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Things have quieted down a bit for the Book and a Beverage interview feature (although that’s partly my fault with not being as active as I once was on the blog!) but I still love the idea of a book and beverage feature. I was thinking about book and coffee pairings as I was drinking my iced coffee one afternoon and I thought it would be fun to keep the book & beverage theme going by actually pairing books with beverages that go with them! 


I recently finished  A MILLION JUNES by Emily Henry which I was so excited for after loving her debut, THE LOVE THAT SPLIT THE WORLD! June’s family history stems from a line of Jacks with a child in each generation being named Jack, tracing back to Jack the first who was looking for a place to plant his prized cherry tree. Because the story revolves so much around cherries, specifically Jack’s Tart Cherries, I naturally thought of a tart cherry beverage, my favorite of which is a sour beer.

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When I first heard of sour beers, I thought they were stupid. Sour? Who wants to drink a sour beverage? But I tried one and it was actually so crisp and refreshing! A Berliner Weisse specifically is usually low-alcohol, light, and tart so it’s easily enjoyable and not something to weigh you down. I recently had a tart cherry Berliner Weisse called The Bubbly Kriek by Marz Community Brewing Co. in Chicago. It’s not my all-time favorite beer but it’s cherry and tart and still quite delicious! It seems like the perfect pairing while reading this book!

I’m actually not a huge fan of cherries as a fruit BECAUSE of their tartness. They’re good but not my favorite, so to be included in a sour beer is kind of the perfect combination. Add cherry + tart + a light, drinkable beverage for a summer day and a summer read, and you get the perfect Book and a Beverage pairing for A MILLION JUNES!

What beverage would you pair with A MILLION JUNES? Do you enjoy sour beers or cherry beverages? I’d love to hear what else you think would pair with these books!

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