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My Latest Bookish Addiction [13] – Preordering


In keeping with the theme of my blog, I decided to start bringing you updates of the newest and greatest bookish addictions in my life so I can share with you some awesomely bookish things or discuss if maybe we share the same bookish loves. It seemed like a great way to get a little discussion going in a very relaxed way.

This Edition’s Bookish Addiction? Pre-ordering

I never EVER used to pre-order. I really didn’t even know this existed (much) until I started blogging and even then, there were never any books I really wanted or needed that badly to order them before they came out in stores. I also never wanted to pay the shipping so there wasn’t much of a need to pre-order if I was only going to pick it up in stores! Somewhere along the way (not to long ago, actually) I started pre-ordering a few books because I knew I would want them anyway… And then somehow the pre-orders became a THING in my typical book buying habits.

Shipping. Ah, shipping. It was always my biggest deterrent. Honestly, it still is for online shopping. I can add a little or a lot to my shopping cart, get all the way to checking out, see how much shipping costs, and then totally just dump my order. It used to happen all the time with books, so I would just go to the store when it was convenient. Browsing the bookstore was more fun than shopping online anyway, I told myself. But also… how glorious is it when books show up at your doorstep!? I’m always excited for mail. Amazon Prime is kind of amazing. Two day shipping!? For free!? (Well, virtually free. Obviously you’re already paying for it with the Prime subscription.) I bit the bullet and signed up for a B&N membership too which also features free shipping! I love my local indie, but I can’t ALWAYS afford to buy my hardcovers there so do I a lot of pre-ordering from Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Sometimes — if you’re lucky — the book even arrives a day early. YAY!

I also love Amazon’s lowest price guarantee. If you’re not familiar with it, basically you pre-order the book and if prices drop between then and when the book ships/releases, you get the lowest price. Usually it’s only a few pennies, but hey, I’ll take the savings no matter how small! (Do they do this with Barnes & Noble? I haven’t pre-ordered as many things from them…)

Of course there are the downsides. I’ve heard some bad stories where people haven’t received their book until a week or more after the pub date (from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble) and sadly it happens to some more than others but I can’t seem to pinpoint whether it happens because of a certain area the book is being delivered to or what book it is or if they’re just totally random incidents. So far all of my pre-orders have gone pretty smoothly!

I haven’t gone crazy with pre-ordering all my must-haves because some I just don’t buy right away… But I do have quite a few fall books pre-ordered at the moment! (And the nice thing is, I can pre-order without TECHNICALLY breaking my current book-buying ban because my credit card won’t get charged until the book is shipped! LOOPHOLES.) I do feel like pre-ordering usually helps me get the best price, though, and especially when I have memberships that allow a free shipping option and my closest book store is at least thirty minutes away (which is not TERRIBLE but it’s not really CLOSE and not anywhere near on the way home from work), ordering books online just seems like the most convenient option at the moment!

So tell me! Do you pre-order? Was there ever a reason you didn’t pre-order/don’t see the appeal? Do you pre-order from your local indie as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble?