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Holiday Gift Guide for Book Addicts 2015 | Glasses, Mugs, Bookmarks + more!

gifts for book lovers

Two days ago I kicked off the gift guides with candle shops, yesterday with tees and totes, and today I’m shifting the focus to glasses, mugs, bookmarks, and more!

I’m coffee and beer girl so I love bookish mugs and glasses. I’ve started to collect a few and I’m always on the lookout for more! Plus with most bookworms being coffee or tea drinkers, a nice bookish mug is usually a safe bet!

There are also so many places to find excellent prints, decorations, and so much more for the home (I’ll refer you back to Red Bubble and Society6 for those!!) … and who can forget things for your books like bookmarks and book accessories!? Today I’m sharing some of my favorites for allllll of the above!

** Please also note I am NOT getting any sort of commission for mentioning these companies! If any store has contacted me regarding a special feature in this post it has been noted. **


Etsy seems to be the spot with most of my favorites! Like the t-shirt post, I’m just going to list a few shops and what they carry because WHEW, don’t want to overwhelm you! We still have a long way to go!!
And don’t forget to check out the Society6 shops listed in the previous post grouped with apparel! So many of those shops have tees but they also sell mugs (and so much more)!



  • Nexus Glass | Mugs, pint glasses, steins, shot glasses, flasks, flutes| Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Zelda
  • Karen’s Custom Glass | Mugs, pint glasses, steins, shot glasses, flasks, rocks glass, wine glass, mason jar | Harry Potter, superheroes, Star Trek
  • Fanart Glassware | Pint glasses, rocks glass, steins, shot glass | Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones
  • Silverblatt Design | Pint glasses, flasks, wine glasses| Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Wars
  • Fandom Hearts | Pint Glasses, car decals | Harry Potter, How I Met Your Mother, The Office


  • Knot Nirvana | Mugs, decals | Harry Potter, Disney
  • 312 Ink | Mugs, invitations/prints | Harry Potter, Grumpy Cat
  • Seeds of Faith Mom | Hand painted mugs | Disney, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead


homemade bookmarks fandoms

  • Nook and Burrow | Harry Potter, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, #currentlyreading
  • RemHeathIllustration | Shadow and Bone, Game of Thrones, Throne of Glass
  • CraftedVan | Magnetic bookmarks of all kinds! (They did have to take down some of their fandom ones though. Whomp whomp)
  • Happy Hello Art* | Magnetic bookmarks | Throne of Glass, The Lunar Chronicles, fairy tales (they’re closed until February as noted in the shop but bookmark them anyway!)
  • Booked You Up | Magnetic bookmarks | The Lunar Chronicles, Disney, Young Elites, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson
  • Skinny Hues | Water color designs | Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Raven Cycle, hashtag
  • A Bookish Life | Bookmarks, totes


bookish supplies decor

Which of these shops would you recommend? Have you purchased from any before? Any more excellent bookish you’d like to give a shout-out to?

Holiday Gift Guide for Book Addicts 2015 | Apparel + Totes

gifts for book lovers

Yesterday I kicked off the gift guides of 2015 with bookish candle shops and today I’m shifting the focus to apparel, tote bags, and more!

I’ve started to amass many, many awesomely bookish shirts and I’m totally a tote bag hoarder so I definitely wanted to share some of my favorites for other book-lovers to find (both for themselves and for gifts)! Here are some of my favorites:

** Please also note I am NOT getting any sort of commission for mentioning these companies! If any store has contacted me regarding a special feature in this post it has been noted. **


society6 shirts books fandoms


Society6 has alllll kinds of amazing bookish (and non-bookish) things. If you’re not familiar with it, each “store” on Society6 is run by a different artist. You can purchase their artwork through Society6 and have it printed on things like T-shirts, totes, mugs, iPhone cases, pillows, prints — the list goes on! I purchased this amazing Cabeswater shirt from a store on Society6 (emileegraverson) and it’s everything I could have ever wanted! Here are some other amazing shops (most of these have more than just shirts too!):

Risa Rodil | Bookworm Boutique | I Heart Big Books | Evie Seo | Drop and Give Me Nerdy | Emilee Graverson | Fiction Tea



Pretty much the same deal here as Society6! Lots to choose from, lots of great bookish/nerdy things, and lots of fandoms! (There’s an extensive amount to choose from if you search Throne of Glass…) Here are some of my favorites:

Cute Crazies | Only by Laura | Believe Luna | Sung Kim | Katie Paints | Samantha Weldon




Litographs is super cool. Ever wanted to WEAR your favorite book? Well now you can! Litographs prints an entire book onto a t-shirt (or tote or poster) and they also have some sweet bookish tattoos. I’d say most of the available books are classics (classic novels, older children’s books, etc) but there are a couple newer releases too. I was lucky enough to win the giveaway from Andi’s ABCs for the Throne of Glass t-shirt (pictured below!) and it is SO cool. (But it’s so awesome that I’m almost afraid to wear and wash it haha!) They were also incredibly kind and offered to send me a piece to picture in this post so I chose the Wizard of Oz tote so you could see a tote too!


Etsy has a ton of great shops for bookish t-shirts and totes! I could list and feature them all individually  but there are just soooo many that I’ll make a quick list for you of some of my favorites and the fandoms they include!


Did you know that several book blogger friends have Etsy/Society6 shops? There’s some pretty awesome merch there and it’s always fun supporting and friend too! Check ’em out:


Hand-painted book totes by Becca featuring scenes, covers, or quotes from your favorite YA novels!


Appraising Pages has an AWESOME shop featuring their original designs on T-shirts! From quotes to references to images… Divergent to The Fault in Our Stars to The Hunger Games and more — they’ve got your bookish fandoms covered! They also have jewelry, things for the home, and more!


Gillian from The Writer of Wrongs has an amazing Society5 shop! You can get t-shirts, totes, prints, tapestries, pillows, and oh the list goes on! Throne of Glass, The Raven Cycle, Anna and the French Kiss… she’s got your fandoms covered!

Which of these shops would you recommend? Have you purchased from any before? Any more excellent bookish shops you’d like to give a shout-out to?

Holiday Gift Guide for Book Addicts 2015 | Candles

gifts for book lovers

I know it’s a bit early to start thinking about Christmas but I KNOW some people have already started thinking about the holidays (and a select few have been dying for Christmas for months… or all year-round, whatever) so it’s that time again to start compiling the lists of all of my favorite bookish gifts! I’ve discovered so many more companies that great some awesome gifts for fandoms and book lovers that I’ve decided to split this year’s guide into a few posts so as not to bog you down with everything in one huge post. First up, bookish candle shops! 

love literary-themed candles. I didn’t use to be a candle person but I’ve gotten so much more into them over the past year… probably because there are so many awesome companies that make book-themed candles and I just can’t resist!! Here are some of my favorites:

** Please also note I am NOT getting any sort of commission for mentioning these companies! If any store has contacted me regarding a special feature in this post it has been noted. **



Fandlemonium makes some BIG candles (as in big in size). Compared to the 8oz size that many companies produce, Fandlemonium’s candles mostly run 16oz for a glass jar. From Disney to Stan Lee to Sherlock, Fandlemonium has a nice selection of fandoms to choose from (sadly it looks like their Harry Potter candles are gone — I’m guessing because of naming since I’ve seen that happen to a few other shops that aren’t allowed to use specifics anymore!) and the scents sound just delightful.



FROSTBEARD STUDIO Etsy Shop is one of the first places that I ever saw literary and fandom candles! They have 8oz jars, and sets of 6/3oz tarts with a few variety packs to choose from as well. You can pick some fandom specific ones like The Shire, Winterfell, and Cliffs of Insanity or just plain old bookish scents like “Old Books” and “Bookstore”. I’ve bought from them a few times and received them as gifts and I’m always so satisfied with their products!




From the Page is another Etsy shop that features a variety of candles as well as wax tarts and lip balms.  I’ve been eyeing up SO many of these, I can’t even tell you, BUT I’m trying to buy things as gifts and not for myself!! You can get scents like Peeta’s Cakes, Mother of Dragons, and Pemberley. There are also some nice pick two, three, or four bundles if you want to buy candles for multiple friends (and get a deal)!




I actually JUST stumbled upon Geek Nest so I don’t know much about them yet but it you’re looking for some more fandom candles in the realm of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, check them out! They’ve got a smaller 4oz size candle as well as 8oz.




I’ve also been eyeing these candles for a long time. They have some great scents like Dark Arts, Loki, and Winter Is Coming along with some non-fandom scents, lip balms, roll on scents, and more! It’s a very versatile shop and I may have to make a purchase from here soon…




This shop is really neat. They actually have tons of fandom stuff, so much more than candles, but I’m including them in the candle post because they have some really neat fandom-themed pillars. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time and more — from candles to jewelry to coasters… This shop really has it all!




Hearth and Hammer is a local candle store that’s actually only about 25 minutes from my house! I found them on Instagram but clearly I need to go visit their actual store since it’s so close to me! They have some fun literary candles and it looks like even more in their Batavia store, but only the candles are sold online. You can also buy from their Etsy Shop or take a look at where Hearth and Hammer candles are sold (The Strand!!) and see if you can find them in a local store near you!



I had been wanting to try candle making for a loooong time and finally gathered up the necessary materials to do it! I’ve been experimenting and practicing and literally JUST launched my own Etsy store called Novelly Yours! (And it’s LIVE!)  I’ve had a blast brainstorming ideas for scents and themes so far and I’m currently working out all of the little details to make each candle perfect. Check out the store for candles inspired by The Raven Cycle, Fangirl, The Grisha Trilogy, Anna and the French Kiss, and more!

Which of these shops would you recommend? Have you purchased from any before? Any more excellent candle shops you’d like to give a shout out to?

Holiday Gift Guide for Book Addicts

I know it’s only mid-November but admit it. You’re already doing some Christmas shopping. With Secret Santas, holiday parties, and gifts that we need to mail to our loved ones across the country, the holiday shopping starts early! I had so much fun with the Top Ten Tuesday post all about bookish gifts back in April and I thought things from those posts would also totally come in handy when shopping for your favorite book lovers this holiday season!

** Please also note I am NOT getting any sort of commission for mentioning these companies. Just sharing the love and gift ideas! **


Candles aren’t necessarily something you’d consider to be literature-related but there are some amazing shops that combine the two perfectly. The first is FANDLEMONIUM (who so graciously sent me my very own Hermione candle a few months ago after seeing my Top Ten Tuesday post and including them! Thank you again! (Though I still haven’t had the heart to burn it. Love it too much!!!!)) They have an awesome selection of candles that have been carefully put together with scents to represent not only book fandoms but others as well! Their tagline is “Candles for Geeks” so trust me — there’s something there for all you proud-to-be nerds out there!
They have 16oz jars — featuring fandoms like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and even Disney Princesses — and 8oz tins (more variety in the jars) OR you can create a custom jar as well with your hand-picked selections! Be sure to check them out if you know of a self-proclaimed geek who would love to get a fandom candle this holiday season! // Website: Fandlemonium

Another VERY popular place to seek out fandom candles is FROSTBEARD STUDIO Etsy Shop. They have 8oz jars, and sets of 6/3oz tarts with a few variety packs to choose from as well. You can pick some fandom specific ones like The Shire, Winterfell, Sherlock’s Study, and Butterbeer or just plain old bookish scents like “Old Books” and “Bookstore”. I already have a few of these in my cart to buy some for my friends for Christmas too! I’ve received one as a gift (“The Cliffs of Insanity”) and I love it! // Website: Frostbeard Studio Etsy Shop


Book lovers are notorious for loving coffee and tea as well. Me personally? Yes, but I also do love beer (and wine goes well with books too), so what better presents to get book-lovers than some glassware? GLASS BLASTED ART has a variety of mugs, pint glasses, wine glasses and more with some of your favorite literary references! (Personally, I’m a fan of their Harry Potter stuff!) // Etsy Shop: Glass Blasted Art



You got them the glasses… why not get them the beverages to go inside?

TEA: Adagio Teas has quite a few fandom samplers to choose from! Their tea is delicious (I haven’t had these but I have tried some fruity ones) so these should be a safe bet for the tea lover you need to buy for! // Website: Adagio Teas


Of COURSE bookworms need bookmarks, right!? Right! I know bookmarks are collectibles for some book-lovers (I’m that crazy who just uses scraps of paper BUT I do love my fancy-looking bookmarks too!) so here are some places to find some really neat ones: CRAFT’ED Etsy Shop specializes in magnetic bookmarks (thanks to Jessie from Jessie Reads Everything to sharing this one with me!) and they are just too cute! Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Harry Potter… there’s a number of them to choose from! // Etsy Shop: Craft’ed

LILLYTALES SHOP also has some wonderful wooden bookmarks with some great fandoms as well!There are quite a few Harry Potter ones to choose from but OMG this Anna/Lola/Isla one! There are also some more just with general reading and book quotes and art. So much fun! // Etsy Store: Lillytales Shop

Lillytales anna lola isla bookmark


Alyssa got me this amazing print as a gift and I LOVE it. I mostly just love things printed on book paper too. OWL’S NEST COTTAGE has a ton of prints as well as recycled book page crafts featuring Harry Potter, Divergent, classic lit + more! They also have tons of jewelry options too! // Etsy Shop: Owl’s Nest Cottage


I’ve also purchased an item from POSTERTEXT, a company that makes posters featuring an image of the selected book using that entire book’s text. It’s a VERY neat idea and I loved how the poster turned out (I bought The Wizard of Oz for Alyssa last year!) and I think they also have very reasonable prices for what you’re purchasing. (The only below is an example for Dracula!) Currently it looks like they only have classic literature but they’re working on contemporary and popular literature as well!  // Website: Postertext
If Postertext doesn’t have what you want, you can also check out websites like Litographs, Spineless Classics, and Novel Poster!


There are also quite a few blogger-run stores (mostly through Etsy, that I know of) and these amazing bloggers create their very own fandom-related and book-related merch! They are QUITE fantastic and I’ve been yearning for some of these myself!

TOTE BAGS: Becca from Pivot Book Reviews makes some AMAZING designs on tote bags! I’ve seen a few of them on her blog, but some of my personal favorites are her Anna and the French Kiss and Fangirl totes and I am green with envy staring at them! // Etsy Store: Pivot Book Totes

Pivot Book Totes Anna and the French Kiss

T-SHIRTS: Appraising Pages has an AWESOME Etsy shop featuring their original designs on T-shirts! From quotes to references to images… Divergent to The Fault in Our Stars to The Hunger Games and more — they’ve got your bookish fandoms covered! // Etsy Store: Appraising Pages

Appraising Pages Snitch ain't one

appraising pages literal heart of jesus

Oh gosh, you guys, there are SO many more amazing bookish gift ideas that I haven’t included in this post so that is where YOU come in. Tell me some of your favorite bookish gifts! Do you have a favorite Etsy store? Some great gifts that you’ve given or received in the past? We want to hear it! Help our your fellow bookworms (or maybe just someone who stumbled upon this post) in purchasing the best holidays gifts a book-lover can get! Pretty please leave your favorites + links in the comments below! I’d love to check them out!


Top Ten Tuesday: April 15, 2014 – Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like To Own


It’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful blog at The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s topic: 
Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like To Own

Oh there are just so many bookish gifts and things and AWESOME out there in the world. How do I possibly choose? To be honest, I have no idea, but here’s a list for Santa should he need ideas for me this Christmas: 

LITERARY CANDLES. Yep. I need them. I actually haven’t bought any yet myself but Alyssa DID get me a Princess Bride-themed candle for Christmas last year! It’s called “The Cliffs of Insanity” <3 She got it from the Frostbeard Etsy Store which has SO MANY THINGS TO CHOOSE FROM. I kind of want them all.


Then there is this freaking gem that is HARRY POTTER CANDLES. I want these. A lot. These babies are from a website called Fandlemonium (and yes, they have other ones besides Harry Potter too.) I want them SO badly but they’re more money than I’m willing to spend on candles at the moment!



ANYTHING MARAUDER’S MAP. I realized back when I was looking for Christmas gifts last year that somehow I became obsessed with the Marauder’s Map and didn’t even realize it. It just LOOKS so fantastic and I basically want ALL THE GIFTS.



FANTASY MAPS. Well, I really don’t know where I would hang any of these (maybe a T-shirt is in order?) but I soooo want these maps. They look so amazing and I would just sit and stare at them, I’m sure.



BOOK LAPTOP CASE. Because how awesome is this laptop case that looks like a book? So awesome.


COFFEE MUGS. Because one of my favorite times to drink coffee is while reading and honestly, everything is better with books.




BEER GLASSES. Because besides coffee, I ALSO love beer. Different kind of brews & books!




PRINTS. There are honestly soooooooo many out there that I could possibly want. Again, no place to really put them unless I start decorating our guest room as a Harry Potter room (though really, is that ever a bad idea?) so I will hold off for now.



ACTUAL LITERARY BEER. I actually had the “Take the Black Stout” at a restaurant and it was pretty good! Strong, but good! There are more Game of Thrones beers and I’ll have to research more too…

Okay, so that’s actually only eight but I’m already on fandom overload (and somehow I can’t come up with ten even after searching my Harry Potter Pinterest board! There are really so many more things I could possibly want but I think eight will get the Christmas ideas going, no? 🙂

Secret Santas, Thanksmas, and Holiday Cheer!

Hi, friends! Happy holidays from The Book Addict’s Guide!

It’s been another fun season of holiday plans, gifts, and Secret Santas! I had an absolute blast this year shopping for people and I was also totally spoiled with so many of my gifts! I wanted to share with you not only the gifts that I got this year but also some of my own personal Christmas stories this year!

IMG_2029This year — like the past two years — Shane and I went to go cut down our own tree. Both of our families have transitioned from cutting down a tree to buying a pre-cut tree to owning a fake tree. I have nothing against fake trees at all, but we both really missed having a real tree and there’s just something special for us about picking our own and cutting it down! This year we actually chose a different Christmas tree farm and it was the first year that we didn’t have the use of Shane’s mom’s minivan so that meant… Squishing a tree into my Hyundai Elantra. The space between the trunk and the folded wasn’t quite IMG_2037big enough to fit our tree even with netting so we actually were able to put it in the backseat with the edge sticking out the window! It was an interesting experience but a lot of fun. We stuck with a smaller tree even though we have a nice, big house to put it in this year instead of my (former) apartment since we still had to squish it into my car! This year’s tree is named Rudolph (see his antlers?). I still miss Short Round (aptly named for his general shape) who was our tree the first year. How bad am I that I can’t even remember the name of our tree last year? He just wasn’t Short Round, that’s all I know haha! We still have very few Christmas decorations (including a lack of star for the top of our tree) but hey, there’s always next year! And the year after that and the year after that…

Keeping in my family’s new tradition (as of… wow, two years ago, already?), Shane and I went up to my sister and brother-in-law’s house in Milwaukee for Thanksmas: a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one so we don’t have to split up our holidays and scramble trying to accommodate several families and extended families and in laws all in one day! We had a spending limit this year of $25 per person (which really most people didn’t follow, my parents especially considering Shane got an electric drill, sets of tools, and I got lots of things for the kitchen). We had a really, really nice time and I was so happy to see my niece again who is now nine months old and standing on her own! Only for a few seconds, but she’s going to be walking soon and it was so exciting to see her growing into such a little person!



Okay, now onto the presents!!!! I got SPOILED this year. Last year for The Broke and the Bookish Secret Santa, despite many attempts my Jamie… my present never showed up. I actually still have no idea who was Secret Santa was supposed to be and wanted to know but didn’t want to know all at the same time. Anyway, that’s besides the point! Because of my unfortunate experience last year (through no fault of Jamie or The Broke and the Bookish girls!), Jamie promised to pair me up with someone spectacular this year and boy did she!!! Jamie paired me up with Estelle from Rather Be Reading (who is also one of my good friends and I absolutely adore) so I was THRILLED when my Secret Santa box came in and found out it was from Estelle! She got me the most amazing presents!


Firstly, HI. That card? Flipping fantastic! (And in case you missed it, she had a whole post on her fabulous YA Book themed holiday cards) She MADE ME A MIX TAPE of Christmas songs! How lovely is that?! That’s one of my favorite parts, honestly. I love mix CDs and I love personal gifts like that. See those tree coasters up there? ALSO LOVE. Disney postcards, Minnie Mouse nail file, “Beer Me” napkins (since we both love beer), and so many more cute things. She also got me some books I’ve been meaning to read! I’ve been dying to read Past Perfect for like, YEARS. Also super looking forward to finally reading This Is What Happy Looks Like and she surprised me with The Catastrophic History of You and Me because she loved it so much! So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again, Estelle! I had such a present hangover. I absolutely loved everything!

I also got a wonderful gift from my Secret Santa exchange that we do with The Selective Collective! My present came in the very next day after Estelle’s and I was excited all over again! Daphne from Gone Pecan got me some wonderful gifts!!!


I’ve been dying for a travel mug and MMMMM Reece’s! (Honestly devoured those instantly.) I was so excited for the lovely personalized ornament (immediately stuck it on my tree) and Cracked Up to Be and When You Were Here!  


I also got some AMAZING presents from the best friends in the world, Alyssa and Amy! They totally spoiled me ROTTEN. I got part one of Alyssa’s present first (box #2 is still on the way… somewhere! Hopefully should turn up even if it is after Christmas!) and it was A BOX FULL OF BOOKS. The best part? They were all of her favorites!



OMG OMGGGG some of Alyssa’s favorite books that I’ve been meaning and dying to read <3

Another BIG thank you to Alyssa!!!!! I LOVE the books and I’m also excited to see what’s in box number two! 

<>o<> <>o<> <>o<> <>o<> <>o<> <>o<> <>o<>

Then just this past SUNDAY (yes, SUNDAY I got mail! Special delivery!) I got my present from Ame! I was elated and immediately tore into the box and was so excited for so many cute things!

IMG_2145  IMG_2149

Cutie little snowman (which I loved!!!) and a SNUGGLY SCARF! (That’s me snuggling in it immediately after opening it.) 


IMG_2153  IMG_2154

Amy also bought me the Hogwarts Library!! I’ve been meaning to read these forever AND they’re helping me complete my Goodreads challenge (hopefully)! 

I totally and completely got spoiled this year. THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of the fantastic gifts! This Christmas has been pretty wonderful and even more so than the presents, I’m so thankful for the wonderful friends that I have! They mean so much to me and I’m so happy to have made such wonderful friends this year and grown closer to the friends I already had <3 I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds!

Secret Santa: Selective Collective Edition!

Hi, friends! Happy holidays!! As I’m sure most of you know, me and a few other bloggers have an awesome group going called The Selective Collective (formerly Casting Call – and if you don’t know, you can read all about it here). Since we’ve all grown really close through all of our emails and daily chats, we decided to do a Secret Santa exchange within our group and then show off all the snazzy gifts we got because we love reveling in bookish gifts!

My Secret Santa was Kristina from Gone Pecan and she got me some awesome gifts!


                                                Thanks, Kiki!

  • Hardcover copy of The Line by Teri Hall (which has been on my TBR list/wishlist FOREVER so yay!!!)
  • Awesome ampersand-themed notebook
  • “Honorary Cajun” coffee mug (since she’s from Louisiana)
  • Cute Christmas towel that says “Merry Christmas Y’all” (I keep telling her how I wish I was from the south so I could say “y’all”. Being a native Chicagoan…. it doesn’t quite work)
  • These really cool pencils that look like they were carved (or probably were especially crafted) straight from sticks – I thought this was funny because I actually bought colored pencils almost exactly like these for my Secret Santa that I did for The Broke and the Bookish so I was excited  when I got some of my own!

Thanks a ton!!! I love my gifts and I had a blast shopping for my fellow Selective Collective member! Want to know who it was? Check out the other blogs from the SC (and just show them love in general because they’re all great)!

Kristina & Daphne at Gone Pecan
Candice at The Grown-Up YA
Tammy at YA Crush
Sandie & Diana at Teen Lit Rocks

Happy holidays, everyone!!!