am always privileged and humbled to work with!) because if you know the bookish side of me at […]