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Book Title Buzzwords | SUMMER

Book Title Buzzwords

I love noticing title trends in the YA world (and in adult books too!) and I can also tell that there are certain words I latch onto. Book Title Buzzwords features books that I’ve read (or want to read) that follow some recent trends! 

I don’t even know where spring went but it’s almost summer! The weather is getting warmer quickly here in the Midwest (and then in traditional fashion, I’m sure it’ll come right back down) so we’ve all got summer on the brain! If it’s not a buzzword in books right now, it sure is around town. Here are some of my favorite “summer” titles and ones I still need to read!


open road summerOPEN ROAD SUMMER by Emery Lord | Bloomsbury | April 15th, 2014

OPEN ROAD SUMMER was my first Emery Lord book (well, it was her first Emery Lord book too since it was her debut… ha!) and I totally didn’t expect to love it like I did. I knew it involved a lot of country music and a country pop star and since I’m not a country fan, I was very hesitant. I don’t know why since it’s not like the book was forcing me to listen to the music but anyhow… I read it. I loved it. I treasured it. Emery Lord knocked it out of the park with her debut and I’ve loved all of her books since! It’s the perfect summertime read full of best friends, road trips, romance, ice cream, fairs, and redemption. I love, love, love the friendship in this book and the romance was totally swoony too!
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THE SUMMER I BECAME A NERD by Leah Rae Miller | Entangled | May 7th, 2013

I probably wouldn’t have read this book if we hadn’t read it for the Selective Collective and I surely wouldn’t have known about it if I wasn’t a blogger so that makes me even more glad that the stars aligned for me to read this one. I simply ADORED it. The book is so stinkin’ cute from start to finish and I loved that it was about a cheerleader who’s secretly a huge nerd and not a nerd who wants to be a popular girl. Who knew LARPing could be so cool? The cover is not my favorite and it’s a weird stock image with weird font so if you’re not a fan of the cover, don’t let it fool you. The inside is purely awesome! (The German cover is actually super cute and it’s called “Flirt mit Nerd” which literally means Flirt with Nerd and I love it.)
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summer of sloane erin l. schneiderSUMMER OF SLOANE by Erin L. Schneider | Disney Hyperion| May 3rd, 2016

SUMMER OF SLOANE was another great summery read, both in title and in season! There’s so much in this book about family, friendships, and relationships developing in both. I did enjoy the romance but I actually really liked what this book did for Sloane’s family and her friends. She has old friends who she may never fully reconcile with and new friends (who are old kind of very old friends) who become like a family. I really appreciated all of the relationships in this book and I also LOVED that it took place in Hawaii! I’ve never been but the book almost made me feel like I was there (and yes, I totally do need to go someday).
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I loooove my first Sarah Ockler book (THE BOOK OF BROKEN HEARTS) but then had a series of misses or less than stellar reads so even though I’ve had this book forever, I still haven’t read it. Someday!
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I still haven’t read a Jenny Han book (but hey, I finally read a Morgan Matson so can we lay off?) and this title and character just kill me. THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY just sounds grammatically incorrect and the girl’s name is Belly? I couldn’t get over it so I never started it.
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I don’t know if I’ll ever get to this one due to its content (it sounds too sad for me) but it’s still on my reading list and has been for years!
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TWO SUMMERS by Amy Friedman
This book sounded cute, light, and just plain fun. It seems to have mixed reviews but I still have an ARC of it that I’d like to read! 
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What are you favorite “summer” books? Have any of these titles caught your eye for some summer reading?

Book Title Buzzwords | DARK

Book Title Buzzwords

I love noticing title trends in the YA world (and in adult books too!) and I can also tell that there are certain words I latch onto. Book Title Buzzwords features books that I’ve read (or want to read) that follow some recent trends! 

There’s something about our nature that’s drawn to darkness. Especailly when reading, sometimes it’s fun and interesting to take a peek into the darker side of life without having to actually experience it ourselves. “Dark” is a work that’s tended to poke its way into book titles recently so here are a few dark titles for you to enjoy!


A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC by V.E. Schwab | Book one in the Shades of Magic Trilogy| Tor | February 24th, 2015

Sometimes there are books you try even when you’re not a fan of the author. I ended up finally reading the Shades of Magic trilogy despite my feelings for the author and I’m really glad that I did because this really was a set of books that appealed to my favorite kind of fantasy. I’m such a sucker for anything that involves parallel or alternate worlds and I enjoyed this take on different Londons. I was worried it would be too similar to Neil Gaiman’s NEVERWHERE since I know V.E. Schwab is a huge Gaiman fan and that’s the primary premise of NEVERWHERE but the series really did stand on its own aside from that large-scale concept. I really enjoyed the whole series, although the first book, A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, remainds my favorite of the three.
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THE DARKEST MINDS by Alexandra Bracken | Book one in the Darkest Minds trilogy | Disney Books | December 18, 2012

I really, really enjoyed THE DARKEST MINDS when I read it a few years ago! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and it turned out to be such a wonderful book. I sadly haven’t finished the series yet and I really, really need to. I was intimidated by the size of the second book and then decided to maybe listen to the rest on audio so I had been waiting for a sale to come around. Hopefully this can be something I finish this year or sometime soon because I remember how much I loved THE DARKEST MINDS, although at this point, I totally need a refresher on what happened!
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THREE DARK CROWNS by Kendare Blake | Book one of Three Dark Crowns series | HarperCollins | September 20, 2016

I started reading this book not knowing it was a series and boy. It REALLY threw me off. I was definitely interested in the concept and story but I also felt like a lot more could have happened in this first book. Once I found out it was a series (AFTER it ended), things made a bit more sense but even still, I wanted just a little bit more development from this one. Lots of people REALLY enjoyed it though which is why I’m including in my “dark” list today. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the series but it was a big hit with a lot of people and I actually really enjoyed the way it wrapped up!
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Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers kara thomas 

DARK TRIUMPH by Robin LaFevers
Don’t try to put off this series by saying it’s historical fiction. Yes, it is, but I loved this series from start to finish and it is historical but the politics are amazingly worked out, the characters are wonderful, and the romances are soooooo swoony.
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I still haven’t read this book but I also think it’s a book I’ll appreciate more now than when I first picked it up at BEA a couple years back! I’m glad to still have it on my TBR. I wonder if the audio is good…
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There was soooo much hype surrounding this book before its release. I’m a big fan of mysteries and thrillers so I definitely picked it up! It was a good read from start to finish but it wasn’t as amazing as the hype built it up to be. Still very solid and I’d still recommend it!
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AND I DARKEN by Kiersten White
I’ve actually never had success with Kiersten White’s books but I thought I would give AND I DARKEN a try since it was something totally different. It really just wasn’t the kind of book for me and it was another book that took a lot of time to develop things. Combined with historical fiction (though a reimagined version), it was just not really my sort of read. I actually made it pretty far in the audiobook but ended up deciding not to finish. Others loved it but I could tell it just wasn’t a “me” book! 
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Do you like “dark” books? Are any of these books some of your favorites? Which dark reads would you recommend?