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March 2015: Recap & Wrap-Up!


March was a very fun month for reading! I feel like I got a bunch done (even though I had a bit of a lull in there and some books that weren’t so great) but looking back, I feel very satisfied with what I read this month! I also had a couple blog events so that was a ton of fun too!


  • Number of Books Read In March: 8! I had a couple of novellas in there but hey, I’ll take it!
  • Popular Search Terms:  “which lunar chronicles character are you” // “books similar to if I stay” // “books like the fault in our stars” // “otsp secret sister” // “we were liars discussion questions”
  • More Amusing Search Terms: “playlist de eleanor y park” (YAY espanol!)  // “summary of cendrillon charles perrault” (Autocorrect at work?) // “anna and the french kiss passage when st clair spent the night” (dreamy sighhhhh)
  • Most Referrals (non-social media): There Were Books Involved, Rather Be Reading, The Broke and the Bookish
  • Where My Blog Most Often Leads You (non-internal/social media)Books Take You Places, Andi’s ABCs, Bookmark Lit



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Goodreads Reading Progress

March 2015 Goodreads

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  • No author events in March but it was my birthday! Hooray!

March’s Top Instagrams



What’s in store for April?

  • I’m on the blog tour for The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord (4/3) and the paperback release of This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales (4/13)!
  • I’m participating in Ginger’s event, Open Letter to Your YA-Self!
  • My third blogoversary is April 10th so keep your eyes peeled for a big, fun giveaway!

Book Blogger Organization Challenge: March 2015


Welcome to the Book Blogger Organization Challenge!

If you haven’t heard of this challenge and are interested in finding out more, check out the intro post! But basically the concept is simple: Whether you want to dedicate a lot of time to this challenge or a little, I’m here to help you get organized and work on blog maintenance in 2015! Everything is broken down month-by-month so you only have to focus on ONE idea at a time. January seemed to kick us off GREAT! Let’s get ready for March!

Social Media & Review Outlets

March is all about getting your social media organized and updating those review outlets (outside of your blog). Now’s the time to spruce up the info on your social media accounts, delete old ones, add new ones, and work on a bunch of cross-posting reviews!


  • Do you have a bunch of accounts that you created that you don’t use? Delete them!
  • Are you looking to try out another form of social media? Wondered if Pinterest can help your blog? Looking to start an Instagram account? Now’s the time!
  • Update your bio section, location, name, profile picture, contact info, you name it!
  • Clean up who you’re following. Are you missing some key friends, authors or bloggers? Do you follow a lot of inactive accounts? I use Just Unfollow for Twitter to check out accounts that haven’t been active in a long time. You can also see who you are following that doesn’t follow you back, recent followers, recent unfollowers, and more!


Now’s a good time to focus on cleaning up Goodreads! Here are some ideas on what to look for to spruce up your Goodreads account!
I also created a post a while back all about Goodreads and some tips and tricks I’ve discovered along the way. It’s a TINY bit outdated but still could be a great resource! –> “How to Make Goodreads Work For You

  • Delete duplicates on your shelves: Go to “My Books” and then below all of your shelves you’ll see “find duplicates”. Just MAKE SURE you’re deleting the correct version! I accidentally deleted a version that had all my status updates for a book and I was pretty bummed. There’s no way to get that back if you delete the wrong one!
  • Create new shelves and delete ones you don’t really need: I’m a Goodreads shelf fanatic. If you’re looking to get more organized, create some new ones for genres, star rating, POV, currently own, or where you got them from! Or you can delete some of the shelves you haven’t really been using.
  • Go through the books you’ve shelved and make sure they’re shelved properly! For some reason if I add a book to a shelf and don’t put it on Read/To-Read/Currently Reading, the default is “Read” so I’ve had to go back and swap that around to “To-Read”. I’ve also gone through ALL of the books that I’ve shelved and made sure they’re all in the right place!
  • Update to proper versions: I’m not too huge on having the correct version of a book on my shelves but I know some people are! (For me what matters is the right cover, most of the time) but if you like Goodreads to reflect the proper versions that you own or have read, hop to it!
  • TBR Culling! Go through your TBR and remove books that you don’t want to read anymore. I’m sure we all have HUNDREDS of books on our TBRs so now’s a good time to weed through what you might be able to part with, especially books you don’t already own!
  • Check out groups and friend lists too: Here’s another place to update your friends — make sure you’re not missing anyone or remove people (if you so desire) that you don’t need to follow anymore. Same with groups!


This is a great place to include cross-posting as well. There are several places you can cross-post your reviews — to reach a wider audience, to give feedback to publishers, and to help out authors!

  • Decide where you want to cross-post: Social Media. As far as social media goes, you can really post your reviews almost ANYWHERE. Most of us do to Twitter but there’s also Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Bloglovin’ and even places like StumbleUpon (there are obviously more places, but those are my main ones)! You should be able to set your blog up to automatically post your reviews when they go live too!
  • Decide where you want to cross-post: Amazon, B&N, + more. I try to post everything to Goodreads and Amazon. Books I fall in LOVE with, I’ll try to go the extra mile and post to Barnes and Noble and The Book Depository as well.
  • Cross-posting to Netgalley and Edelweiss: As far as I know, you can only post your reviews to Netgalley if you have the book on your shelf (aka, if you’ve been approved) but you can post ANY review to Edelweiss if you search for the book (usually only books that have been published within the last few years — I’m not sure how far back their database goes).
  • Sending reviews to publishers: This is something I am SO BAD AT (aka I don’t do it). I really probably should formulate a game plan of sending my reviews to publishers when I receive a book from them! This is one I’m asking for YOUR help with! Let me know all your secrets!!!!


It’s hard to keep track of all your stats all the time. I created a doc in my Google Drives just for my stats as an easy place to keep track of everything! It has a little intro about who I am and then the stats for my page views as well as a few social media outlets (I didn’t include them ALL because I’m sure the publishers don’t need to know ALL of them).

  • Page views: I use StatCounter for my blog. If you’re self hosted, there’s a plug-in so you don’t even have to leave your admin page to view your stats! Self-hosted also allows StatCounter to track where your readers are coming from (as in, what website or link directed them to your blog). If you’re not self-hosted, you can still use StatCounter for accurate stats on your page views — you will just have to access everything through the StatCounter website and it will only tell you what people have viewed on your blog and not where the traffic came from. If you’re a WordPress.com user, you can also use Jetpack (which I’m sure a lot do!) but I didn’t find that to be as accurate as StatCounter because it always counted my OWN page views which don’t really count!
  • Social Media Outlets: Besides my blog, I include Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram. I also have a Pinterest and Tumblr account, but I didn’t think those were necessary to include in the stats that I send to publishers when making review requests via Netgalley or Edelweiss. I usually just updated those every once in a while through my Ultimate Book Blogger Plug-In.
  • Finding out how many followers you have: It’s a bit difficult to keep track sometimes. I actually have three different places I go to check because not everyone follows me through the same means.
    • WordPress/Jetpack: Since I started out as a WordPress.com user, many people still follow my blog through the WordPress dashboard. Jetpack’s Site Stats shows how many followers I have through WordPress.
    • Bloglovin’: The easiest way for me to check out how many follower’s via Bloglovin’ is just to sign in and go to Blog Analytics. That will show you how many followers and also your ranking amongst the current category in which you categorized your blog.
    • Feedly: I’m not a regular Feedly user so what I did was create an account and essentially I just check up on my own blog through Feedly to see what the number of followers is.
    • Feedburner: I still use Feedburner for my RSS option and not many people subscribe that way but I check up on it every once in a while. Its stats and analytics are really easy to spot. It feels a bit outdated but I haven’t gotten into investigating other options! Maybe now is the time!

Organization Tools Mentioned

Just Unfollow // Goodreads // StatCounter // Bloglovin’ // Feedly // Netgalley // Edelweiss // FeedBurner

Have anything else you want to get done this March? Let me know! I’d also love to hear any tips or tricks you have to keep your stats, social media, and other things organized!

Don’t forget to share what you’re accomplishing this month with the hashtag #BlogOrganization!


 Grab the button!

NEXT MONTH: Graphics, HTML, CSS, Plug-ins

  • Update graphics for posts/memes/events, update button, update header
  • Learn Photoshop/Gimp/PicMonkey
  • Brush up or try to learn simple HTML and CSS (for layouts, fonts, etc). Take this month to delve into the scary world of coding! (Or at least teach yourself one new thing!)

March 2014: Recap & Wrap-Up!

Ummm, did March even happen? No, really. I think this flew by even quicker than February which I don’t know how that’s possible!

March was busy but with lots of good things and I sort of ended up staying at a fairly consistent pace as far as reading goes! My birthday was on the 11th and like usual, my besties TOTALLY spoiled me! Amy got me a May book for all of my wedding details and these awesome copies of The Lunar Chronicles in Spanish! Alyssa got me a pre-order of Dreams of Gods and Monsters (OMG!!!) and a lovely ring holder and the Catching Fire DVD! YAYYY!!

Wedding planning updates! We officially have a DJ and are meeting with a photography company next week, both recommendations from my sister (thank GOD for her and her wedding knowledge)! Things are coming along slowly but surely and I feel like I’m constantly getting overwhelmed but that’s because I’ve become such a hermit and spend all my time reading so I rarely want to make plans or do anything haha! I spend so much time at work and then running errands and cleaning and now wedding planning — those precious moments of down time are not to be wasted! It is really fun seeing it start to come together, though, and I’m planning on doing a lot of DIY things which really DOES take more effort and time, but I like being able to do things myself not only to save money but because I like to do it myself as well as not having to arrange things with other people. I think it adds an extra touch of “personal” and I really take pride in being able to make some of my own decorations and Save the Dates and things like that. It will take time, but should be fun and rewarding to see my hard work come to life!


  • Number of Books Read In March: 12! Yayyy that’s awesome! I’m finally starting to get back into my regular swing of things!
  • Popular Search Terms:  “what lunar chronicles character are you” and “lunar chronicles quiz” (leads you back to my Lunar Chronicles quiz!) || “best friend romance books” || “book addicts” (that’s me!)
  • More Amusing Search Terms: “ken eason bostick” (I don’t even know….) || “the book of broken heartsthe book of broken heartsthe book of broken hearts” (excited, huh?!) || “my best friend’s an addict” (sorry to hear that…)
  • Most Referrals (non-social media): The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh, The Perpetual Page Turner, Teen Lit Rocks
  • Where My Blog Most Often Leads You (non-internal/social media): Allodoxophobia, The Mile Long BookshelfForever Literary



  Better Off Friends  The Last Best Kiss

Other Reviews Posted

Goodreads Reading Progress


Bloggers featured on Book and a Beverage

Other Features & Discussions

  • I had a heart-to-heart with Estelle which ended up in me lowering my reading goal so as to not stress myself out! Check out my thoughts on reading pressure + more in my Book Therapy Session!
  • I did Top Ten Tuesday on March 18th, sharing my top ten books on my spring TBR list!
  • I had a new installment of My Latest Bookish Addiction gushing over audiobooks!
  • March 25th’s Top Ten Tuesday brought you my bookish bucket list!
  • On the Same Page read The Lies of Locke Lamora this month and I shared my love for books/movies/TV shows with a large ensemble or “gang-like” cast in a post I titled “The Gang’s All Here“!


  • I created a survey all about REVIEW HABITS: Reading them, writing them, likes & dislikes — I need YOUR HELP to gather up info!! If you’d like to take the survey (pretty please!) I would love your assistance! Here’s the link –> SURVEY: REVIEWS! If you’re interested in more diverse results and you’re motivated to share, that would also be AWESOME <3 Any help is appreciated!
  • We’re reading Fairy Tales for Wilde Girls with On the Same Page and I’m so excited to get started!
  • The Selective Collective will be features The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Leavitt!
  • Reviews for This Song Will Save Your Life, Love Letters to the Dead, Second Star, The Distance Between Us and more!
  • MY BLOGOVERSARY! My 2nd blogoversary is finally here! Be sure to check back on April 10th! I’ll be hosting a massive giveaway!

That wraps up March and I can’t even believe it’s over. What happened to this month!? I feel like I started to catch up on reading and I’m getting back to catching up on blogging too!