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A Sunday Compilation

It’s Sunday! That’s not exciting, really so I’m not sure why the exclamation point… But before work claims us all again tomorrow, here’s a whole mess of bloggy updates and news points I want to remind you of before the weekend comes to a close!

1. DEGREES OF WRONG GIVEAWAY closing tomorrow!!
That’s right, folks! If you haven’t checked out my post from the Degrees of Wrong blog tour, I highly suggest you do! This is a new book from Anna Scarlett (or you may know her better as Anna Banks who wrote Of Poseidon) and I absolutely adored it! It’s love story, snark, sci-fi, thrills – the whole package for me really! There’s a giveaway for an egalley of the ARC and I think you won’t want to miss it! Only one more day to enter!!

2. THE DEJA VU REVIEW second post is up!
Guys… I’m a little sad. And desperate. No one wants to participate in the Deja Vu Review! They’re only mini-reviews and you only have to say a few words to participate! I thought it would be fun for us to talk about some books we read before we started our blogs (because I know mine isn’t that old and I’ve been reading my whole life – That’s a lot of books gone un-reviewed!), so if you want to link up, please do so soon! You can post any time throughout the week although I put the feature up on Sundays, but if I don’t get any takers soon, it may go in the garbage pile next to Freaky Friday 🙁 Or just better yet, it’ll be read only and I’ll stop trying to have people join in haha. Either way, I hope to see you there!

3. ARMY OF TEN buzz!
The Army of TEN

The awesome Gretchen McNeil has a new book coming out called TEN and it sounds MAJORly awesome! It’s not a PRIVATE secret or anything… I mean, it’s GENERAL knowledge but we need to create some buzz for the book! Oh, and she’s got a great contest going on here!!

(please just pretend like you enjoyed those puns… THANKS!)