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Social Media Support Sunday | Twitter

Social Media Support Sunday

Social Media Support Sunday is an idea I’ve been fiddling with for a long time now in various forms. There are SO many times where I realize I’m not following some of my friends on social media somehow or I’m looking for new accounts to follow and I just have no idea where to begin. Sometimes we get stuck in our own social groups on social media or just the opposite — get lost in the sea of social media users and followers — that it’s hard to find new accounts. I’ve also been toying with the idea of posting “social media hacks” (which are really just any tips or tricks I’ve learned over the years). I don’t claim to be an expert on any social media site but I find that it’s always helpful to share information because you never know who has been looking for just that thing for a long time! I decided to combine these two things into Social Media Support Sunday with the hopes that I can help some book bloggers who are aiming to grow their social media presence in the easiest way possible!
Note: These posts are not designed to tell people “how to” or “how not to” use social media. They are simply packed full of helpful information to get knowledge out to people about various functions on social media sites that they may not be aware of or would like to learn more about. I am in no way saying there is a right or wrong way to run your social media accounts! The “best” way can only be determined by each individual user!

Over the next few Sundays, I’ll be doing features for multiple social media accounts that a prevalent in the book blogging community/book industry. Hang tight for:



Today I want to talk about Twitter since it seems to be one of the most important social media tools for book bloggers! (It is for me, at least.) If you have a book blog and you don’t use Twitter, it’s my personal recommendation to try it out. Twitter is the place where I connect with truly everyone. From other bloggers to readers to publicists to authors — Twitter seems to be one of the main places for the bookish community! I think most of us know the ins and outs of Twitter but I just wanted to share some of my favorite and most-often used features!

Before I get into that, I also want to share my most favorite Twitter tool ever… TWEETDECK. Tweetdeck is a super awesome Twitter app that lets you do just a bit more than Twitter itself. As I go through some of my favorite features, I’m also going to make notes on the extra features that Tweetdeck offers because they have literally changed my Twitter experience! (Note: Tweetdeck does not have a mobile app but it does have an app for Mac desktop. You can also use it in-browser (which I do ALL the time) via tweetdeck.twitter.com!) 


Twitter lists are essential for me. I currently follow 960 people on Twitter (and yes, I have gone through to clean up that list. Somehow I do still want to follow over 900 people!) and there is no way I can keep up with them all and not miss something. Naturally, there will be some feeds and updates that will be more important to you than others whether that’s your favorite author, your favorite book bloggers, a publisher, etc and lists are a perfect way to separate those from the many other accounts you have updating in your main feed. If you’re not familiar with how to make lists, all you have to do is click on your avatar and you’ll see an option to select lists. From there, you can go ahead and create new lists to your heart’s content.

social media support

Some things to know about lists created directly on Twitter (that is, Twitter.com and not through an app like Tweetdeck):

  • You can currently only create lists by adding users. That us, you’ll be following all of the updates from all of these accounts on your specified list. You currently cannot save a list based on a hashtag or keywords.
    • Through Tweetdeck: You can also add “columns” to your feed based on hashtags, searches, groups, notifications, and so much more. Below you can take a peek at my feed. It’s the perfect way to see multiple columns at once and keep track of keywords and any hashtags you may want to follow! I also ALWAYS use Tweetdeck for Twitter chats. I just make a column for the hashtag and it constantly updates as people use it! (I apologize for how small it is but I wanted you to see everything that I can keep track of!)
  • You can designate whether each group is public or private. Public lists allow others to tweetdeck listssee who is on your list and will also show up in a person’s notifications when you add them. That’s important to know. If you add someone to a public list, they will be able to see what list you’ve added them to. If you create a private list, only you will be able to see who is on that list and a user will not be notified when you add them.
    • Through Tweetdeck: All of the above still applies. Through Tweetdeck, though, you can add a group as one of your columns to better view/follow. Public and private still apply. You can also add or remove people from groups through Tweetdeck by clicking on the “more” option in their Tweet or the “more” option once you click on their user name (you’ll see the add/remove from lists) and you can adjust your lists from there. These changes will be effective on Twitter.com once you changed them through Tweetdeck.
  • You can add people to a list if you are not following them. Usually when I add someone to a list, I’m already following them (that is why I add them to a feed!) but if you so desire, you can add someone to a list without following. (This does not apply to blocked accounts.)

social media support

An example of Tweetdeck (blurred out my DMs for privacy)


Feel like you can’t unfollow someone but don’t want to see their tweets in your feed? Mute is a blessing for cases like this! On Twitter or in Tweetdeck, you can go through the same process you do for lists — click on the “more” option through their tweet or on their profile page (on Twitter, it’s the gear next to the “Follow” option (“Following” if you’re already following them). The big difference (and life-changer for me) is the ability to mute hashtags and keywords in Tweetdeck. If you feel like you’re getting spammed by a hashtag, are offended by certain words, or just don’t want to see something about a particular topic because you don’t care about it, you can mute ALL OF THOSE THINGS in Tweetdeck.

How to mute in Tweetdeck: Go to the SETTINGS icon (in the bottom left of your dash). It will bring up a menu and choose the “settings” option from there (so you’re selecting settings and then settings again). From there you’ll see the MUTE tab. You can enter ANYTHING YOU WANT in there, from a single word to a phrase to a hashtag to a user. (You also do not have to put quotes around it. Just enter text only. If you want to mute a user, just use their handle with no @ symbol. If you want to mute ANY mentions of a specific user, then use the @ symbol and you won’t even see when people reply to them.)

  • Be careful what you mute because you will not see ANY tweets with the keywords/hashtag/user you mute. If you mute the word “hate” and that word appears ANYWHERE in the tweet, you will not see it in your feed. That’s great if you never want to see that word again but if someone uses it in a sentence even when they directly reply to you it will not show up in your Tweetdeck feed. (Note: This doesn’t prevent them from replying directly to you. It will still show up in your notifications on Twitter or in the Twitter mobile app. The special mute functions in Tweetdeck that Twitter does not have are only effective in Tweetdeck.)
  • Muted users can still contact you… but you won’t see it. If you mute a user or their handle, you may be missing replies from them in Tweetdeck. You won’t see any updates from them even if they directly reply to you which has the potential to cause trouble if they think you’re ignoring them (even though you kind of are. But ya know… user beware.) If you mute a user, you also will not see Direct Messages from them pop up in Tweetdeck. It will show one new message but won’t show the message or who it is. You will still be able to see that DM on Twitter though.

I personally use this feature for muting hashtags or book titles that I don’t really care about seeing. If readers are gaga over a series that I don’t really like, I generally mute the book title until the excitement has blown over so my feed isn’t clogged with something that I don’t really care about. I also mute hashtags that clog my feed. It can be really helpful to weed out what you don’t really have interest in but again, be careful what you mute!


If you run or have access to multiple Twitter accounts, you can keep track of ALL of them on Tweetdeck. Through Twitter (in-browser), you have to log in and log out in order to access each one. On the Twitter mobile app, you can add multiple accounts and just have to toggle back and forth between each one. It functions nicely but sometimes I tweet from the wrong account if I open up a notification for a different one. Oops!

Tweetdeck allows you to essentially be logged into all of your accounts at once and view any activity from each one. All you have to do is add them each to Tweetdeck through ACCOUNTS and you can start adding columns once they’re all added in. You select which account you want to be your default and that will be the one that’s automatically selected when you start to compose a new tweet. If you want to allow someone else to use your account via Tweetdeck without giving out your password (I haven’t had a reason to do this yet but you never know), you can also invite people to your “team” (see below).

social media support

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have added a column for an account other than your default (say for example, the column I have in my feed for replies to the @galsonthesamepg account) and you reply within that feed, it will then change from your default account to the account that received the reply. So for example, if I replied to a tweet that someone said to @galsonthesamepg within that column, @galsonthesamepg is my default account for that column since that is the account it’s associated with. Essentially the moral of the story is if you’re using multiple accounts in Tweetdeck, just double check which account is actually sending your reply!


Twitter does not currently allow you to schedule tweets to be posted at a later time which is another reason I really enjoy Tweetdeck! Sometimes I just want to schedule a bunch of tweets about my latest post because I’ll be away from Twitter all day or so I don’t forget about it as the day progresses. I’ve also used it when I’m on vacation, out of town, or just preoccupied with other things and don’t want to have to remember to tweet something later. It’s also super easy to do! You just type your text, add whatever links/images you want, and then select the day/time you want it to post. I use this ALL the time and is one of my favorite features about Tweetdeck!


So those are my favorite things about Twitter and how I use it on a day-to-day basis! I’d love to hear anything else I may have missed that really enhance your Twitter experience/make things easier for you or if there are any other awesome features in an application like HootSuite that I don’t currently use. Please do share! I’m sure there’s always something new to learn!


Here’s the part where we share and explore! Feel free to add your Twitter account to help others find you on Twitter! Part of this process is also to find other people to follow and for us to support each other on social media so please do click on at least a few accounts that you don’t currently follow to check them out. It’s just a common courtesy since people will be doing the same for you!! Try to find at least a couple accounts to follow, or follow back some people who will be new followers to you. This is all about community!

Some of us have Twitter handles that are different than our blogs/user names so please add your first name and Twitter handle to the “name” section. (So for me it would be “Brittany @bookaddictguide” — I’ll get it kicked off here!) Your link should be the link to your Twitter account, NOT your blog! 

** This feature is mostly directed to book bloggers since I feel like that is who will use it most but authors and other active book community members are also welcome to link up and share as well! Again… community! ** 


So long as this post is a success, I’ll keep them coming for the next few Sundays for other social media sites that we in the book community use! If you have any favorite tips or tricks about one of your favorite social media sites that you think I should include in the next post, please email it to me at bookaddictsguide (at) gmail (dot) com!

Seriously Social! Survey, Infographic, and Giveaway

One of the things I really wanted to do in 2014 was work on my social media. I’m on Twitter a LOT but I tend to neglect the other forms of social media on my blog like Facebook and Pinterest, and let’s be honest — I have no idea what I’m doing on Tumblr.

There are SO many forms of social media to use for your blog that I really wanted to explore what other bloggers had to say and see what we think is best for our blogs. I created the “Seriously Social Survey” to check out what other bloggers had to say! I collected all the data, spent lots and lots of time on this infographic and HERE IT IS!

Social Media Infographic Survey

 So what do you guys think? Agree with the general results?  Twitter seemed to take the cake on almost everything, including most visually appealing which I was actually surprised about!


  • FACEBOOK. Facebook was declared the least popular form of social media. You guys said that Facebook is the social media site that’s on its way out, especially with Facebook users having to pay for ads in order to reach news feeds. This pretty much renders most blog Facebook pages useless, in my personal opinion. I know I’ve noticed that I’m getting FAR less views on my Facebook posts and that really discourages me to use it as a form of social media because it becomes far more work than it’s worth. That seems to be a general consensus with Facebook also being the website that was voted the most work to maintain and a chore to keep updated.
  • DRAMA. There seems to be an increase in author/blogger drama this year (which I try my best to avoid!) with the most drama-filled websites being Twitter (61%) and Goodreads following (19%).
  • TOO MANY SOCIAL MEDIA SITES. Like blogging, updating social media should be fun, but there’s no denying that sometimes trying to cover all the bases gets overwhelming. If you try to keep up with all of the social media sites you can use to promote your blog, it becomes quite a chore to post to ALL of them. We already mentioned that Facebook was the biggest chore, but Pinterest wasn’t too far behind. Juuuuust behind Pinterest were Goodreads (which I was surprised!) and Twitter (even more surprised).


  • TWITTER IS KING. Twitter is the winner for almost all of the positives and seems to be a crucial way to interact with bloggers, authors, AND publishers. Ever since I joined Twitter, I can clearly see how it’s the most valuable social media site for bloggers! Even with its occasional drama, it’s still the most important blogging tool when it comes to social media, and there are ways to avoid the drama if you don’t want to see it in your feed. It was also a landslide vote that aside from directly emailing an author or publisher, Twitter was the best way to interact with them!
  • UP-AND-COMING SOCIAL MEDIA. Twitter was also voted the most up-and-coming social media site, but that may be because it’s just so dang popular. The survey-takers also had their eye on Tumblr and Instagram being used more and more for promoting blog posts and reaching out to followers. What else do we need to keep an eye out for? StumbleUpon, Snapchat, and Vines. StumbleUpon isn’t so much used for social media but is a good place to start posting your blog posts to help get them out there in the blogosphere!
  • DONT OVER PROMOTE. It can be a little overwhelming with bloggers promoting their posts all over the internet. I think the most important thing is to make sure you mix it up! I totally think it’s okay to promote your links a few times a day on places like Twitter where information comes and goes within minutes or even seconds before it’s out of sight, but Twitter also really supports our blogging community and it’s also where we talk to each other. If ALL you’re doing on Twitter is promoting yourself, it’ll get tiring fast. I asked if using a large amount of social media and various forms is helpful or hurtful and 27% people agreed HELPFUL — you need to connect with people wherever you can. A whopping 71% of people said it’s a mix of both. It’s helpful to cross-promote, using different sites to reach different groups of people but seeing the same links over and over can get tiresome. Only 2% said that large amounts of social media is absolutely hurtful.
  • NEW SITES CREATED BY BLOGGERS. There are some awesome new sites made just for bloggers by bloggers. If you’re not aware of them yet, you should definitely go check out BookBlogging.net and Literally.io! They’re still being developed although BookBlogging.net has been around for longer and is much further developed at this point, definitely keep a lookout for both of these to really start taking off!


  • “FB on its way out is maybe more wishful thinking than anything else. I’ve never used it for blogging, only personal, and I hate how it works. I think if everyone who complained about it would stop using it, instead of sticking with it out of habit, the site would lose a lot of its power to do anything for its advertisers with no regard for its users.” (Maybe we should all stop using it… I actually think I might shut mine down soon seeing the results of this survey!) 
  • “My only comment is about over promoting. Making sure you space out your tweets, making them interesting without all ME ME ME. It’s difficult and I think it takes time and finesse to get there. Also, people need to turn off their Pinterest updates via Twitter. No one needs to see that.” (See: overpromoting.)
  • “I don’t really distinguish between my personal and ‘blog’ social media. I don’t want social media to feel like it’s a chore or a job and I’m not so worried about privacy, so I don’t see the need (plus I do social media for work, so this would be triple rather than double duty for me).” (I totally agree with this! My personal life, although initially completely separate, easily seeps into my blogging social media accounts. I often Tweet about daily life and post personal pictures on Instagram as well!) 
  • “I try to only post positive things on social media and only @ authors if my review is a 4 or 5. I have no desire to get sucked into the drama.” (Yay, no drama! I still post my negative reviews but I don’t mention the authors or publicists on Twitter if it’s a negative or generally blah review.)


So that’s it for the Seriously Social Survey! I hope you guys got some great insights and I have to thank you again for all of the awesome responses!
Now that we’ve got some fresh ideas and thoughts from other bloggers, let’s get connected! In 2014, I really wanted to work on connecting with people through social media other than Twitter. Let’s get together! If you already follow me through various social media sites, you get bonus entires in the giveaway below! Don’t follow yet? It’s never too late! Let me know what social media sites you use and I can follow you back!


Enter to win this stack of books! One winner will receive them all! It’s a mix of ARCs, hardcovers, and paperbacks (and the one on the top is a spiral-bound copy of The Break-Up Artist). Good luck!!!
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Brand new Twitter and sprucing up the blog!

I used to have a personal Twitter, but really, I didn’t like it very much. Not many of my friends were on it and the ones that were happened to be the friends I talked to almost every day. I already knew what was going on with them and it seemed a little pointless, so I bid adieu to Twitter.

Since I started my blog, I really wanted to put a little more info in here. I’m still on the fence about whether I have enough gusto to start weekly feature/meme update. I really like the idea and I think there are some great ones out there! But I feel like I’d end up getting sloppy and skipping weeks or days, so I haven’t set myself to a schedule except to start reviews as soon as I finish my books.

Lately I’ve had a lot little updates or new books I’ve found or things that happen in the books that I get excited about… But none of this was enough to write a whole post. I wanted to share these things with the blogging world, but I didn’t want to overwhelm and annoy everyone with constant, short updates… So what do I do? I finally came to the conclusion that it was time for me to be able to update about my book addiction as often as possible by started a Twitter account 🙂 You can now find my Twitter account here.

But I also need a favor from my fellow bloggers, and I think it’s time for maybe something more exciting here at The Book Addict’s Guide so I am looking for suggestions! What would you like to see here? I’m working on some brainstorming and maybe I’ll stick to a schedule and pick up a weekly feature/meme hosted by a fellow blogger. I feel like I get a lot of reviews done and I can read books fairly quickly, but I think my blog needs a little something more… I want the reviews to be the main feature of the blog and I didn’t want them to get overshadowed by other updates, which I think is what I’ve been worried about. But I do feel like it might be getting a little boring. Time to work on making it a little more fun! 🙂 I just updated my header and background a few days ago since I felt like the blog was a little dreary. Now time to step it up with the content!