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Brand new Twitter and sprucing up the blog!

I used to have a personal Twitter, but really, I didn’t like it very much. Not many of my friends were on it and the ones that were happened to be the friends I talked to almost every day. I already knew what was going on with them and it seemed a little pointless, so I bid adieu to Twitter.

Since I started my blog, I really wanted to put a little more info in here. I’m still on the fence about whether I have enough gusto to start weekly feature/meme update. I really like the idea and I think there are some great ones out there! But I feel like I’d end up getting sloppy and skipping weeks or days, so I haven’t set myself to a schedule except to start reviews as soon as I finish my books.

Lately I’ve had a lot little updates or new books I’ve found or things that happen in the books that I get excited about… But none of this was enough to write a whole post. I wanted to share these things with the blogging world, but I didn’t want to overwhelm and annoy everyone with constant, short updates… So what do I do? I finally came to the conclusion that it was time for me to be able to update about my book addiction as often as possible by started a Twitter account 🙂 You can now find my Twitter account here.

But I also need a favor from my fellow bloggers, and I think it’s time for maybe something more exciting here at The Book Addict’s Guide so I am looking for suggestions! What would you like to see here? I’m working on some brainstorming and maybe I’ll stick to a schedule and pick up a weekly feature/meme hosted by a fellow blogger. I feel like I get a lot of reviews done and I can read books fairly quickly, but I think my blog needs a little something more… I want the reviews to be the main feature of the blog and I didn’t want them to get overshadowed by other updates, which I think is what I’ve been worried about. But I do feel like it might be getting a little boring. Time to work on making it a little more fun! 🙂 I just updated my header and background a few days ago since I felt like the blog was a little dreary. Now time to step it up with the content!