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Holiday Gift Guide for Book Addicts 2015 | Glasses, Mugs, Bookmarks + more!

gifts for book lovers

Two days ago I kicked off the gift guides with candle shops, yesterday with tees and totes, and today I’m shifting the focus to glasses, mugs, bookmarks, and more!

I’m coffee and beer girl so I love bookish mugs and glasses. I’ve started to collect a few and I’m always on the lookout for more! Plus with most bookworms being coffee or tea drinkers, a nice bookish mug is usually a safe bet!

There are also so many places to find excellent prints, decorations, and so much more for the home (I’ll refer you back to Red Bubble and Society6 for those!!) … and who can forget things for your books like bookmarks and book accessories!? Today I’m sharing some of my favorites for allllll of the above!

** Please also note I am NOT getting any sort of commission for mentioning these companies! If any store has contacted me regarding a special feature in this post it has been noted. **


Etsy seems to be the spot with most of my favorites! Like the t-shirt post, I’m just going to list a few shops and what they carry because WHEW, don’t want to overwhelm you! We still have a long way to go!!
And don’t forget to check out the Society6 shops listed in the previous post grouped with apparel! So many of those shops have tees but they also sell mugs (and so much more)!



  • Nexus Glass | Mugs, pint glasses, steins, shot glasses, flasks, flutes| Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Zelda
  • Karen’s Custom Glass | Mugs, pint glasses, steins, shot glasses, flasks, rocks glass, wine glass, mason jar | Harry Potter, superheroes, Star Trek
  • Fanart Glassware | Pint glasses, rocks glass, steins, shot glass | Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones
  • Silverblatt Design | Pint glasses, flasks, wine glasses| Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Wars
  • Fandom Hearts | Pint Glasses, car decals | Harry Potter, How I Met Your Mother, The Office


  • Knot Nirvana | Mugs, decals | Harry Potter, Disney
  • 312 Ink | Mugs, invitations/prints | Harry Potter, Grumpy Cat
  • Seeds of Faith Mom | Hand painted mugs | Disney, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead


homemade bookmarks fandoms

  • Nook and Burrow | Harry Potter, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, #currentlyreading
  • RemHeathIllustration | Shadow and Bone, Game of Thrones, Throne of Glass
  • CraftedVan | Magnetic bookmarks of all kinds! (They did have to take down some of their fandom ones though. Whomp whomp)
  • Happy Hello Art* | Magnetic bookmarks | Throne of Glass, The Lunar Chronicles, fairy tales (they’re closed until February as noted in the shop but bookmark them anyway!)
  • Booked You Up | Magnetic bookmarks | The Lunar Chronicles, Disney, Young Elites, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson
  • Skinny Hues | Water color designs | Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Raven Cycle, hashtag
  • A Bookish Life | Bookmarks, totes


bookish supplies decor

Which of these shops would you recommend? Have you purchased from any before? Any more excellent bookish you’d like to give a shout-out to?

Holiday Gift Guide for Book Addicts 2015 | Apparel + Totes

gifts for book lovers

Yesterday I kicked off the gift guides of 2015 with bookish candle shops and today I’m shifting the focus to apparel, tote bags, and more!

I’ve started to amass many, many awesomely bookish shirts and I’m totally a tote bag hoarder so I definitely wanted to share some of my favorites for other book-lovers to find (both for themselves and for gifts)! Here are some of my favorites:

** Please also note I am NOT getting any sort of commission for mentioning these companies! If any store has contacted me regarding a special feature in this post it has been noted. **


society6 shirts books fandoms


Society6 has alllll kinds of amazing bookish (and non-bookish) things. If you’re not familiar with it, each “store” on Society6 is run by a different artist. You can purchase their artwork through Society6 and have it printed on things like T-shirts, totes, mugs, iPhone cases, pillows, prints — the list goes on! I purchased this amazing Cabeswater shirt from a store on Society6 (emileegraverson) and it’s everything I could have ever wanted! Here are some other amazing shops (most of these have more than just shirts too!):

Risa Rodil | Bookworm Boutique | I Heart Big Books | Evie Seo | Drop and Give Me Nerdy | Emilee Graverson | Fiction Tea



Pretty much the same deal here as Society6! Lots to choose from, lots of great bookish/nerdy things, and lots of fandoms! (There’s an extensive amount to choose from if you search Throne of Glass…) Here are some of my favorites:

Cute Crazies | Only by Laura | Believe Luna | Sung Kim | Katie Paints | Samantha Weldon




Litographs is super cool. Ever wanted to WEAR your favorite book? Well now you can! Litographs prints an entire book onto a t-shirt (or tote or poster) and they also have some sweet bookish tattoos. I’d say most of the available books are classics (classic novels, older children’s books, etc) but there are a couple newer releases too. I was lucky enough to win the giveaway from Andi’s ABCs for the Throne of Glass t-shirt (pictured below!) and it is SO cool. (But it’s so awesome that I’m almost afraid to wear and wash it haha!) They were also incredibly kind and offered to send me a piece to picture in this post so I chose the Wizard of Oz tote so you could see a tote too!


Etsy has a ton of great shops for bookish t-shirts and totes! I could list and feature them all individually  but there are just soooo many that I’ll make a quick list for you of some of my favorites and the fandoms they include!


Did you know that several book blogger friends have Etsy/Society6 shops? There’s some pretty awesome merch there and it’s always fun supporting and friend too! Check ’em out:


Hand-painted book totes by Becca featuring scenes, covers, or quotes from your favorite YA novels!


Appraising Pages has an AWESOME shop featuring their original designs on T-shirts! From quotes to references to images… Divergent to The Fault in Our Stars to The Hunger Games and more — they’ve got your bookish fandoms covered! They also have jewelry, things for the home, and more!


Gillian from The Writer of Wrongs has an amazing Society5 shop! You can get t-shirts, totes, prints, tapestries, pillows, and oh the list goes on! Throne of Glass, The Raven Cycle, Anna and the French Kiss… she’s got your fandoms covered!

Which of these shops would you recommend? Have you purchased from any before? Any more excellent bookish shops you’d like to give a shout-out to?