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Saying ‘So Long’ to the Twilight Saga…

After seeing Breaking Dawn part two on Monday night, I started to look back on the entire series. I was torn between feeling sad that it was over and feeling relieved.


When I first picked up the books, I was in the middle of my college years. My roommate Alison recommended them to me having just read them herself so I picked up the first two books and then the third (I think the 4th wasn’t out yet… Maybe it was.. Anyway – not that important!) and pretty much read them back to back to back (to back?) over that summer and the beginning of the school year. I was hooked! I remember going into Borders to go pick them up (which is now obsolete as well. Sigh) and I found Twilight on one of the endcaps but had to go searching for New Moon… I finally found it in the – dun dun dun – TEEN section! *gasp* I was 20 or 21 at the time – definitely too old to look like a teen – so pretending I was a teenager was out. I made a quick dash in and out of the section, too embarrassed to be seen buying a book for teenagers! That was then, of course. Now I really don’t care because obviously young adult books are our bread and butter (and they’re amazing) and I’m proud to promote YA!

I fell in love with Twilight, felt Bella’s pain in New Moon (although I thought she was losing her noodle), swooned for Jacob in Eclipse (yep, I like him better than Edward), and went from outraged to confused to curious in Breaking Dawn. Alison and I got our other roommate Leslie to start reading them (the 4th roommate was too cool for teen vampires. Psh) and Leslie was hooked in no time! We had a blast talking with her as she caught up with the books and we patiently (anxiously) awaited the movie!


We went to go see the midnight showing of Twilight when it came out into theaters at the dinky little campus theater when we were seniors in college. In retrospect, not the best idea purely for the fact that it was ridiculously crowded, and apparently from what ensued, it was mostly annoying teenage girls. It really wasn’t too bad, but people were constantly taking pictures of the screen and everyone screamed when Edward came on the screen for the first time. It was just a bit silly! The first Twilight movie was incredibly cheese-tastic but we all came home at 3 in the morning and stayed up until 4 replaying the movie and gushing about how much fun it was!


I’m sure I’m not alone when I say how incredibly let down I was with almost everyone that was cast in these movies! Actually, once we got past the first movie, all of the new characters seemed to be okay, but I had huge problems with the main characters: Bella and the Cullens.
When I first heard Kristen Stewart was Bella I was like, “No no no no no!” Kristen Stewart is for characters with attitude, characters who are indifferent, or characters who have something in their eye. The Bella I pictured was petite, cute, and shy. Kristen Stewart was just all kinds of awkward and it seemed like she really stumbled her way through Twilight. Besides the fact that Robert Pattinson felt awkward in the movies too, it was especially noticeable when the two were doing scenes together. One of the things I was really upset about with Twilight was how the movie totally cut out all of the Q&A between Bella and Edward that really let the readers of the books see their relationship develop. Without that in the movie, I felt like their relationship turned from minor insta-love in the books to major insta-love in the movies.
I will say though that things finally started to feel natural in Breaking Dawn part two. I don’t know if it was because Bella was a vampire now and so she couldn’t be nervous and twitchy and awkward or if things just magically somehow worked themselves out. I still didn’t quite feel the chemistry between the two, but it was a hell of a lot better!
The Cullens: Casting for the Cullens was kind of a mixed bag for me. Prime example: I love Nikki Reed and she’s gorgeous, but she never should have been cast as an all-American blonde girl. Don’t know where they came up with that/ I’ve always been weirded out by several bad dye jobs and wigs (Carlisle? Jasper?). Sigh. Oh well!


Okay, I really didn’t mean to complain the whole time, I swear! These thoughts have just been on my mind for years so now they came spilling out.
SO. Breaking Dawn part two. Right? It took me a while to go see it (okay, so it was only a week and a half) so I heard there were plenty of spoilers and I was so confused why there were any spoilers at all! If you haven’t seen it yet, no worries, I won’t reveal ANYTHING because it will be so much better if you go see it! Trust me. I found out about one small thing (which would have been better if I didn’t know but there were still other surprises) and I was so confused how no one was upset with this big battle scene in the end. I figured maybe they’d made their peace with the change. Don’t worry, my friends. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! I thought it was fantastic and it made the movie so much better (because let’s face it – the rest of it is a little too cheesy at times)!
I absolutely loved how they recapped the cast at the very end of the movie. I thought it was a nice song and I loved the screen caps from the actual books!

Farewell, Twilight. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride, but I’ve enjoyed it all the same! I will say that between Harry Potter and Twilight gaining rapid popularity and then the entire series being turned into a film franchise, it’s obvious that Young Adult fiction is on the rise as well as even more books being turned into movies. In fact, I saw the trailers for City of Bones, Beautiful Creatures (which I now need to read!), Oz the Great and Powerful, The Hobbit, and Les Miserables – Not all YA, but still. In some ways, I want to be like, “Come on! Be original!” But at the same time, I do love seeing the influence of literature as well as seeing my favorite books on the big screen. Anyway, that’s an entirely different discussion