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Hey, Matched fans! Turns out I ended up with an extra finished copy of REACHED by Ally Condie, the final book in the MATCHED trilogy, so I decided to do a giveaway for one lucky person to win a copy! It’s brand new, never been read.

The runner up will received a signed poster featuring the covers of the MATCHED trilogy (seen below), signed by Ally Condie herself.


The only stipulation I have is that the address I’m shipping to must be a US or Canada residence (sorry, international friends!) and the winner of the book must respond within 48 hours or else the prize is forfeited to the next person. Once the book winner confirms, I’ll send out an email to the runner-up who will be the poster winner. Deal? Great!

To get started, just click the link below to enter the Rafflecopter!

Enter the Rafflecopter form here!

UPDATE 12/27: Congrats to Tara from The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh as the winner of the hardcover copy and Cait from The Hopeful Heroine as the winner of the poster! Both have been sent emails and tweets to notify them of their prizes!

Ally Condie Author Signing Event – November 14, 2012

Event: Ally Condie apperance and book signing
Location: Anderson’s Bookshop, Naperville, IL
Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here’s a little recap from the Ally Condie event this past Wednesday!

The majority of the we had Q&A with Ally which was so much fun! She’s incredibly nice and it really felt like we were just having a dialogue. She used to be a high school teacher (before she had her first child) so she felt totally natural being up in front of a crowd and it was so nice.

Um… I didn’t take very good notes on this questions? But I actually got the chance to ask her a question which was how long it usually takes her to write a first draft. I’m still in the wake of being entirely upset with NaNo so I while I was  admittedly a little bitter still, I’m trying to actually come up with a better-suited story line for me to actually take my time on so I was entirely curious to talk to an actual author and see how long her first drafts take her! She responded with about 9 months for a fully readable first draft so that also made me feel like PHEW. I think I can actually take my time on a novel and with the right topic, do it right.

Yay, signed copy!

We got to hear how Ally came up with the idea for Matched (based on a Junior Prom she once chaperoned combined with a discussion between her and her husband about marriage) and so the idea was born!
Ally also said that as far as covers go, she has no say in the matter, but she really does love them! I guess the girl on the front cover is actually the photographer. She takes self-portraits and then they get turned into the covers that we see. I thought that was really interesting!

Signed Poster

I always love meeting authors whose books I enjoy, but it’s also great to meet authors whose books I haven’t read yet (or in this case, the middle of the series). I think meeting someone first and then being able to read their work, you really get to see a lot more of their personality in the book so I’m really looking forward to reading Reached!