Secret Santa: Selective Collective Edition!

Hi, friends! Happy holidays!! As I’m sure most of you know, me and a few other bloggers have an awesome group going called The Selective Collective (formerly Casting Call – and if you don’t know, you can read all about it here). Since we’ve all grown really close through all of our emails and daily chats, we decided to do a Secret Santa exchange within our group and then show off all the snazzy gifts we got because we love reveling in bookish gifts!

My Secret Santa was Kristina from Gone Pecan and she got me some awesome gifts!


                                                Thanks, Kiki!

  • Hardcover copy of The Line by Teri Hall (which has been on my TBR list/wishlist FOREVER so yay!!!)
  • Awesome ampersand-themed notebook
  • “Honorary Cajun” coffee mug (since she’s from Louisiana)
  • Cute Christmas towel that says “Merry Christmas Y’all” (I keep telling her how I wish I was from the south so I could say “y’all”. Being a native Chicagoan…. it doesn’t quite work)
  • These really cool pencils that look like they were carved (or probably were especially crafted) straight from sticks – I thought this was funny because I actually bought colored pencils almost exactly like these for my Secret Santa that I did for The Broke and the Bookish so I was excited  when I got some of my own!

Thanks a ton!!! I love my gifts and I had a blast shopping for my fellow Selective Collective member! Want to know who it was? Check out the other blogs from the SC (and just show them love in general because they’re all great)!

Kristina & Daphne at Gone Pecan
Candice at The Grown-Up YA
Tammy at YA Crush
Sandie & Diana at Teen Lit Rocks

Happy holidays, everyone!!!


9 thoughts on “Secret Santa: Selective Collective Edition!

  1. Tee

    I love all of these gifts but I think I really need that towel. I so wish I could pull off a good “y’all”. Merry Christmas!

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