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Pub Date [18] | Music

Pub Date

Hi, all! Welcome to back to our feature called PUB DATE where Estelle from Rather Be Reading, Andi from Andi’s ABCs, and Maggie from Just a Couple More Pages and I all team up to pair books + beers in harmony! Each week, one of us will features a beer and a book of our choice, each with a different theme for that month!

This month’s theme: Music

I had plenty of ideas which book to feature for this month’s Pub Date with a music theme (The Trouble With Destiny by Lauren Morrill, The Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spalding) but since Andi the name of the wind pub datefeatured The Trouble With Destiny and I wasn’t the biggest Reece fan, I started thinking of other books where music was if not a main theme, an important part of the character’s life and I immediately landed on THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss. THE NAME OF THE WIND is about a boy named Kvothe and his dream to attend the University to become an arcanist (that is, essentially a magician). Having grown up around music, theatrical performances, and the arts his entire life, one of Kvothe’s most prized possessions is his lute and throughout the book, readers really experience how much music really means to Kvothe and how much it impacts his life. I absolutely love seeing his dedication and passion for his craft and Patrick Rothfuss really does a great job at bringing the musical performances of the book to life. (Also, not going to lie — I really want a set of talent pipes.)

“I took a drink from the tall tankard to give myself a chance to collect my wits, and something wonderful happened in my mouth: cool spring honey, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, pressed grape, burnt apple, sweet pear, and clear well water. That is all I have to say of metheglin.”

I wish I could say the drink I was featuring today was metheglin, a mead featured in the book. I’d love to make a bookish drink when homebrewing someday but I’ve never made a mead before. I’d really love to taste something like it because it sounds absolutely amazing! It’s definitely on my list of things I’d love to brew someday and I’ve dreamed about making a drink from a book but since I read a lot of YA, it’s not like there are too many beers out there, ya know? But hey, that’s what adult fantasy is for and that’s what THE NAME OF THE WIND has me craving!

The awesome thing is that Patrick Rothfuss even wrote up a whoooole blog post about the making of this magical mead including ingredients (!!!) but honestly there are a whole ton of them so that’s another reason why I haven’t made a valiant attempt on producing this yet! It is my dream someday though so my future batch of metheglin is today’s brew of choice. (Cheating, I know.) Cheers!

Thanks for joining us for another edition of Pub Date! Missed any posts? You can catch up at any time on my blog page for the Pub Date Feature!

Recent Beers 

  • Anti-Hero IPA by Revolution Brewing Company. American IPA // 6.5% ABV. IPAs have really been growing on me and Revolution has some pretty amazing beers. Anti-Hero is one of their flagships and it’s always top-notch.
  • Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale by New Belgium Brewing Company. Brown Ale // 6.30% ABV. I will absolutely admit that I bought this sampler back because of this beer. I was super intrigued. At first sip, it just tasted like a brown ale but the more I drank, the more I tasted that chocolate coming through!
  • Lavender Wit by Penrose Brewing Company. Witbier // 6.20% ABV. Penrose is a local brewery and I just love their beer. You could definitely taste the lavender here and it was weird to have such a floral taste (well, for me personally — I’m not too much of a floral person) but it was light and delicious!

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The Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2) – Patrick Rothfuss

The Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2) – Patrick RothfussTitle: The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2) by Patrick Rothfuss
Publishing Info: March 1, 2011 by Penguin
Genres: Adult, Fantasy
Find it on the web: Buy from Amazon // GoodreadsDate Completed: June 12, 2015
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My name is Kvothe.
I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town of Trehon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life. I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in. I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during day. I have talked to Gods, loved women, and written songs that make the minstrels weep.
You may have heard of me.
So begins the tale of a hero told from his own point of view — a story unequaled in fantasy literature. Now in The Wise Man's Fear, an escalating rivalry with a powerful member of the nobility forces Kvothe to leave the University and seek his fortune abroad. Adrift, penniless, and alone, he travels to Vintas, where he quickly becomes entangled in the politics of courtly society. While attempting to curry favor with a powerful noble, Kvothe uncovers an assassination attempt, comes into conflict with a rival arcanist, and leads a group of mercenaries into the wild, in an attempt to solve the mystery of who (or what) is waylaying travelers on the King's Road.
All the while, Kvothe searches for answers, attempting to uncover the truth about the mysterious Amyr, the Chandrian, and the death of his parents. Along the way, Kvothe is put on trial by the legendary Adem mercenaries, is forced to reclaim the honor of the Edema Ruh, and travels into the Fae realm. There he meets Felurian, the faerie woman no man can resist, and who no man has ever survived...until Kvothe.
In The Wise Man's Fear, Kvothe takes his first steps on the path of the hero and learns how difficult life can be when a man becomes a legend in his own time.


I fell in love with THE NAME OF THE WIND earlier this year and quickly fell down the rabbit hole that is this fandom and I am totally okay with not surfacing any time soon. I knew I wanted to inhale THE WISE MAN’S FEAR shortly thereafter but knew the wait for the third book would be excruciating… but decided to forge ahead anyway!

THE WISE MAN’S FEAR pulled me even deeper into Kvothe’s story and I’ve gotta say, these characters are just amazing. I said it in my review for THE NAME OF THE WIND too but Patrick Rothfuss is so amazing at getting the reader invested in a character. I quickly grew to care deeply for Kvothe and the story that he’s telling makes me extremely uneasy because we keep popping back to the “present day” story where Kvothe has ended up  (unknown how to the reader still) and is (no spoilers — this is literally how the first chapter of the first book ends) waiting to die. So… this still hasn’t changed yet? Kvothe isn’t magically going to live now? This is the conundrum I feel with Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle (also not a spoiler — it’s the first chapters as well). I’m so invested in these characters and the author tells the reader up front that X character WILL die. And despite it all, I still try to believe things will be okay. I’m a constant emotional wreck.

Listening to Kvothe has made me believe that he can get himself out of anything — even the most terrible situation, although he may not come out unscathed — so I have hope for the future and yet I know that Patrick Rothfuss will still destroy us. Any which way you slice it, I’ve really enjoyed listening to Kvothe’s story and I just love his narration as well (he is Edema Ruh, so naturally). I will say that I thought the story flowed a bit better in THE NAME OF THE WIND than in THE WISE MAN’S FEAR, though. I was wanted about Felurian and while I didn’t severely dislike her, she still was far from likeable for me and the section of Kvothe’s story with Felurian did feel like it started to drag after a while. It definitely had its importance (like, a reall, really big thing happened) and I wasn’t really bothered by it (though Felurian herself is a bit much to handle sometimes. It’s the “child-like” aspects. True immaturity really gets me), I did think it carried on too long and could have been condense. I think I also liked the story line of THE NAME OF THE WIND a bit more because it felt a bit more localized. It took place mostly at the University (once Kvothe arrived) but Kvothe actually has a few travels throughout THE WISE MAN’S FEAR. I did like exploring this world a bit more but sometimes I’m not ready for that leap from the setting I’ve grown to know and love!

There’s too much of this book to get into the plot bit by bit but really just love how everything comes together. I still love that there are so many things that we DON’T know and how much we discover in each book. The world is so solid and alive and cohesive that it makes me wish I could just jump right in and yet there’s still so much to discover about Kvothe, his life, and how he ended up at the inn, waiting to die. (Honestly. My heart drops having to keep saying that.)

These books are truly wonderful and I love the time I’ve spent with them so far! I hope no one minds how into this fandom I am now (since I’m a late-comer) but I am so incredibly invested in this story and these characters! Now the hardest part will be waiting for the next book…


“The View from Goodreads” is a featured section in my reviews that I decided to incorporate! I tend to update my Goodreads status a LOT when I read — reactions, feelings, notes — so I thought it would be fun to share the sort of “reading process”! All status updates are spoiler-free (no specific plot points will be revealed) but will contain reactions to certain pages and/or characters!

wmf gr updates


Kvothe // Character Obsessions: Learning, music, debts, Denna, knowledge, the Chandrian.
I feel dangerous just writing about the Chandrian! Honestly, this book really gets into you. It feels so real! Anyway. I just love Kvothe. So much. He’s far from perfect but I love his wit and brains and humor. I’m utterly invested, especially after two books!
Elodin // Character Obsessions: Naming, confidence, himself, unconventional ways.
Elodin has really creeped up on my character radar in THE WISE MAN’S FEAR! His teaching methods are totally and utterly insane… until Kvothe finally realizes (at a completely random moment) what exactly he was getting at and that light bulb moment was so cool! Elodin is also kind of awesome and totally weird but he’s quickly becoming a favorite!


Kept Me Hooked On: Adult fantasy. I’ve really been getting into adult fantasy lately — though this is almost kind of a crossover since we get a lot of Kvothe’s adolescent life — and these books do not disappoint. I’m ready to gobble up any amazing fantasy anytime!
Left Me Wanting More: Of the University. I really enjoyed exploring more places and legends of this world but I just LOVE the time at the University and Kvothe’s friendships there!

Addiction Rating

Yes yes yes. Read this book. Read this series. Inhale them like I did!



(Click the cover to see my review!)


The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle #1) – Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle #1) – Patrick RothfussTitle: The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle #1) by Patrick Rothfuss
Publishing Info: March 27, 2007 by Penguin
Source: Audible
Genres: Adult, Fantasy
Find it on the web: Buy from Amazon // GoodreadsDate Completed: April 20, 2015
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    Told in Kvothe's own voice, this is the tale of the magically gifted young man who grows to be the most notorious wizard his world has ever seen. The intimate narrative of his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, his years spent as a near-feral orphan in a crime-ridden city, his daringly brazen yet successful bid to enter a legendary school of magic, and his life as a fugitive after the murder of a king form a gripping coming-of-age story unrivaled in recent literature. A high-action story written with a poet's hand, The Name of the Wind is a masterpiece that will transport readers into the body and mind of a wizard.


I had been meaning to read THE NAME OF THE WIND for quite some time and the stars aligned when an Audible deal presented itself at the exact time that I had finished another audiobook. I was really excited to start the book because I’ve been on a fantasy binge lately, I’ve heard such great things, and I’ve heard that the audio is quite fantastic!

So how did the read go? In a nutshell… I loved it. Alyssa had told me once that this is one of the characters she’s become heavily invested in and I can easily see why! Kvothe is an outstanding character with a bright personality and a bright mind, and Patrick Rothfuss does an amazing job at bringing the reader into his story. I tend to go into books blind so I picked this one up on the recommendation of others and really hadn’t researched too much what the book was about other than the fact that it was fantasy but I really loved how the book took shape. The series isn’t the Kingkiller Chronicles but the Kingkiller Chronicle — one story told over a series of books with THE NAME OF THE WIND starting off in what would be present day for the characters and most of the book taking place in Kvothe’s past, as narrated to Chronicler. I’m not always a fan of the flashback but I really liked how the Kvothe’s youth was the focus of  THE NAME OF THE WIND and I suspect we’ll get other portions of his life in subsequent books. I think it’s a great way to really get to know the character instead of just being filled in with bits about his past because his whole life really did shape him to be the person he is now.

That being said, THE NAME OF THE WIND still leaves quite a bit for the reader to guess. Yes, we have Kvothe’s history now… But how did he get to where he is now? How did he meet his current comrades? What happened to him to gain this outstanding reputation? We see bits and pieces in THE NAME OF THE WIND and — as agonizing as it is — I’m glad there are so many questions left open because it makes me that much more anxious to continue the series and it also gives the series a sense of continuity instead of being very separate parts. The past is tied into the future and the present hints at the past. It’s really very clever!

Really, the whole book is clever. Kvothe has a brilliant mind and sharp tongue and he constantly kept me wholly involved in the story at hand. It was so interesting learning about the magic system as well! There were so many things involved in what one could learn at the university and I’m sure that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what future books will reveal. There are clever songs, carefully crafted plots, detailed settings, and really just an overall excellent layout to the overall story. I just really enjoyed how an idea was constantly used from start to finish and just when you forgot that it was also a main focus, it would pop back up again in the perfect place.

I’m so glad I read THE NAME OF THE WIND! I honestly didn’t want to stop reading and I didn’t want the book to end so I’m definitely planning on reading the next book soon! Since the book spans Kvothe’s youth and time in school, it’s also a really nice place for young adult fans to crossover into a little bit of adult fantasy as well!


“The View from Goodreads” is a featured section in my reviews that I decided to incorporate! I tend to update my Goodreads status a LOT when I read — reactions, feelings, notes — so I thought it would be fun to share the sort of “reading process”! All status updates are spoiler-free (no specific plot points will be revealed) but will contain reactions to certain pages and/or characters!



Kvothe // Character Obsessions: Learning, sympathy, family, friendship, Denna, music.
Kvothe was an amazing character. I absolutely love how he came to life and how much of his story the reader will get once the series is complete. It’s only the first book and a small portion of his life and I’m already in love. Kvothe is so clever and very smart and he was just all-around a very enjoyable character! I can’t wait to learn more about him in the subsequent books.
Denna // Character Obsessions: Self-sufficiency, music, holding back.
I had heard a lot of things about Denna even before I started the book… and not good things. I was pretty worried that I was going to get VERY annoyed with Kvothe’s obsession with Denna but thankfully it actually didn’t turn out that bad. I think maybe because I was prepared for it and she didn’t seem as bad as some other character obsessions I’ve read recently. I still wasn’t QUITE a fan of her though. She was okay and she had potential to be an interesting character but so far I’m not really enjoying the way she sort of strings Kvothe along (both intentionally and unintentionally) and the “most beautiful girl ever” thing and the “most complicated woman ever” thing is just blegh. She can be awesome and complex without being a total enigma. *shrug*


Kept Me Hooked On: One story broken up into several books. I REALLY like that this is like, Kvothe’s FULL LIFE STORY. From young to adult. I feel like I don’t see that a lot in series. Usually it’s a specific portion or a couple years and so far I’ve only seen Kvothe’s youth and I’m already super invested!
Left Me Wanting More: Answers! I mean, I’m glad we don’t get to know everything but GAHHH so many things I’m dying to know! It’s great that we will get answers, um, eventually? But I just can’t wait to get more of this series!

Addiction Rating
Buy it!

I just loved this book. I totally fell into this world and once I was finished, I just wanted more. I’ll have to binge the rest of the series (so far) soon!



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