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Top Ten Tuesday – March 25, 2014: Top Ten Things on my Bookish Bucket List


It’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful blog at The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s topic: 
Top Ten Things on my Bookish Bucket List

Now I know I won’t actually complete all of these some day… But I really would like to be able to do a few! Some are more realistic than others and some will probably never come true, but hey! It doesn’t hurt to dream, right?


1. Finish a WIP. I’m not even looking as far as published or even editing. I just want to finish a WIP. I have two going right now and I just have zero time to write. It was hard to find time even before I started wedding planning and planning is going strong and I have even less time for things like blogging and reading! Maybe I can start back up again on my honeymoon. I really would like to finally finish writing ALL THE WORDS for at least one of these WIPs!

2. Open a bookish Etsy store. This one I actually really do plan on doing in the not too distant future. I made some bookish crafts to ask my bridesmaids to stand up to my wedding and I had SO much fun. I wanted to make so many more! I really do want to open a little bookish Etsy store sometime this year and if you have any requests, please do let me know!

3. Get a bookish job. I have a dream of working in the industry. Somehow. I would love to be involved in spreading the word about the books I love and sharing them with other people. What would that mean actually? Probably nothing that I’m qualified for. I’m sure half of the book bloggers out there would dream of working in the publishing industry and I’m sure a fair few are teachers or librarians. I’m qualified for neither, but I’d love to do something someday to be involved in this industry. I’m sure if I do, it won’t be any time soon though!

4. Meet some of my favorite authors. I’ve been SO fortunate to meet so many of my favorite authors but there are still so many I’d love to meet! I absolutely MUST meet Marissa Meyer someday and it’s a dream to meet J.K. Rowling! I’m not sure if I want to meet George R.R. Martin… I would either be in awe or tempted to shake him senseless for what he’s put us through in A Song of Ice and Fire

5. Take a bookish road trip. I’m not 100% sure what this would consist of, but I WOULD love to visit places I’ve heard about in books, take pictures where certain characters were, and find historical literary places across the country!


1. Attend a bookish conference. I went to BEA 2013 and I cannot WAIT for BEA 2014! I also go to go to Anderson’s YA conference this past year. It was definitely geared more towards educators and professionals, but even as a blogger, I still had a lot of fun!


2. Get mentioned in a book. Well, my name isn’t in the book, my BLOG name is and that’s pretty dang special. My blog name is in the paperback of Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and every time I see it in there, I get chills! I picked Shadow and Bone up once in a Barnes and Noble and I was like, “Ahhh people are taking my name home with them!” Not like they go look me up, but still. I still dream of someday getting a blurb in a book or being mentioned in acknowledgements when one of my best friends gets their book published (wink wink) and you never know! It could happen someday.


3. Build a bad-ass library. Well, it’s not a full library, but it DOES take up a whole wall. This past fall, Shane and I had one of his friends who builds homes build our AMAZING bookcase. We FINALLY finished staining it just a couple weeks ago and I am so in love with it. The only thing is… if we ever move, I can’t take it with. Guess we can’t ever move! 😉

4. Make bookish friends. I have not only made bookish friends, but they have become my BEST friends. I’m so much more connected to the bookish community than I connect with my IRL friends (well, you’re all IRL friends, of course but you know what I mean) and I’m so thankful to have found this community through blogging!


5. Participate in NaNoWriMo. I made it to 50k words this fall for NaNoWriMo! I cheated a little bit and had actually started writing before it actually started on Nov 1st, but without that, I never would have “won” and it helped me not to be so discouraged! I haven’t really done anything with my WIP SINCE then, but that’s a whole different story! At least I’m starting somewhere.

So there you have it! Things I want to do and things I’ve done… And I’m looking forward to everything this year has to offer! Do we share any bookish goals? Have we completed any of the same ones??