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TGIF – August 31, 2012

It’s time for TGIF again, thanks to Ginger at GReads!

So this week’s TGIF topic (and the last for a while) is:
Choose Your Next Read: How do you go about choosing what you read next? Do you have a schedule you follow, or do you read whatever makes you happy at the moment?

Usually I have to pick what I’m feeling at the moment. A lot of times I have to be in a certain mood to pick up and book and really, truly enjoy it. It helps to get the most of out of the book too!
Lately I’ve had a few books that have been backing up for a while. I agreed to be a part of a couple blog tours and received a few ARCs so I’ve been trying to read those first and quickly since a few of them were traveling books!
Also, I tend to read library reads in groups and all at once – I’ll usually have quite a few books waiting for me at the library so I need to read as many as I can in three weeks! 🙂

TGIF – August 24, 2012

It’s time for TGIF again, thanks to Ginger at GReads!

So this week’s TGIF topic is:
Back to School Reading: Which books would you like to see in today’s high school Literature classrooms?

I actually just briefly touched on this in my rant discussion post from August 1st (Are Books Back?).

My high school (albiet almost 10 years later) reads awesome books. Well, NOW they do. When I was there, it was all classics. Here are some books that would have been nice to read in high school (2001-2005):
A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray (2003)
Looking For Alaska by John Green (2005)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (1999)
Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card (1985)

And here are some books that I’ve read lately that I think high schoolers now would enjoy and would even fit well in classrooms:
Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols
The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
Graceling by Kristin Cashore
If I Stay by Gayle Forman
The Maze Runner by James Dashner
The Help by Kathyrn Stockett

What do you guys think? Agree with any of these? Know what’s going on in your (old) high school?

TGIF – August 17, 2012

It’s time for TGIF again, thanks to Ginger at GReads!

So this week’s TGIF topic is:
Pimp Your Review: Feature a favorite book review you’ve written in the past that you feel deserves more love!

Okay, so here are a couple of my favorite reviews! In case you haven’t seen them, here’s your chance to fangirl with me 🙂

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins – Posted 8/6/12
Where She Went by Gayle Forman – Posted 6/26/12
Wither by Lauren DeStefano – Posted 6/1/12

Okay, I think that’ll do it for some of my favorite reviews. Hope you like ’em!

TGIF – August 10, 2012

It’s time for TGIF again, thanks to Ginger at GReads!

I’m actually on vacation right now, but I figured I’d schedule a TGIF post so you didn’t miss me too much 🙂

This week’s TGIF topic is:
Unexpected Books: Which books did you have reservations about reading, but ended up loving once you did?

  1. Of Poseidon by Anna Banks – I’m not really one for mermaids or mermaid-type stories, but Anna Banks does a fantastic job of this! It’s so different and I love the twists and turns she takes with it. Plus, I love her sarcastic and witty sense of humor! I really ended up liking this one a lot! Now if she’d only write the Sasquatch love story…
  2. Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins – Okay, so I figured I’d like this book. I didn’t think I’d end up falling in love with it! You can check out my fangirl review and that pretty much sums it up!
  3. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead – I borrowed this book from a friend. She said she really enjoyed it. I was pretty skeptical! But this was pretty different from the typical vampire stories. I actually liked it a lot and got totally sucked in by the second book.
  4. Graceling by Kristin Cashore – I really not a big fantasy/high fantasy person, so when I read all of the awesome reviews for Graceling, I was hesitant, but decided to pick it up. Turns out, it’s a lot easier to relate to than I thought! I really loved it!
  5. Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers – Another historical fiction type book but it’s got such great paranormal element to it! And apparently almost any book with a kick-ass heroine will have me sold. I really, really enjoyed reading this one, and highly recommend it!!

TGIF – August 3, 2012

It’s time for TGIF again, thanks to Ginger at GReads!

So this week’s TGIF topic is:
Book Olympics: In the spirit of the Olympics, which books would you give the gold, silver, and bronze medals to? It can be from any genre, new or old.

Oh, that’s really hard! I have to pick my top three favorite books… of all time??? Sheesh okay. Well… I’m cheating. Kind of. In the Olympics there are medals for each category/event in each sport right? So that’s what I’m doing too.

The winners for the YA paranormal/dystopia category:

Gold: Sweet Evil – Wendy Higgins
Silver: The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
Bronze: Delirium – Lauren Oliver

The winners for the YA contemporary category:

Gold: If I Stay – Gayle Forman
Silver: The Sky Is Everywhere – Jandy Nelson
Bronze: Jellicoe Road – Melina Marchetta

The winners for the Middle Grade category:

Gold: The Giver – Lois Lowry
Silver: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – JK Rowling
Bronze: Walk Two Moons – Sharon Creech

The winners for the Mystery category:

Gold: To The Nines – Janet Evanovich
Silver: 1st to Die – James Patterson
Bronze: Vengeance In Death – JD Robb

Yay, that was tons of fun! Another great TGIF from Ginger!!
I can’t wait to see what everyone else chooses!


TGIF – July 13, 2012

It’s time for TGIF again, thanks to Ginger at GReads!

So this week’s TGIF topic is:
Quotes That Make You Swoon: What are some of the most swoon-worthy quotes you’ve experienced in a book?

Wow, that’s actually kind of hard for me. I don’t usually keep track of quotes as I read (I just started to yesterday randomly) so I cheated a bit and used GoodReads to gather up some semi-swoony quotes. It’s the best I could do! 🙂


“In the afternoon, they stopped to eat on a rocky outcrop. Perry brushed a kiss on her cheek while she was chewing, and she learned that it was the loveliest thing to be kissed for no reason, even while chewing food. It brightened the woods, and the never sky, and everything.”
Veronica Rossi, Under the Never Sky


“So let’s hear another one of your irrational fears.
Mia grasped me by the arms and pulled herself in to my chest, like she was burrowing her body into mine. “I’m scared of losing you,” she said in the faintest of voices.”
I pushed her away so I could see her face and kissed the top of her forehead. “I said ‘irrational’ fears. Because that’s not gonna happen.”
Gayle Forman, Where She Went


“There’s that confidence again, that semi-infuriating easiness of his, the tilt of his head and the smile. but today it’s not infuriating. Today I like it, feel like it’s somehow rubbing off on me, like if I was around him enough I would never feel awkward or frightened or insecure.”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium


“I wished the kiss could have gone on forever. Breaking the embrace, he ran a few fingers through my hair and down my cheek. He stepped back toward the door.
“I’ll see you later Roza.”
“At our next practice?” I asked. “We are starting those up again, right? I mean you still have things to teach me.”
Standing in the doorway, he looked over at me and smiled. “Yes. Lots of things.”
Richelle Mead, Frostbite

I know I’m missing so many more good ones! These are some good ones for now 🙂

And check out what’s happening this upcoming week on The Book Addict’s Guide:

  • I review Graceling by Kristin Cashore
  • “Wild Worlds” is kicking off NEXT FRIDAY! Check out details HERE regarding the authors that are stopping by, doing interviews, and what we’re giving away!
  • Possible 100th post? (And nice reader appreciation giveaway!!)

TGIF – July 6, 2012

It’s time for TGIF again, thanks to Ginger at GReads!

So this week’s TGIF topic is:
Comfort Reads: Which books do you go to for comfort & familiarity? Is there a type of book you seek out when you’re needing that extra bit  of comfort in your life?

Comfort reads to me mean either books that I go back to time-after-time always satisfied with a re-read, a series that I love that’s easy to read, or books that I’ve always loved and have some fond memories attached to them, a lot of them related to childhood.

Regular comfort reads:
Harry Potter & The Stephanie Plum series are two comfort reads: HP in the fact that I’ve re-read it several times and know it inside and out. Stephanie Plum in that they’re always easy to come back to, they’re light, super quick, and a lot of fun.






Memory comfort reads:
Books that remind me of my childhood and ones I have fond memories of – Some I’ve even re-read as an adult!











Okay, I had to add The Monster at the End of This Book because I remember my mom reading that to us in Grover’s voice! The others are mostly just books that remind me of my childhood 🙂 Oldies, but goodies.

TGIF – June 29, 2012

It’s time for TGIF again, thanks to Ginger at GReads!

So this week’s TGIF topic is:
Best I’ve Read So Far: We’re half way through the year (crazy how time  flies!), which top 3 books are the best you’ve read so far this year?

Wow, there were some tough choices, but I think these are the ones that stand out so far!

Some really close ones worth mentioning: Wither by Lauren DeStefano, Frostbite by Richelle Mead, The Scorch Trials by James Dashner, Struck by Jennifer Bosworth, Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne, 1st to Die by James Patterson, Vengeance in Death by JD Robb

TGIF – June 22, 2012

So I’m sad to announce the offical conclusion of Freaky Friday (unofficial announcement was Twitter, I guess). I really tried hard at keeping up with my brand new, original weekly feature! But I guess in retrospect, it was kind of a poor idea because I was essentially trying to relive books… But I couldn’t remember half the details! I’m pretty terrible at retaining knowledge from books for whatever reason (I think I just read too quickly sometimes), so after the first couple weeks, I was running out of books where I actually remembered the plot/characters/conflict, etc in detail (Pretty sad, isn’t it?) – So I decided to say “It was a nice try” and not force myself to keep up with something that was good in theory, but I started rushing through it, executing it poorly, and getting sloppy. It just wasn’t fun, and I didn’t feel like it gave very much back to my readers either, so I said sayonara last week.

I do still want to add on another weekly feature, but this time, someone else’s. I have a blast with Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish each week, and I think the Tuesday/Friday intervals are perfect. After taking a peek at what other people are updating with, and the obvious choice is Ginger’s TGIF feature at GReads! I love reading what other people update every week, so it was a pretty easy conclusion. Plus, Ginger’s awesome!

So this week’s TGIF topic is:
Authors Are Our Celebrities: Have you ever contacted an author you admired? How did that experience go?  If not, which author would you  love to have a chat with?

Well, I don’t think I’ve really contacted many authors. Most of my contact has been through Twitter. I was really not a fan of Twitter when I first joined and signed up for a personal account. I talked with my friends so I already knew what they were up to. Snooze. But I think Twitter is great for the blogging world! I admit, I’m borderline obsessive with checking it, updates, and replying just because it’s so much fun! It’s a great way to have info from authors at your fingertips and (here’s the whole points that I’ve been working at), authors get to see what you post when you mention them too.
I’ve made a few direct shout-outs to how excited I was to read someone’s book or how good it was getting as I was reading it, threw a mention of them tagging them in there, and I’ve gotten a few retweets or replys. To me, that’s super exciting! Authors really have become my celebrities and it’s fun because I feel like they really enjoy interacting with their readers (PS – come say hi @bookaddictguide)!
I’m sure by now you’re tired of hearing about me gushing over how much fun I had on the Fierce Reads tour (check that post out here), but it was a great opportunity to meet four awesome ladies with some really great books! It was a fantastic way to interact with the authors and it really was like meeting a celebrity with signings, pictures, and swag 🙂
Then finally, I’ve talked to a few authors on Goodreads.com – Kelly Cochran who wrote the mystery Buying Time was kind enough to send me a copy of her book after we were in the same group on GoodReads and she saw that I was entered to win a copy (and didn’t win). That kind of spurred us to talking and she’s featured my review in quite a few places to help out her book and to help out my blog! It’s been great interacting with an author like that and I think I was just as excited to read and have my review posted as she was to have me review (I hope)!