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Things have quieted down a bit for the Book and a Beverage interview feature (although that’s partly my fault with not being as active as I once was on the blog!) but I still love the idea of a book and beverage feature. I was thinking about book and coffee pairings as I was drinking my iced coffee one afternoon and I thought it would be fun to keep the book & beverage theme going by actually pairing books with beverages that go with them! 


I recently read AMY AND ROGER’S EPIC DETOUR (on audio) and it was such a fun read! It was meaningful and yet light all at the same time with some really great characters, a fun road trip, and so much more.

With any great road trip, you HAVE to have snacks and Amy and Roger favor root beer and cream soda. I thought it would be fun to do a Book and a Beverage feature with some of the “soft drinks” (UGH I call it pop but you don’t pluralize pop to “pops” so “types of pop”? Urgh. It’s all wrong) throughout the states that they visited!


I did a quick internet search and Thrillist posted the most popular sodas (also painful to say for a midwestern kid) across the US! I wouldn’t say that they’re actually the most popular (the one for Illinois isn’t very popular over the normal name-brands) but they feature some local items which is even better! Plus, someone made a Google map so you can check out the actual trip Amy and Roger took (I can’t find credit on here but this is awesome)! Here are some pertinent to Amy and Roger’s trip:

  • California: A&W Root Beer
  • Nevada: Red Bull
  • Utah: Sprite
  • Colorado: Izze
  • Kansas: Lost Trail Root Beer
  • Missouri: IBC Root Beer
  • Indiana: Triple XXX
  • Tennessee: RC Cola
  • Kentucky: Ale-8-One
  • North Carolina: Cheerwine
  • Virginia: Cheerwine (yes, both NC and VA)
  • Maryland: Shasta
  • New Jersey: Boylan’s
  • Pennsylvania: A-Treat
  • Connecticut: Foxon Park

Do you have a favorite local soft drink or beverage? I noticed some of these weren’t just sodas (like Red Bull and maybe a few others that I’m not familiar with) but it was so much fun to see the local variety! Amy and Roger represented through fast food restaurants instead of soda brands but this was perfect for a Book and a Beverage feature!

What beverage would you pair with AMY AND ROGER’S EPIC DETOUR? Do you love root beer or cream soda? Do you have a favorite local beverage?? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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