The Deja Vu Review [20]: A Post-Apocalyptic/End of the World Book


The Deja Vu Review is a new Sunday feature with mini-reviews from books I’ve read before I began my blog at The Book Addict’s Guide! Since I’ve been reading my whole life and only started my blog back in April of 2012, this is my opportunity to revisit some older books and share some mini-reviews of those that didn’t quite make it into the blog spotlight after the initial read.

This week’s topic: A Post-Apocalyptic/End of the World Book (Okay, really – Just any dystopian!)

Tomorrow, When the War Began (Tomorrow, #1)Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
My Original GR Review: I was a little let down by the book, I must admit. It was a very intersting concept, but it just didn’t take it the way I was hoping. It had some good action that I think would work well in a movie setting but for some reason as a book, it just really never took off for me. Also, even though I know it’s part of a series, the end was completely cliffhanger with no resolution at all. It felt like it just stopped in the middle of the story to pick up later. Sadly though, I probably won’t be reading the other books.
Comments: I had originally picked up this book based on a recommendation that someone on Goodreads gave me when I had actually put out a request for more dystopian books to read. I don’t know if it was the setting that I didn’t connect with or the characters, but somehow I just felt a bit disappointed. I was really hopeful since it’s got a great rating on Goodreads, but it just wasn’t the book for me! I’m still pretty solid on not reading another book, though I would see it as a movie (which apparently there is one).

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  1. Dee

    see, this book isn’t so much dystopia/post-apoc to me, but invasion fiction and dated at best – I was in elementary school when it first came out and growing up in Australia, EVERYONE read John Marsden – wasn’t a fan then, not really a fan now

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