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Heartless Blog Tour | My Marissa Meyer Collection/Shelfie

Welcome to the blog tour for

To say that I’m obsessed with The Lunar Chronicles and all things Marissa Meyer MAY be an understatement. My collection started when I had the opportunity (thanks to Macmillan/Fierce Reads) to have my blog name in the paperback copy of SCARLET! I read CINDER a bit later than other readers since it A) came out before I started blogging and I didn’t know about it yet and B) was hesitant about a cyborg Cinderella (how wrong I was)!

I had already owned CINDER and SCARLET in hardcover but of course I needed to purchase a paperback copy of SCARLET since it had my name in it! Because I had the paperback of SCARLET, I needed a paperback of CINDER. Then I received an ARC of CRESS and couldn’t let it go so I kept my ARC (actually ended up trading to get a different ARC since I sent my copy out on loan and the post office LOST IT) and of course, needed a hardcover and a paperback of CRESS to match my other books. My read of CRESS was stupendous. It was such an amazing read for me and I fell even more in love with the series (even though I didn’t think that was possible). I loved the books so much that I started collecting different editions and well… I’ve got that collecting personality so one thing led to another and soon I was hunting down foreign editions, old ARCs, and more! I have a ridiculous amount of books now and I regret nothing.

marissa meyer shelfie


I’ve never really posted about my collection a blog post before and I thought it would be fun to expand upon all of the books in my collection where I have room to write a large caption!

Top shelf, from left to right: CINDER – German hardcover, CINDER – US hardcover, SCARLET – US hardcover, CRESS – US hardcover, WINTER – US hardcover, FAIREST – US hardcover, STARS ABOVE – US hardcover, CINDER – US paperback, SCARLET – US paperback, CRESS – US paperback, FAIREST – US paperback, CRESS – Target special edition
Merch: Button, lip balm, gloves, and comb – promo items from Fierce Reads, bookmark from Marquis du Soleil, candle from Novelly Yours, mug from Evie Bookish Designs

Bottom shelf, from left to right: CRESS – Greek edition, CINDER – Italian hardcover, CINDER – German paperback, CINDER – UK ARC, CINDER – Scholastic teaching edition, SCARLET – Scholastic teaching edition, CINDER – US ARC, SCARLET – US ARC, CRESS – US ARC, CINDER – Polish edition, SCARLET – Polish edition, CINDER – Spanish edition, SCARLET – Spanish edition, HEARTLESS – US ARC
Merch: “Read Me” note and HEARTLESS promo box from Fierce Reads, bookmark from Behind the Pages, bracelet from Rich Love Shoppe, Queen of Hearts box is a family heirloom

  • Total number of books: 28
    • Cinder: 10
    • Scarlet: 6
    • Cress: 5
    • Winter: 1
    • Fairest: 3
    • Stars Above: 2
    • Heartless: 1
  • Foreign Editions: 9
  • ARCs: 6 (including STARS ABOVE manuscript)

lunar chronicles collection

Am I crazy? Quite possibly… but I can’t contain my love for Marissa Meyer’s books and once I started collecting, it just became an obsession — I HAD to have them all! Poor, gracious Marissa has actually personalized and/or signed a lot of these for me and I felt so bad bringing her so many books! But she was the sweetest and willing to sign everything for me (although at her next tour stop I won’t make her do so many. I feel bad! And don’t worry guys, I went at the end of the line so as not to hold up the link with a million books for her to sign).

lunar chronicles collection

When I fall in love with a series, I dive headfirst into it and I just can’t help but share the love for these books! I’m honored to be on the HEARTLESS blog tour today share my (extreme) love for all things Marissa Meyer! (And if you know of any more awesome TLC swag, you MUST let me know!)

the book addict's guide


I also get to share an exclusive Q&A with Marissa Meyer! (And they saved me some awesome Lunar Chronicles questions heeheeheehee). Check it out below!!


  • How was writing HEARTLESS different from your experience writing The Lunar Chronicles?


Heartless felt a lot easier to write… not because there was any difference in love or enthusiasm, but I think just because it’s a simpler story. There is only one main character and one love story, not four. And being a stand-alone novel, it was easier to limit the various subplots, ensuring that I could wrap everything up by the end of this story. It was just a lot less complicated. And of course, there was the difference in genre—from writing a world full of science and technology and all the research that went into that, then to write a world that was intentionally lacking in any science or technology, in which the crazier the world got, the better! It was a big, refreshing change.

That said, I think I also felt a lot more pressure with Heartless to do justice to the original source material. While fairy tales are certainly just as beloved and time-honored as Alice, there are so many fairy-tale retellings out there that it is accepted—even encouraged—for writers to take the stories and spin them and twist them as far away from the originals as possible. I felt no qualms whatsoever in changing the plots, themes, and characters of  fairy tales if it suited my story and world better. But with Heartless, I really wanted it to feel a believable prequel to the Alice stories. I carefully avoided doing or saying anything that would be in direct opposition to anything Lewis Carroll wrote, and I hope that the book will please both those readers that are unfamiliar with Alice, but also the die-hard Alice fans.  


  • Do you think Cath would get along with Cinder and the rest of the crew from the Lunar Chronicles?


For the most part, yes, especially if she offered to take up the cooking aboard the Rampion! I think she would especially get along with Cress, who would hang on her every word as she told her about the crazy wacky Kingdom of Hearts that she came from.

That said, I do think she would get on Scarlet’s nerves—Scarlet just wouldn’t tolerate her indecisiveness and frightened hesitation when it comes to going out and getting what she wants. It would drive her nuts. (Though Cath may yet win her over with a slice of lemon cake.)


  • Who would win a game croquet match? Thorne or Jest?


Jest. Thorne would be too distracted, wondering if he could pull off the skin-tight leggings and three-pointed jester’s hat thing quite as well. (Answer: Yes. He could.)


  • What is next for you after HEARTLESS?


I have a two-part graphic novel coming out called Wires & Nerve. They are set in the world of The Lunar Chronicles and feature Iko as the main character. I loved writing them so much, and seeing the artwork has been one of the most rewarding parts of my writing career to date! The first will be out in January.

Beyond that, I am currently working on a new series, a trilogy, about teenage superheroes. The first should release next fall!

Thanks for the awesome interview, Marissa!! Firstly, let’s all flail for ALL THE NEW BOOKS. I haven’t ever read a graphic novel before (never! I know!) so I’m super excited for my first one to be Wires & Nerve! Also OMG SUPERHEROES TRILOGY. I’m dying. And will someone please make some fan art with Thorne dressed up in skin-tight leggings and a jester’s hat? You would make my life forever! 



Only 39 more days until HEARTLESS! Are you SO excited!? I’ve already posted my review and you can check out my full thoughts in the link below! Plus, check out even more Marissa Meyer with some Lunar Chronicles flailing on The Book Addict’s Guide too!


#TheShelfieHop | A Bookshelf Tour

bookshelf tour

When I saw a post about a hop for bookshelf pictures… I couldn’t resist! Ever since I had my bookshelves built two years ago (was it two years already??), I’ve been kind of obsessed with them and I’m not ashamed to admit that I love showing them off! I recently rearranged everything to look a little better as far as decorations and arrangement go and I’ve been meaning to find a way to show them off somehow… so how could I pass up this opportunity?

Kristen My Friends Are Fiction,  Sarah from The YA Book Traveler Chasing Faerytales, and Crystal at Bookiemoji came together to organize #TheShelfieHop on November 16th, allowing book lovers everywhere to post pictures of their bookcases for others to ogle. I mean, admire. I personally LOVE seeing other people’s bookshelves too and I naturally had to join in as well!

Well, you didn’t come here for words so let’s get to those pictures!! 


My bookcase! 

For the sake of viewing ease, I’m separating the bookcase into six “columns”, going from bottom to top in each photo below so you can see everything else close up!


(From bottom to top)

  • YA contemporary paperbacks, unread (with exceptions of Liz Czukas books which I have read)
  • More YA contemporary paperbacks (and a couple hardcovers), unread
  • YA contemporary hardcovers, unread
  • Harry Potter foreign and special editions, incomplete series (from L to R: UK HC Goblet of Fire, Greek Deathly Hallows, Portuguese Goblet of Fire, Spanish Philosopher’s Stone, UK PB Goblet of Fire, original paperbacks 1-3, mass market paperbacks 1-2

Untitled design


(from bottom to top)

  • (Lower left) YA contemporary hardcover, read; Rainbow Rowell collection
  • (Upper left) YA contemporary hardcover, read; Stephanie Perkins collection
  • (Upper right) Gayle Forman collection; YA contemporary paperbacks, read
  • (Lower right) Harry Potter UK hardcovers, new editions

gayle forman stephanie perkins rainbow rowell


(from bottom to top)

  • (Bottom left) His Fair Assassin collection; fantasy favorites; Erica O’Rourke collection
  • (Upper left) “Tall books” (the large hardcovers): Sarah J. Maas books, The 5th Wave series, Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy (pardon the gap where Days of Blood and Starlight should be! I’m sharing the love and it’s out on loan!)
  • (Upper right) Lunar Chronicles collection (before WINTER arrived)
  • (Lower right) Harry Potter special paperbacks, Hogwarts Library, original US hardcovers

lunar chronicles throne of glass


(from bottom to top) 

  • (Bottom left) Adult fantasy — A Song of Ice and Fire, The Kingkiller Chronicle, Gentleman Bastard, The Princess Bride
  • (Upper left) The “Raven” shelf (happened totally accidentally like that) — Maggie Stiefvater collection, Six of Crows collection
  • (Upper right) Grisha collection (from L to R); UK PB Shadow and Bone, The Gathering Dark, B&N special edition Ruin and Rising, German PB Shadow and Bone, US HC trilogy, US PB trilogy, Shadow and Bone ARC, Siege and Storm ARC, Polish trilogy
  • (Bottom right) Harper hardcover favorites, Fierce Reads hardcover favorites

grisha stiefvater


(from bottom to top) 

  • (Bottom left) Fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal HC, unread
  • (Upper left) Brandon Sanderson collection
  • (Upper right) Sci-fi & dystopian favorites, read
  • (Bottom right) “Vampire & Zombie” shelf

twilight vampire academy


(from bottom to top)

  • (Left) Sci-fi & fantasy paperback, unread
  • (Left) Paranormal & fantasy, unread; Antigoddess series + Neil Gaiman
  • (Right) The Spellman Files; Meg Cabot
  • (Right) Sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy; unread

sci fi fantasy

So those are my shelves! I’m always rearranging one way or another but I do like how they’re set up now! Though I’m sure I’ll get one new book that causes me to rearrange the entire thing again!!

Don’t miss everyone else on #TheShelfieHop! Check out the other blogs below!

Question of the day: How do YOU organize your bookshelves? As you can see, mine are VERY specific!

The Bookcase Spectacular Giveaway!

GUYS. You may or may not have seen but I got new bookcases. And not just any bookcases — real deal, solid wood, BUILT-IN CUSTOM BOOKCASES. THEY TAKE UP THE WHOLE WALL. This alone deserves a celebration. I’ve had quite a few books that I’ve been meaning to giveaway so I thought this was the perfect occasion to do so!

Shane’s friend Ryan from RPM Custom Homes built the bookcase and he did such a FANTASTIC job!


Empty Bookcase



Before we get to the giveaway, I’m going to show you guys these beautiful babies and show you how I organize my shelves… And believe me. It’s crazy.

AdultsideFirst up, we’ve got the “Adult Side”. My bookcase is made up of MOSTLY YA, but I still have mounds and mounds of cozy mystery mass market paperbacks that I stocked up on back when I was… you know, actually reading cozy mysteries. Some are series, some are only the first in the series, some are series I haven’t even started yet… Then we’ve got the In Death series by J.D. Robb which I think I’ve made it nine books in? And the ones I own are the ones I still need to read. (I sold the ones I did read back to the used bookstore.)
Then I have a shelf full of ALL my Janet Evanovich books since I’m a big Stephanie Plum fan! I’ve got the whole series in PB (ONLY in PB) and some of her other books too, which I have yet to read.
Then I have the super sad shelf full of the rest of my adult books… Some from BEA, some previously purchased but… There’s not much there haha! YA has truly taken over.
LeftSideYANext up, from left to right, is my YA collection! On the top is my FAVORITE series (actually, there are some adult books there on the top left… Heather Wells, The Spellman Files, and then the various other adult books I couldn’t fit on the left hand side) and then my YA favs on the top right!
The next shelf down are the YA sci-fi/paranormal/dystopian hardcovers I’ve read (most of which are signed), then my FAV SERIES EVER (again, most of which are signed. Not CInder & Scarlet yet). Then we go to TBRs/hardcover a shelf down and then my TBRs paperback a shelf down from that!
Think I’m going overboard with the organization…?

YArightsideNext up is the other side… More of my favorite series (for some reason I needed to keep the vampire books together even though it made shelving more complicated), down from there are my contemporary reads (which apparently seem to be REALLY lacking!), and then a shelf full of nice decorations 🙂
Then I’ve got my ARC side! Older ARCs that I’ve gotten from other people, YA Book Exchange, and rescued from thrift stores because they don’t belong there… Then my shelf of ARCs from BEA I still need to read. Below that, ARCs I’ve received for The Selective Collective, from Macmillan, and other books I want to read soon. Then below that, books I’ve borrowed from other people (seriously, don’t loan me books. You see my shelf now. You’ll never get them back because I don’t have time to read them haha) and the stack of books I’m GIVING AWAY!!!!

nonbooksLastly — and the least exciting — is all of my “non-reading books” all the way to the right. I’ve got my yearbooks, binders, old school stuff, and some photo albums on the top. Book related movies below it (all of my movies wouldn’t fit in the bookcase so I chose to display the book adaptations! HA!), my TV show DVDs beneath that (because you always need to display Friends! And that’s Shane’s mom’s DVDs of Downton Abbey. SERIOUSLY. DON’T LOAN THINGS TO ME), and just some more decorations on the bottom.

WELL. Those are my shelves! This is actually the first time I’ve really had a visual explanation of how I organize them and I’m actually kind of proud of them haha! I’m sure you all think I’m crazy now because my method of organization is RIDICULOUSLY specific. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice… Within those specific groups, they’re also organized by color. My bookcase has to be PRETTY, okay?

Okay, okay, I know you’re all excited for the giveaway so enough about me. Let’s give some books away! I have quite a hefty stack to give away — some old, some new, some hardback, some paperback — so I’ll pick three winners (all at the same time) and the first person will get first pick, then the second, then the third. I’m sure you’re curious what’s up for grabs, so here you go!


Fated by Alyson Noel (Paperback provided by St. Martin’s Press for giveaway!)
Tidal by Amanda Hocking (Hardcover provided by St. Martin’s Press for giveaway!)
Switched by Amanda Hocking (Paperback provided by St. Martin’s Press for giveaway!)
Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn (Hardcover provided by St. Martin’s Press for giveaway!)
Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau (ARC)
Relic by Heather Terrell (ARC)
Inhuman by Kat Falls (ARC)
Maybe Tonight by Bridie Clark (ARC)
Antigoddess by Kendare Blake (ARC)
Fractured by Sarah Fine (ARC)
Entangled by Amy Rose Capetta (ARC)
Indelible by Dawn Metcalf (ARC)
The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas (ARC)
The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle (ARC)

The winners of the giveaway will also get some SWAG.





PLEASE NOTE that a lot of these are ARCs and SOME OF THESE are parts of a series. If you are the winner, please make sure you are aware of what you are selecting!

All you have to do to enter is use the Rafflecopter below! US & Canada only. (Sorry, no International on this one!) The giveaway will be open for one week, so have at it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway