Upcoming Week Long Feature with YA dystopia/fantasy authors!!!

I am very, very excited to announce a very special WEEK LONG FEATURE, chock full of author interviews and giveaways coming up in the end of July!!! I was hoping to get a couple of up-and-coming authors, specifically YA authors and even more specifically in the sci-fi/dystopia/fantasy genres. I put a few requests out there and got an overwhelmingly positive response! So many more people agreed to participate than I had possibly anticipated and I am very excited that I can now make a full seven day feature with a separate author interview each day. Here are the wonderful authors who have agreed to be a part of this very exciting feature!

Melissa Wright: Author of the Frey Series
Melissa’s GoodReads page
Melissa’s Amazon collection



Melyssa Williams: Author of Shadows Gray
Shadows Gray on GoodReads
Shadows Gray on Amazon



Lisa M Stasse: Author of The Forsaken
The Forsaken on GoodReads
The Forsaken on Amazon



Sangu Mandanna: Author of The Lost Girl
The Lost Girl on GoodReads
The Lost Girl on Amazon



Kat Zhang: Author of What’s Left Of Me
What’s Left of Me on GoodReads
What’s Left of Me on Amazon



C.J. Redwine: Author of Defiance
Defiance on GoodReads
Defiance on Amazon 



Meagan Spooner: Author of Skylark ** This will also be an official part of the Skylark blog tour!!
Skylark on GoodReads
Skylark on Amazon
Skylark Official Blog Tour 


I am SO excited to work with all of these awesome authors! Please check back in the end of July to hear from them as well as entering in some really great giveaways for books and/or swag!! It’s gonna be a lot of fun 🙂

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  1. Candice

    This is so awesome! Love all the authors who agreed to participate and I can’t wait to see what you and they have in store for us!

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