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July 2014: Recap & Wrap-Up!

Well. July is over now too. I’m not even going to pretend like I’m not surprised! I think it was a pretty good month though. Nowadays they’re pretty much all a blur of wedding planning and daily life… I’ve even had a hard time finding opportunities to blog! So busy!


  • Number of Books Read In July: Just 8. Not as many as last month but SHEESH it has been busy and I kind of fell into a tiny slump there for a while!
  • Popular Search Terms:  “the kill order pdf” (for SHAME! I do not post PDFs!) // “bookaddictsguide” // “http://www.bookaddictsguide.com/on-the-same-page/” // “where she went cover model”
  • More Amusing Search Terms: “what would your life be like in the lunar chronicles” (I’d love to know!) // “dangerous girls spoilers” (Trust me… you DON’T wanna do that… ) // “peanuts charscters at prom” (no idea) // “some big words john green uses” (LOL) // “what if nathan ford was related to chuck bartowski” (ummm, that’d be awesome)
  • Most Referrals (non-social media): Rather Be Reading, GReads!, Teen Lit Rocks
  • Where My Blog Most Often Leads You (non-internal/social media)Books Take You Places, Allodoxophobia, Gone Pecan



  dangerous girls abigail haas  ruin and rising

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  • I’m participating in ARC August! So excited to try to clean up some ARC and review copies before I started getting (even more) overwhelmed!
  • I’m on the blog tour with a few other bloggers featuring Stephanie Perkins’ books — stop back for an Anna and the French Kiss feature!
  • Dangerous Boys is coming out this month and you bet I’m taking part in the release day blitz!
  • I’ll also be featured on Ginger’s Sweet Summertime Reads feature a little later this month over at her blog, GReads!

July flew by (as usual) but it was a really great month! Looking forward to hopefully catching up on some things in August!!

June 2014: Recap & Wrap-Up!

Another month gone. This has honestly been the quickest year of my life!! I do not even exaggerate one bit. Things are just flying by and it’s all been great, but WOW, where has the time gone!? I guess when you’re reading and blogging and taking 80 million trips and planning a wedding, time is bound to fly!

This month I came back from BEA, went to New Jersey for a christening, went to Montana for a wedding, and somehow managed to read books in between literally being out of the state for three weekends in row. (Didn’t wake up in my own bed on a Saturday for nearly a month!) Now that it’s all behind me, I look upon it much fonder! Haha. Montana was a lot of fun but we still prefer Wyoming 😉


montana mountains red lodge


  • Number of Books Read In May: 16! But 5 of them were novellas haha!
  • Popular Search Terms:  “which lunar chronicles character are you” and “lunar chronicles quiz” (leads you back to my Lunar Chronicles quiz!) // “the kill order pdf” (shame shame shame!!! Go to the library!) // “bookaddictsguide” (C’est moi!) // “why did mia leave adam in where she went”(Just read it! I promise it’s amazing!!)
  • More Amusing Search Terms: “eleanor and park shirt” (If you find one, let me know!) // “online quiz for what luner cronical caricter are you” (well… at least you made it here?) // “cristin bishara” (how…?)
  • Most Referrals (non-social media): GReads!, The Perpetual Page Turner, The Broke and the Bookish
  • Where My Blog Most Often Leads You (non-internal/social media)Book Rocky Betty, Books Take You Places, Allodoxophobia



  My Last Kiss Bethany Neal  White Cat Holly Black

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  • REVIEWS. Oh man, do I need to post some reviews. It’s not even that I need to write them… I just have so many other things to post too that I’m reading faster than I can post, apparently! I think that might be a good thing! 😉 Keep your eyes peeled for some big series enders, hot summer reads, and a few books I should have read a long time ago!
  • More of the Summer Showcase feature! I’m loving books that are perfect summer reads… Next up will be cute contemps and heart-wrenchers!
  • More discussions. I don’t know why but I’ve been inspired to write a lot of discussions lately! Excited to share those with you!

June is over. Don’t know how but… that just happened. I’m excited for July though! I’m trying to read more books in the order that I feel like reading them and really be a lot choosier in my selections to begin with. Hopefully that makes for some great reads coming up soon!

BEA 2014 Recap!

WHEW, back from BEA 2014 and I am still drained and catching up! It was so much fun but being a more introverted person, I am happy for the time to recoup and snag a little quiet time!

As predicted, one of my favorite parts was seeing all of my close blogger friends again, meeting bloggers for the first time, and meeting new bloggers that I hadn’t even known before! It was really so fantastic to just spend time with the people that I only get to see once a year at best and I’m so glad I got to come out to NYC and meet up with everyone! Once again, I didn’t take as MANY pictures as I should have with everyone but I definitely have more than last year so that’s a start!

I got into the city on Wednesday, flying straight into LaGuardia. I won’t tell you my taxi-this-isn’t-really-a-taxi story (could I BE more of a tourist?) but I made it safely to Grand Central to meet up with Alyssa (Books Take You Places)! I picked DANGEROUS GIRLS by Abigail Haas as my airport/plane read and I honestly started it in Midway and finished it at Grand Central. It was THAT GOOD. Seriously glad I chose to read that in one fell swoop! So Alyssa’s train arrived and we headed over to the hotel, grabbed a bite to eat, and then waiting for Amy (Tripping Over Books) to arrive and it was a joyous occasion when we were all finally united again!!!
We went to dinner with Estelle (Rather Be Reading) at Draught 55 because I needed Estelle to introduce me to a few NYC beer selections! We had such a great time catching up and it was so much fun to have us all together, especially since Estelle wasn’t actually attending the conference. It was such a perfect way to start out our BEA trip!

IMG_2906  IMG_2907 IMG_2908 IMG_2910


Thursday was probably the busiest day for me overall! We headed to BEA and started the day by scoping out some galley drops and I was fortunate to grab I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN (Jandy Nelson), BELZHAR (Meg Wolizer), and get ZODIAC (Romina Russell) signed, all before 9:45am! That really opened up my day a little bit because I had those on my “schedule” (which I ended up following VERY loosely) and I was able to sort of roam around instead of being “trapped” in autographing & galley drop lines! Thursday was a lot of galley drops and a handful of autographings and the first day was just a bit of a blur! I stalked a few autographings, hunted down a few galley drops, and that was pretty much the majority of my day! We also took our time to pace around the floor and make sure we also said hi to all our fellow bloggers there!
Thursday night was party night for me! I got to go to the Macmillan blogger happy hour over at Houndstooth Pub — YAY! I got back to the hotel around 4 or 4:30 so I had to get ready mildly quickly to book it on over there, so I got ready quickly and headed outside to catch a cab… Only it was rush hour. And there were no cabs. So I started walking (after being told by a cab driver that I “have to wait for one with the light on” because he’s “seen me three times trying to hail a cab” LOLLL no kidding, boss! I kept walking up the street trying to hail as I went to no avail) and literally found no cabs. I was already running late and didn’t want to be TOO late for the party, so at a certain point, I just called it quits and started hoofing it. Yep. That’s right. I hoofed it all the way there. I was mildly sweaty (sorry, guys) and thirsty by the time I arrived but I made it only 15 minutes late! I even got asked if I knew where the block with the fabric stores was so I guess I was convincing as a New Yorker with my fast walking!
The party was fun! My first BEA/blogger party and it was a blast! I got to finally meet the Macmillan staff that I’ve been talking to for so long — YAY! There were so many wonderful bloggers there too and I even met a few people first the first time like Kat, Steph, and Meg from Cuddlebuggery! I got to see some of my blogging friends there too, like Alexa (Alexa Loves Books), Sandie (Teen Lit Rocks), and Christina (Allodoxophobia)! It was so great to talk to them and spend time with them since I never get to see them in person and they are some of my FAVS! It was a lot of chatting and some good drinks, and then before I knew it, it was time to move onto the next party AHHH!
I then moved on to the YA Party hosted by Liza from WhoRuBlog, Andye from Reading Teen, & Hannah from The Irish Banana. What a party!! I got to see bloggers and authors alike with some publishing reps mixed in as well! It was such a great time (after I lost my Bingo card and then found it way too late) and I got to hang out with more wonderful bloggers and have great chats with Jenni from Live to Read, Love to Read, Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner, and Brianna from Paperback Princess! Lots of schmoozing & chatting and it was just so much fun to be able to talk with new and old friends alike.

IMG_2915  IMG_2918 IMG_2920   IMG_2921 IMG_2927

IMG_2929(photo courtesy of Sandie from Teen Lit Rocks)


Jamie, Scott Westerfield, and me (photo courtesy of Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner) 

Friday was much more laid-back. I thought it was going to be a busy day, but I actually did a lot of what I wanted on Friday and snagged my most coveted ARCs on Thursday too! We were able to get in line for the galley drop of LANDLINE (Rainbow Rowell) though which was one book I REALLY wanted to get. We also picked up a few great books in a Little, Brown galley drop and I got signed copies of EVEN IN PARADISE (Chelsey Philpot) and THE WALLED CITY (Ryan Graudin)!
At night, Alyssa, Amy and I walked over to a local theater to see Maleficent! It was really, really enjoyable and Angelina Jolie was just perfect for the role! I did have some minor complaints like… plot haha. I just wished they had hashed out Maleficent’s back story more and had less of a cross-over with the Sleeping Beauty plot because I feel like it sort of overshadowed Maleficent’s life and shifted the focus.

IMG_2938 IMG_2936  IMG_2937 IMG_2939

IMG_2941Maleficent viewing! (photo courtesy of Alyssa at Books Take You Places) 

PHEW, Saturday was the last day and I was exhausted! It was a super chill day with not much to do on the main floor so we booked it straight to the line to meet Cary Elwes (Westley from The Princess Bride, for those of you who don’t know) who was there promoting his new book coming out in October, AS YOU WISH: INCONCEIVABLE TALES FROM THE MAKING OF THE PRINCESS BRIDE (Cary Elwes).




So to sum up a long post, BEA this year was so much fun! It was definitely very different than last year, but mostly I’m just glad that I got to spend time with my besties, see some of my great blogger friends, and meet new people too! As usual, I didn’t network a lot because I’m just plain intimidated! I made sure to talk with the Macmillan contacts that I knew but other than that… I just chickened out! Sigh. I guess there’s always next year! I just never like approaching a publisher and handing them my card like I expect them to send me things. It feels strange! Whichever way you slice it, it was a total success and a blast! But even still, I’m glad to be home and relaxing, back in the swing of things!

Heads up for all you #LitLush fans! I grabbed a bunch of ARCs for On the Same Page ARC tours! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new ARC tours being announced on the On the Same Page page and Twitter!! If you have any ARCs from BEA (or otherwise) that you’re already finished with or don’t need to keep, please consider donating them to the ARC tours! We try to collect as many as possible on our own but I cannot tell you how much blogger donations help and how much we appreciate them!

May 2014: Recap & Wrap-Up!

May is already over. You know my feelings on this. Time. It flies! But lots of things happening this month and given the fact that I just came back from BEA, my brain is total mush so let’s just hop to the recap!


  • Number of Books Read In May: 12! Not too shabby!
  • Popular Search Terms:  “which lunar chronicles character are you” and “lunar chronicles quiz” (leads you back to my Lunar Chronicles quiz!) // “we were liars spoilers” (no no no, I said NO spoilers!) // “http://www.bookaddictsguide.com/” Hellooooooo! That’s me!
  • More Amusing Search Terms: “rochelle mead suntrust mortgage” (Don’t think we were talking about the same person here…) // “i’m fall in love with book character” (happens to us all…) // “sherlok holms irony” (Was the irony the spelling?)
  • Most Referrals (non-social media): The Perpetual Page Turner, YA Crush, Oh, Chrys!
  • Where My Blog Most Often Leads You (non-internal/social media)Crazy Red Pen, Books Take You Places, Say It With Books



  We Were Liars  The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

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Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.35.29 PM

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  • At some point in time, I’ll be able to get a BEA recap post up!
  • We’ll be posting new ARC tours with On the Same Page!!
  • I’m doing a re-read of Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm before Ruin and Rising comes out in June!
  • I’m on the blog tour for My Last Kiss by Bethany Neal and The Body in the Woods by April Henry

That wraps up May and wow, how the time has FLOWN. I have so many things to catch up on now so be expecting a lot of updates soon!

April 2014: Recap & Wrap-Up!

I say this every month, but really. REALLY. WHERE IS 2014 GOING?! I can’t believe it’s already May! Four months have just zoomed by and it all seems like a blur.

So what’s new with me this month? Ohhh, lots more wedding planning, as usual! Things are coming along nicely. I actually bought my wedding dress the other day (!!!!) and booked our photographer! Of course there are TONS more things to do, but things are going well so far! I decided to finally sit down and write up some blog posts on my wedding planning experiences. They won’t get too crazy, but I’ve had a lot of general thoughts about the process so far (of course) and it’s incredible how much help my blogging & Twitter friends have been, even with the little things! It’s nice to have support and advice as well as more people to the experience with!

It was also my blogoversary! I’ve been officially blogging for over two years now and I am still so in love with it! I’m also all signed up for BEA and cannot wait to go!!




  Better Open Road Summer  The Distance Between Us

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  • Well, what I’m most excited for is BEA! I will be ALL OVER THE PLACE this year and I’m so excited for it! I’ll be rooming with Alyssa from Books Take You Places and Amy from Tripping Over Books and I can’t wait to spend some more time with them too! If you’re going, make sure we say hi!! I was so shy last year I barely said hello to anyone. If you’re a first-timer, I also wrote a post based on my first time experiences at BEA last year. Give me a shout if you have questions! I may not be an expert, but I love to help! 🙂
  • I created a brand-new page for all of my Top Ten Tuesday posts, really getting into the organizing and archiving spirit!
  • I decided to start writing up a few posts about my wedding planning experience. They’ll be posting on the weekends so if you’re interested in a bit more personal posts, be sure to be on the lookout for them!
  • On the Same Page will be featuring The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls by Claire LeGrand! We’re so excited to be helping out with the Middle Grade Author Carnival on Saturday during BEA and working with Claire so we really wanted to read and feature one of her books!
  • The Selective Collective will be featuring We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and I will be hosting the interview & giveaway! Keep your eyes out for that post coming later in May!
  • I’m on the blog tour for Monument 14: Savage Drift by Emmy Laybourne! Post coming at you Sunday, May 4th!
  • Reviews coming for Something Like Normal, The Chapel Wars, Gameboard of the Gods, Sean Griswold’s Head, and many more!

That wraps up April! I cannot believe how quickly it went by and that it’s already MAY! How is my wedding already six months away??? This is just crazy! I’ve been doing okay with my reading progress but things have slowed down again… Oh well! Life is happening and it’s all so exciting!

March 2014: Recap & Wrap-Up!

Ummm, did March even happen? No, really. I think this flew by even quicker than February which I don’t know how that’s possible!

March was busy but with lots of good things and I sort of ended up staying at a fairly consistent pace as far as reading goes! My birthday was on the 11th and like usual, my besties TOTALLY spoiled me! Amy got me a May book for all of my wedding details and these awesome copies of The Lunar Chronicles in Spanish! Alyssa got me a pre-order of Dreams of Gods and Monsters (OMG!!!) and a lovely ring holder and the Catching Fire DVD! YAYYY!!

Wedding planning updates! We officially have a DJ and are meeting with a photography company next week, both recommendations from my sister (thank GOD for her and her wedding knowledge)! Things are coming along slowly but surely and I feel like I’m constantly getting overwhelmed but that’s because I’ve become such a hermit and spend all my time reading so I rarely want to make plans or do anything haha! I spend so much time at work and then running errands and cleaning and now wedding planning — those precious moments of down time are not to be wasted! It is really fun seeing it start to come together, though, and I’m planning on doing a lot of DIY things which really DOES take more effort and time, but I like being able to do things myself not only to save money but because I like to do it myself as well as not having to arrange things with other people. I think it adds an extra touch of “personal” and I really take pride in being able to make some of my own decorations and Save the Dates and things like that. It will take time, but should be fun and rewarding to see my hard work come to life!


  • Number of Books Read In March: 12! Yayyy that’s awesome! I’m finally starting to get back into my regular swing of things!
  • Popular Search Terms:  “what lunar chronicles character are you” and “lunar chronicles quiz” (leads you back to my Lunar Chronicles quiz!) || “best friend romance books” || “book addicts” (that’s me!)
  • More Amusing Search Terms: “ken eason bostick” (I don’t even know….) || “the book of broken heartsthe book of broken heartsthe book of broken hearts” (excited, huh?!) || “my best friend’s an addict” (sorry to hear that…)
  • Most Referrals (non-social media): The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh, The Perpetual Page Turner, Teen Lit Rocks
  • Where My Blog Most Often Leads You (non-internal/social media): Allodoxophobia, The Mile Long BookshelfForever Literary



  Better Off Friends  The Last Best Kiss

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Bloggers featured on Book and a Beverage

Other Features & Discussions

  • I had a heart-to-heart with Estelle which ended up in me lowering my reading goal so as to not stress myself out! Check out my thoughts on reading pressure + more in my Book Therapy Session!
  • I did Top Ten Tuesday on March 18th, sharing my top ten books on my spring TBR list!
  • I had a new installment of My Latest Bookish Addiction gushing over audiobooks!
  • March 25th’s Top Ten Tuesday brought you my bookish bucket list!
  • On the Same Page read The Lies of Locke Lamora this month and I shared my love for books/movies/TV shows with a large ensemble or “gang-like” cast in a post I titled “The Gang’s All Here“!


  • I created a survey all about REVIEW HABITS: Reading them, writing them, likes & dislikes — I need YOUR HELP to gather up info!! If you’d like to take the survey (pretty please!) I would love your assistance! Here’s the link –> SURVEY: REVIEWS! If you’re interested in more diverse results and you’re motivated to share, that would also be AWESOME <3 Any help is appreciated!
  • We’re reading Fairy Tales for Wilde Girls with On the Same Page and I’m so excited to get started!
  • The Selective Collective will be features The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Leavitt!
  • Reviews for This Song Will Save Your Life, Love Letters to the Dead, Second Star, The Distance Between Us and more!
  • MY BLOGOVERSARY! My 2nd blogoversary is finally here! Be sure to check back on April 10th! I’ll be hosting a massive giveaway!

That wraps up March and I can’t even believe it’s over. What happened to this month!? I feel like I started to catch up on reading and I’m getting back to catching up on blogging too!

February 2014: Recap & Wrap-Up!

HOW IS FEBRUARY OVER? No, seriously. I feel like this month FLEW by. Maybe it’s because we’ve just been seriously busy… Shane and I started FINALLY staining the bookcase (hey, home improvement projects are hard. Don’t judge that it took us this long!) and we’ve been coming along with the wedding planning too! We booked our chapel and are very happy with it! It’s 130 years old, looks incredibly rustic but at the same time has some awesome stained glass. We’re not really religious so it’s totally us with just the right amount of a sort of spiritual touch. I’m actually really excited for it!


Reading-wise, February actually went pretty well! I felt constantly overwhelmed until I had a heart-to-heart with Estelle and lowered my reading goal by just five books and instantly felt relieved. I don’t need to pressure myself so much because this is FUN, right!? RIGHT! Now let’s get to the recap for the month that practically passed me by!


  • Number of Books Read In February: 10! Not too shabby!
  • Popular Search Terms:  “lunar chronicles quiz” and “what lunar chronicles character are you” (leads you back to my Lunar Chronicles quiz!) || “book addicts guide” and “the book addict’s guide” (Fair enough!)|| “if i stay online free” (tsk tsk! No piracy here!!!! But I DO giveaway books from time to time…)
  • More Amusing Search Terms: “readlide.area.barely.in” (What!?!? I legitimately Googled this and I got NOTHIN) || “tom mison” (still love it)|| “snape hodge mortal instruments” (so you see it too?) || “is it me or does the girl on the cover of vampire academy look like angelina jolie” (It’s not just you!)
  • Most Referrals (non-social media): The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh, Gayle Forman’s Tumblr (EEEE! She reblogged my post from Top Ten Tuesday where I made a minimalist poster for Where She Went!), The Broke and the Bookish
  • Where My Blog Most Often Leads You (non-internal/social media): The Perpetual Page Turnerhe Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh, Tripping Over Books


  • I surveyed you lovely book bloggers about social media use and I turned your results into an infographic (and gave away some books!)
  • I shared my top ten books to make you swoon and made some fun minimalist-style posters for them!
  • You guys were still loving my CRESS review from January!
  • I LOVED the spine poetry I came up with for the Book Blogger Love-A-Thon!


  Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas  Nil by Lynne Matson

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Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.32.31 PM

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  • My birthday! Oh you know there will be a giveaway so keep your eyes peeled on March 11th!
  • Reviews. So many reviews. I was so behind on writing my reviews BUT am hoping to catch up really, really, really soon!
  • I actually have almost nothing planned and… it kind of feels awesome! I had so many things up in the air in February and blogging-wise, things are calming back down. More reviews, more books!

That wraps up February and MAN, did this month fly by! I was so happy to be a part of the Book Blogger Love-A-Thon hosted by Alexa and Katelyn! I also had a great time with blog tours and some amazing author interviews too! Looking forward to everything in March!

January 2014: Recap & Wrap-Up!

I took 2014 by storm and tried to do as much reading as I could right off the bat! I don’t think I did too terribly… Lots of things already happening in January so let’s go go go with the recap!




  CRESS by Marissa Meyer  Into the Still Blue

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Goodreads Reading Progress

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 2.59.48 PM

Bloggers featured on Book and a Beverage

Authors featured on Book and a Beverage

Other Features & Discussions


  • I’m working on a survey right now that I dubbed the Seriously Social Survey! I’ll be using the data for a future post on blogging + social media so I’m asking bloggers to take the survey to help with the data collection 😀
  • Reviews coming up for Days of Blood and Starlight, Night of Cake and Puppets, Cruel Beauty, Ask Again Later and more!
  • Catch me on the blog tours for NIL by Lynne Matson and UNFORGOTTEN by Jessica Brody!

That wraps up January! I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by. A month of 2014 is already over! I’ve already been making great progress with my reading goals of taking it easy and just catching up on my ARCs and currently-owned books. Looking forward to more in February!


Top Ten Tuesday – January 21, 2014: Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist


It’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful blog at The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s topic:  Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist
(if you could make authors write about these things you would. Could be a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a time period, a certain plot, etc.)

A while back, I threw some ideas out there for the #RBWL, which stands for Reader-Blogger Wishlist. I hopped in the hashtag frenzy, adding some of the things I wanted to see in books that I hope and pray someone will do! Here I go back to my hashtags to share in an official blog post my wishlist desires!


I feel like there aren’t a lot of YA books that are strictly mystery. A lot of times that mystery is wrapped up in paranormal or fantasy or dystopian. I guess would you call it “contemporary mystery”? I read a lot of adult “cozy mysteries”, essentially the lighter mysteries for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term (I wasn’t when I first started reading them) and I think those could be a lot of fun!


I love the New Adult genre. It’s been something I’ve been craving for years… But so much of the New Adult books seem like romances set for older teens & twenty-somethings versus ACTUAL stories about being “new adult”. I want more things involving college, moving away from home for the first time, figuring out roommates, college classes.


I would love to read a retelling of a classic, a fairy tale, or historical story from the male’s POV instead of the female or vice versa if it’s originally a male POV, or even just another character connected to the book. I think that would be so interesting to see another POV in something like that. I think that was one of the reasons I loved Tiger Lily so much…


I’d love to see more adventure that’s closer to straight up adventure without being tied into fantasy, sci-fi, or paranormal. Quest in the jungle? Something like National Treasure? A Goonies-like treasure hunt? I’m totally in.


How about a book with a totally different concept of time? A year that’s only 100 days. A place that has completely different season than what we know. A day that lasts 30 hours. A week that’s only four days. Hey, it’s a made-up world. The sky is the limit!


Okay, I know this is a don’t want and not a want, but I cannot tell you how tiresome the football players & cheerleaders have become. We had all kinds of people on our football team & cheerleading squad in high school and not all of them were popular so that’s one stereotype I feel is way overdone or at least that I don’t connect with. Not all cheerleaders at mean girls. Not all football players are dumb jocks. One of the reasons I liked The Summer I Became A Nerd was because it was such a role reversal!


I love interesting forms of magic. Books like Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy, powers like the Lunars in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, elemental powers like Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger… I absolutely love different magic AND different ways of performing magic and exactly what it requires. I love seeing authors get creative with magical abilities and I’d love to see more!


I’m all for the romances, but I’d love to see more sibling relationships! I don’t know what it is about an older brother that just makes me tear up and I love seeing fantastic sister relationships because it reminds me of my own!


Always more nerd & geek culture. I am LOVING IT.


God, I love prequels or “young” [insert person/character here]. Historical fiction, fairy tales, classics, you name it. I love the imagined story of what happened BEFORE the story!

There you have it! It was actually a bit tough to come up with ten but I found some things I’m really anxious to read in future YA novels! Which ones are you excited for?

Reading Resolutions: 2014


Well, we made it through another calendar year and I’m so happy to say that The Book Addict’s Guide is still going strong — stronger than ever! 2013 was a BIG year for me and I went through a lot of changes — both good and a little stressful — and so my 2014 goals are going to be totally different than everything I wanted to accomplish in 2013!


  • LAST YEAR: I started the year by participating in the Debut Author Challenge, The YA Contemporary Challenge, and was working on my own version of Epic Reads’ United States of YA.
  • THIS YEAR: I am signing up for ZERO challenges. I have a tendency to take on a LOT of different things because it’s so fun to participate in everything! But you know what? It’s really hard and time consuming to try to do it all! I actually ended up giving up on keeping tracking of both the Debut Author Challenge and YA Contemporary Challenge less than halfway through the year. Updating and maintaining my Goodreads, designated blog page, and staying on track for the challenges became overwhelming. I also decided the United States of YA was fun but also not something I really wanted to update and maintain all the time. 


  • LAST YEAR: I participated in the Song of Ice and Fire read along, reading five massive books totaling over 5000 pages. I hosted and participated in the Gayle Forman Read Along (another 5 books, but much less in terms of pages). They were only two, but they were a MASSIVE undertaking and while they were a lot of fun, they took up a huge amount of time.
  • THIS YEAR: I’m not saying no to read alongs, but I’m going to be a lot choosier about what I sign up for. Read alongs are really a lot of fun, but that’s also time that I have to designate to a book while reading another book for my own personal reading time. Alyssa, Amy and I will be doing our “Three’s Company” read alongs this year which is really less for a formal read along and more for us just reading some really good books together and enjoying them all at the same time. I’m REALLY looking forward to this because it’s so much fun to read the same books at the same time and this will definitely be much less pressure than a formal read along and then I also wouldn’t have to read multiple books at once. I already know that it will also push me to read books that are maybe a little bit out of my comfort zone (whether it be genre, content or adult/MG vs my usual YA) and expand my horizons to new things!


  • LAST YEAR: I still had some trouble with reading ARCs on time and keeping track of them really well. I also went to BEA and picked up a ton of books there… I had this grand plan of reading them all in order before the pub date and… well, that didn’t really happen at all. With my read alongs and older books I wanted to read and newer books and egalleys… Well, a lot of books got tossed to the side to make way for all of the newer books and then those got pushed to the side for commitments. COMMITMENTS. So much fun but caused lots of trouble haha!
  • THIS YEAR: This year I’m going to try to request WAY less egalleys and really pick and choose the books that I want to read. I’m going to try to stay on track with the ARCs I currently have and start working on the ARCs I had requested and work on reviewing those as well. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to work on catching up on the books I already have/own/have downloaded and I also really want to start cleaning up my shelves and reading what I’ve already purchased.
    I plan on going back to BEA this year and while grabbing books was a certain thrill, I really want to pick up only the ones I’m really interested in. I thought I did a good job of this in 2013 but at the same time, I still have a lot of unread books at home that I knew I probably wasn’t going to get to. I feel bad that I have so many books that I took because I felt like they had potential but really in the back of my head, I knew I was going to push them aside for my “must-reads”. (Sadly, some of which are STILL sitting on my shelf unread. See??)
    I’m also going to try to do better at reading ARCs around their pub dates. Some have really gotten lost in the mix because I just requested to many and there are so many egalleys and physical ARCs that I need to get to still that I’ve actually been dying to read!


  • LAST YEAR: Let’s face it. My blog is called “The Book Addict’s Guide” for a reason. I have a problem. And that problem is buying books. My shelves continue to grow with more new books and then I read ARCs or egalleys and I forget about those glorious books I have on my shelves! I’d be interested to see how many new releases I read last year versus books I already had on my shelves but…. that’s too much work to actually find out haha!
  • THIS YEAR: Although unofficially, I’m going to try to read more of a mix. It’s hard to read a variety of old and new when there are so many new releases at my fingertips via ARCs from publishers, Netgalley, Edelweiss, and whatever I’ll haul from BEA this year, but I really do want to read some of the books I already have! I finally read LEGEND by Marie Lu this year and I don’t know why I waited so long! I know there are hidden treasures hanging out there and I want to be able to get to them!


  • LAST YEAR: I barely squeaked by, reading barely more books than I had last year (only by two but hey, I did it!) because it was SUCH a busy year! 2014 is probably even more busy so…
  • THIS YEAR: I’m hoping to beat 2013 but I guess we’ll see how the year goes! I have so many things going on that I hope I have time for that much reading but we’ll see what the year holds. I read 131 books in 2013 so my goal in 2014? Starting at 132 haha!!

2014 is going to be a busy year for me. I’m planning my wedding, visiting Alyssa & Amy in a few weeks, travelling for two destination weddings (April & June) and have two more locally (my two best friends from elementary school — one in July and one the week before mine!!), BEA in May, and well… I think that’s plenty! I’ll try to keep up as best as I can which is why this year I am actually planning to commit to a lot less outside of my own blog. I can keep up at my own pace but I’m trying not to commit to other things for fear of not making deadlines!