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A Fortnight of Fright: Halloween Recipes

Welcome to A Fortnight of Fright! Two weeks of Halloween any way you can possibly see it, hosted by me (The Book Addict’s Guide) and my wonderful co-host, Alyssa @ Books Take You Places!

In this edition of A Fortnight of Fright, we’re sharing some delicious Halloween recipes and some fun DIYs and crafts. Have any Halloween parties coming up? These will be perfect!

Okay you guys, this is my cousin Teresa’s AMAZING pumpkin cookie recipe. We had these once at a family party and they were to die for, no joke! You don’t have to make them with frosting, but trust me, you want to.

“The Great Pumpkin Cake”:
Found on Pinterest, originally pinned from A Merrier World
Now, they don’t actually post the recipe for The Great Pumpkin Cake on the website, but it looks simple enough to dissect: Grab a recipe for a pumpkin cake and bake two in seprarte Bundt pans. Let the cakes cool and then pop them out of the pans and stack and place them one on top of the other to form a sphere, “glueing” them in the middle with frosting. Then proceed to frost the pumpkin all over. It looks like it gets a little complicated with cocoa (I think?) stems and marzipan leaves… Personally, I’d draw a face on it with more frosting or jel and make it a jack o’lantern to give it a better pumpkin effect because I certainly wouldn’t be able to make any leaves or stems!

Candy Corn Shaped Sugar Cookies:
Found on Pinterest, originally pinned from Kathie Cooks
I haven’t tried these yet, but they look pretty easy to do, food coloring and all. Rather than a step-by-step instruction from me, head on over to a food blogger’s page at Kathie Cooks for the recipe and instructions!


None of these tickle your fancy? I’ve been collecting things on my Pinterest board for Halloween DIYs and recipes! Take a look there to see if there’s anything you like!