30 Days of Books: Day 4

Continuing on with the “30 Days of Books” challenge (thanks to Vyki @ On The Shelf, which she got from For Those Who Live to Read) – Each day there is a different book-related topic or question to post about (ie. best/worst/favorite-type deals), the list of which I’m linking back to On The Shelf. Onto day number four!

30 Days of Books: Day #4

Your favorite book or series ever…

Okay, this is no surprise! Favorite series ever has to be Harry Potter. I liked (okay, LOVED) every book, start to finish, cover to cover. Some I even read within a single day (I planned it that way! Cleared my schedule (okay I was a teenager when the last couple books came out so not like I had a schedule)) because I could not put them down! They’re the one series I’ve re-read… More than once. I went to the midnight showings of (some of) the movies. Everything about the series, I loved. The characters, the plots, the suspense, solving the mysteries, finding clues, and of course, the magic. Okay, I could gush about HP forever. Time to end it  – You already know how I feel!

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