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The Coffee Book Tag


Lindsey from Bring My Books tagged me on this Coffee Book Tag and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ve fallen way behind on blog posts (I seriously have at least eight book reviews to write right now and I’m constantly trying to catch up) so a quick and fun blog post is just what I need!


City of Bones

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS by Cassandra Clare | I don’t really know if this is tough for other people to get into since the fan base is so huge but I had a hard time with CITY OF BONES. It felt like there were way too many Harry Potter parallels (yes, I know it started out as fanfic) and I just couldn’t get past it. There were other things too, of course, but I never got into this series.


The Scorpio Races paperback cover

THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Stiefvater | Okay, so this isn’t really a “festive” book but it’s MY read-it-at-a-certain-time-of-the-year book. I don’t really read Christmas-y books and I do like to read scary (well, scariER. I don’t really do horror) books at Halloween… But I am guaranteed to read THE SCORPIO RACES at the end of October into November. I’ve been able to get my timing down pretty darn well to have my audiobook end on November 1st or right around there the past two years 😀


Walk Two Moons

WALK TWO MOONS by Sharon Creech | This book really made an impression on me as a kid. I re-read it as an adult and I still ugly cried at the end!



ILLUMINAE by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff | Oh gosh, I could pick so many books for this topic but I’m reading GEMINA right now and this series is just SO GOOD. The books are massive but they go by so quickly and I don’t want to put them down!


PREP by Curtis Sittenfeld | I LITERALLY see this in every used books store I have ever set foot in and I didn’t know anyone who’s read it until I grabbed the cover image from Goodreads and saw that people reviewed it. Is it so good that there are so many copies in the world or so bad that no one wants to keep theirs…? It’s honestly become a joke now to find PREP whenever we go to the bookstore.



LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT by Dahlia Adler | Dahlia Adler’s new adult books are self-published and while I need to read the other two companions in this series, I can vouch that LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT (the first) is amazing!


GLASS SWORD by Victoria Aveyard | I enjoyed RED QUEEN but I wasn’t IN LOVE with it. I still wanted to continue the series and since I enjoyed the ending of RQ so much, I had high hopes for GLASS SWORD. The book started off with a lot of action — which is okay — but the characters just felt soooo flat, the action felt boring, and I just really didn’t feel like anything was happening. I ended up marking it as DNF and surprisingly a lot of people agreed!


Queen of Shadows

QUEEN OF SHADOWS by Sarah J. Maas | QUEEN OF SHADOWS was such an amazing read for me. It felt like coming home and like I just belonged in this world but it was also full of friendship, love, messy emotions, heartbreak, strength, vengeance, redemption… You name it, this book had it all. I absolutely loved it.


ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins | I truly did not give a second thought to France before I read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS (the first time) and now it’s a place I HAVE to visit someday so I can see all of Anna’s favorite places!


a study in scarlet Arthur conan doyle

A STUDY IN SCARLET by Arthur Conan Doyle | I’m not big on classics but I do love Sherlock Holmes. And by love I mean I’ve read one book. A STUDY IN SCARLET was my very first book review on my blog and I haven’t read another Holmes novel since then… But I want to! We just watched the movies (*cue everyone’s groan that I’ve watched movies and not read books*) on TV the other day and I’m getting the itch again.


devoted book cover

DEVOTED by Jennifer Mathieu | This book has religious context and it’s totally not one I would have picked up for myself. Thanks to the publisher’s recommendation, I read it and really, really enjoyed it. It’s more than religion or pushing a message one way or another — it’s really just about Rachel figuring out who she is for herself, apart from what her family believes. It’s not over the top rebellion, it’s not crazy cult. It’s a normal, believable, and realistic story about a girl figuring out her own way in the world. It was very good! A quiet read but one I couldn’t put down.

Thanks to Lindsey for tagging me for this! It was just what I needed.
Tagging Andi (Andi’s ABCs) any anyone else who would like to do it!

The Throne of Glass Book Tag

I had an absolute blast coming up with The Lunar Chronicles Book Tag and it was so neat to see that in inspired more book tags based off of books! The lovely Hannah from So Obsessed With and Alexa from Alexa Loves Books created one for Throne of Glass and Hannah tagged me for it so naturally I had to jump in!

Dissonance The Book of Broken Hearts The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)

Lysandra | A book with a cover change you loved
I’ve seen so many cover changes along the way but had a hard time thinking of a change that I really LOVED. I remembered a few I hated and there are some that got better but weren’t too stellar. So I scrolled through Goodreads and remembered the new cover for DISSONANCE by Erica O’Rourke! This book got a makeover for the paperback and the hardcover of RESONANCE followed this new design as well and even though the mismatching makes me a little crazy, I do adore this new cover! These are my favorite colors (blue! green! teal! purple!) and I love the origami stars and how that really ties into the book.

Abraxos | A book that’s better on the inside than it looks on the outside
I despise this cover of THE BOOK OF BROKEN HEARTS by Sarah Ockler. This book was so great and it got a totally crappy, stock photo cover. The redesign was only marginally better because at least it pertained to the story a bit more but I hated how the couple on the cover looked like they were thirty and on a romance cover instead of teens on a YA cover. This book deserves way better covers because the content is so beautiful!

Erilea | A series with great world-building

I fell straight into the world in THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss. Among many other amazing aspects, this world totally engulfed me and I loved learning more and more about it. There were always surprises and new things to explore and everything fell right into place.

Trial by Fire (The Worldwalker Trilogy, #1) The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1) Gone Girl
Rifthold | A book that combines genres

I had a hard time with my first experience with fanta-sci (I think A] I wasn’t ready for it and B] it had some world-building problems) but I absolutely adored how fantasy and sci-fi came together in TRIAL BY FIRE by Josephine Angelini! I had to adjust a bit because I think fantasy and sci-fi, as similar as they can be, are hard for me to blend sometimes but it really worked out well this book!
(And of course, The Lunar Chronicles.)

Damaris | A book based on/inspired by a myth/legend

I always think I’m going to like mythology adaptations and somehow I never really quite do… but books like THE RAVEN BOYS take on mythological incorporations so seamlessly that I didn’t even think about it as mythology until I had to categorize the book when I first reviewed, but it really does have a lot in there! Gansey is obsessed with the legend of Glendower and that’s a pretty enormous part of the series!

Kaltain Rompier | A book with an unexpected twist

I always feel like saying a book has a twist ruins the book for people. There are so many I could say but I always want to leave readers in the dark on twists so that they’re totally surprised! SO I’ll go with GONE GIRL. I finally read this book (listened on audio, rather) a couple months ago and I was so, so afraid it would get spoiled and I guess in a way it was… but there were still sooooo many twists left to explore. I had guesses on what happened to Amy but there’s still a lot more to the book even after you find out what did happen to her. I was so pleasantly surprised that even if I knew some info about the book, I still never knew where it was heading!

We Were Liars Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5) Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4)
Assassin’s Keep | A book with an unreliable narrator

Ugh, I wanted to use the same book that I did for the twist question but again, I don’t want to give THAT away and since I already mentioned GONE GIRL too… Hmmm. I mean, in pretty much any psychological thriller you can expect an unreliable narrator nowadays but let’s go with WE WERE LIARS by E. Lockhart. Most people have read the book by now and know there’s a twist so… hope I didn’t spoil it for you! (Hey, the word LIAR is in the title so… that shouldn’t be a spoiler. You know SOMEONE is lying.)

Asterin Blackbeak | A book that’s got SQUAD GOALS

Harry Potter immediately popped in my head but even more so than the golden trio, how about The Order of the Phoenix? Or the DA? Seriously squad goals, my friends.

Terrasen | A book that feels like home

I really have to go with QUEEN OF SHADOWS! Okay, so this doesn’t really “feel like home” but I mentioned several times in my reviews that falling back into this series and reuniting with these characters really felt like coming home. It was a familiar place, a happy place, and a place that I found more adventures.

The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3) A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius | A book with the power to destroy you

Well, I’ve already mentioned several feels-ruining books already (The Name of the Wind, The Raven Boys, Queen of Shadows) so I’ll go with THE HERO OF AGES by Brandon Sanderson. It’s the last  book in the (first three books) of the Mistborn trilogy (it has spin-offs that take place later in time!) and ohhhh my gosh, I was totally ruined. Feels all over the place, series ending, finishing a binge. What a time.

Manon Blackbeak | A book that intimidated you 

Definitely A GAME OF THRONES. I started it shortly after the series came out (no wait… maybe it was after the second season was coming out… or something) so now I had to read a whole massive series before I could start watching the show AND it was a huge fantasy series when I was still getting my feet wet with some serious adult fantasy. It was super intimidating but we did the series read as a read along and it was not only manageable but so much fun!

Rowan Whitethorn | A book that makes you swoon

All the swoons forever and ever for Etienne St. Clair. I think he’s still my number one book boyfriend even after the countless books (okay, I can count them. But it’s a LOT) that I’ve read throughout my lifetime. ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins always captures my heart!

Code Name Verity (Code Name Verity, #1) The Princess Bride: An Illustrated Edition of S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure If I Stay (If I Stay, #1)

Chaol Westfall | A book that challenged you to see things differently
I think I’ll go with CODE NAME VERITY by Elizabeth Wein. That book totally blew me away (GAH that would have been a good unreliable narrator book! Sheesh, I’m all over the place here) and it made me rethink my aversion to historical fiction. I know the book is still fiction but it does have a lot of real history in there too and it was so interesting to really learn something as I was reading.

Fleetfoot | A book that you received as a gift

At my rehearsal dinner for my wedding, all of my bridesmaids put together a gift which consisted of a hand-picked book for me with a note written inside. My sister bought me the illustrated 40th Anniversary edition of THE PRINCESS BRIDE which is so gorgeous. Not only were the books amazing but even more importantly, the notes inside made me cry! It was such an awesome gift.

Eye of Elena | A book you found right when you needed it

This is a super hard question! Hmmm. I think I’ll go with IF I STAY by Gayle Forman. I wasn’t too sure about YA contemporary when I first started reading YA and I ended up picking up IF I STAY from the library. I fell head over heels in love with the story and it renewed my faith in pretty much everything — contemporary, YA, reading, beautiful stories in general. It was absolutely perfect timing and launched my love for Gayle Forman!

So there you have it! Those are my choices for the Throne of Glass book tag! Thanks again to Hannah and Alexa for putting that together! What do you think?

This is the part where I tag other people to join in the fun so I’m tagging… Andi from Andi’s ABCs and Amy from Tripping Over Books! (Or anyone else who hasn’t been tagged and wants to do it!)

The Lunar Chronicles Book Tag


Are we not supposed to do books as the theme for a book tag? I know the point is usually to mash-up a book and something else from pop culture but *shrug* WHY NOT? I’ve been having a blast re-reading one of my favorite series — The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer — and coming up with fun posts for the Lunar Chronicles (Re)Read Along! One of them is this very posta Lunar Chronicles themed  book tag! There have been quite a few fun book tags going around the blogosphere and I thought a Lunar Chronicles one would be just delightful!

Anyone who wants to participate is more than welcome — you don’t have to be a part of the read along to do so! 

CINDER | The cyborg
a book that’s often misunderstood or underappreciated

Althea & Oliver

ALTHEA & OLIVER was a book I really enjoyed and after a quick look on Goodreads, I found out that it’s the book with the lowest average rating on my “favorites” shelf. Whomp whompppp. Maybe it was a lot grittier than people expected? I thought it was great, loved the friendships, and really connected with it overall.

KAI | The prince
a book about royals/royalty

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)

A whole lot of royalty in THRONE OF GLASS and throughout the whole series (so far). I just adore this series and I’m so glad I got into it!

ADRI | The evil stepmother
a book with a horrible/cringe-worthy parent

Eleanor & Park

My heart just breaks for Eleanor in this book. She has such a hard time at home and her step-father is just absolutely terrible.

IKO | The spunky sidekick
a book with your favorite happy-go-lucky character

Steelheart (Reckoners, #1)

I LOVE David in this book. He’s so happy, he’s a go-getter, and I love his sense of humor. I feel like the happy-go-lucky people are usually the sidekicks so it was so fun to see one as the main character!

SCARLET | The rescuer
a book with a character on a mission

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

Katniss is 100% rescuer (of her sister) and throughout the series, she’s got a serious mission to accomplish! She’s one of the first strong-minded characters I think of when I’m brainstorming fierce and determined females.

WOLF | The fighter
a book with a brutal fight (with words or fists)

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)

I don’t think I’ll receive many arguments when I say that A Song of Ice and Fire is one of the most violent series I’ve ever read. It’s also freaking phenomenal… but violent. There are quite a few battles that go on outsides of swords and fists too — I love the verbal and mental games.

LEVANA | The villain
a book with the absolute worst villan

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)


THRONE | The rascal
a book with the biggest schmoozer

The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)

Normally Thorne is my go-to for biggest rascal so I went a little bit of a different route. I wouldn’t say Kvothe is a natural first reaction for a rascally guy but he really does always find a way to get what he wants. He’s so clever and always uses that to his advantage and hello, he was able to schmooze Felurian. I think that counts for something.

CRESS | The hacker
a book about technology, or sci-fi

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)

Space. Spaceships. Colonies throughout the universe. Gimme dat sci-fi!! Not to mention the entire book is told through various forms of technology and the book was SO EPICALLY AMAZING.

ERLAND | The doctor
a book with an illness or revolving around medical issues

Sean Griswold's Head

I liked seeing another ailment other than cancer in a YA book (there are quite a few more gaining notoriety now) and I really connected with Payton as she and her family come to grips with her father’s MS.

WINTER | The unsound mind
a book with the craziest character you’ve ever read

Gone Girl

I’ve read plenty of crazy characters from the many mystery books out there but Amy Dunne is by far the craziest woman I have ever “met”. Woo boy, she really takes things to a next level, and in so many unexpected ways too.

JACIN | The soldier
a book with a military theme

I'll Meet You There

I used to think the military themes were just something that I wasn’t interested in… Turns out I was reading the wrong books. I’LL MEET YOU THERE is heart-warming, realistic, and bittersweet.

So there you have it! The Lunar Chronicles Book Tag! Go forth an post at any time, and don’t forget to tag a friend to participate too! If you share your link on Twitter, be sure to use the hashtag #TLCBookTag so I can find it and share!

This is the part where I tag other people to join in the fun so I’m tagging… well, everyone, but all you #TLCReadAlong participants! Let me see your lists!

Book Bloggers and Books Tag!

The BOOK BLOGGERS AND BOOKS tag is a fun tag created by Kaitlin at Reading Is My Treasure! The gist of it is to share some book bloggers who are advocates of series —  basically when I think of X series, I think of this person. I remember we had a Twitter conversation about this a while back and I love that a tag exists for it, so I wanted to play along too! (Even though I wasn’t directly tagged. REBEL.)

Alyssa @ Books Take You Places


Alyssa introduced me to Neil Gaiman (well, not personally. His books.) and I fell in love with THE GRAVEYARD BOOK! I’ve read a few others and really enjoyed them and can’t wait to read many more! I also immediately think of her whenever I see Juliet Marillier or the Sevenwaters series! Alyssa is also a life-long Oz collector so naturally those books are “hers” too!

Amy @ Tripping Over Books


I will always think of Amy whenever I think of THE SCORPIO RACES! I’ve listened to it twice on audio now and yes, it’s so worth being one of her favorite books! I know how much she loves it so she always pops into my head whenever I hear/see things about the book! I also know she’s a collector and advocate of THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE (and I’ve even bought her a book for her collection)!

Andi @ Andi’s ABCs


Tons of us love ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS but have YOU read it 11 times? (Or is it twelve now, Andi?) Andi is the biggest ANNA fan I have ever met! Have you seen her collection!? It’s amazing! She’s also the person who introduced me to LOOP by Karen Akins! (I promise I will read that copy of TWIST you loaned me… months ago… I promise!)

Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books


I always think of Alexa as an advocate for THRONE OF GLASS and SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY! I know how much she loves these series and these two adorable BFF authors (seriously. I ship their friendship) and I’ll always associate these series with her and vice versa!

Katie @ The Polished Page Turners & Kristina @ Gone Pecan


The two biggest Rainbow Rowell fans I know are Katie and Kristina! They both have amazing collections and a strong dedication to the books, to Rainbow, and collecting all Rainbow-related things!

I’m tagging all my lovely friends who I just mentioned to play along if they so desire!
Do YOU have any books or series that make you think of someone? An advocate or fan? I tag you too!

The FRIENDS Book Tag

Thank goodness I hopped back on Bloglovin’ to check my feed and what was going on in the blogiverse! Nick from Nick’s Book Blog and Nereyda from Mostly YA Book Obsessed created a FRIENDS book tag whaaaaat! I’m a HUGE Friends fanatic — constantly quoting, always watching, pretty obsessed, consider it one of my fandoms — so I knew I had to jump on this because Friends + books?! I’ve done that one other time (Young Adult Meets Friends) and it was a dream! I’m so excited to get into this book tag so let’s goooo!

a character we wish would go away


Well, this is a spoiler for those who haven’t read HER DARK CURIOSITY by Megan Shepherd yet, so if you don’t want spoilers, LOOK AWAY!
I was really upset to learn that Edward was back… randomly? Like, why are you still in this series??? I was frustrated with this love square that happened in book one and thought things were resolved and then there was a major love triangle in book two — which doesn’t always bother me — but this one really, really did. I was really hoping Edward wouldn’t be back but sadly, he’s important to the series.

most painful breakup


I don’t know if it counts as a “break-up” but UGHHHHH the tension and miscommunications and WHAT IS HAPPENING with Kestrel and Arin!?!? (THE WINNER’S CURSE, CRIME) These two KILL me but also kind of in a good way? What if they don’t get a happy ending? Will a happily ever after feel right after all of this?
(Also, I don’t EVER watch the Ross/Rachel break-up episodes anymore. It’s so painful to watch and it makes me mad/anxious just watching haha! They’re my least favorite episodes.)

favorite kiss scene or book with a lot of kissing


Ooooh this is really hard! I think ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS might be my favorite kiss? The build-up is just so enormous that it’s like “Ahhhh finally!” when it happens! But I’ll say a book with a lot of kissing — WHEN JOSS MET MATT by Ellie Cahill (aka Liz Czukas). That book was SO much fun and just the perfect book for me, especially as someone who is very wary of new adult. It was absolutely wonderful!

our favorite ‘end of series’ book


Ooh this is hard one. I think I’ll say INTO THE STILL BLUE by Veronica Rossi! It was one of the first series I finished that I just felt so satisfied with the ending and was SO happy with the way it closed. I also loved RUIN AND RISING by Leigh Bardugo BUT I was too excited for that book and rushed through it so I could finish the trilogy so I need to re-read it to really “solidify” my feelings 😉

a moment in a book we wish we could forget or never happened


I’ve read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS three times now and each time I just CRINGE when Anna gets drunk and has that big fight with St. Clair. It’s just SO hard to watch (partially because I’ve been in that situation before) and I just feel so, so bad for both of them when it happens. It’s so terribly awkward and awful but so realistic!

a book that didn’t affect us emotionally like it did other readers


This one would be LADY THIEF by A.C. Gaughen. Everyone flipped their lids when I started to read SCARLET and then even more so when I started LADY THIEF. It was great that they were so excited for me but SO many people were hyping it (unintentionally) all at the same time that it got overwhelming and SO many people told me I would cry reading LADY THIEF so I was wondering what could possibly happen the whole time. Basically, the THING wasn’t a shock to me at all because it was one of my hypotheses about the crying and therefore, I didn’t really feel very emotional about it at all.

a book we won’t share
(isn’t a title but whatever)**


(** said by Nick & Nereyda —  I’m not calling them out haha!)
Hmmm. I guess I can say The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer! I’m a huge, huge, huge fan but for some reason I’m very greedy about the fandom haha! When I see someone else raving about the books, I’m like “No, this is MY series” (which it’s totally not. I wasn’t even close to being the first of my friends to start it). It’s so silly that I don’t want to share it because I DO share it all the time! I want people to read the books because they are so amazing and I actually DID loan these books out to my friend Lisa who read them for the first time this year… But I guess I don’t want anyone to out-fan me haha! It’s so incredibly silly, but there you have it.

a book you would give two thumbs up to


There are SO many really but I’ll go with THE NAME OF THE WIND and THE WISE MAN’S FEAR by Patrick Rothfuss. I’m new to this fandom but holy wow, these books are amazing. I just fell head over heels for this series and these characters and really everything about these books!

a book pet peeve or a book that has a pet peeve

Oooh that’s a hard one. Cheating is definitely a big one — I have a very hard time with characters who cheat on their significant others — and I’d say another one is naïve characters or ones with a very young voice. I really can’t handle books like that. Even some middle grade characters have a higher level of functioning than some YA protagonists who come off young. I usually DNF those books pretty quickly though.

a favorite book with an LGBTQ couple


The first ones that really pop into my head are Addison and Laurel from HARMONIC and RESONANCE by Erica O’Rourke and I also loved Kevin and his new boyfriend in EMMY & OLIVER! The relationships were so well done and it was great to see these characters with confidence and also support of those around them! I loved how natural the relationships felt too.

Hooray! What a fun tag! Thanks again to Nick & Nereyda for the awesome idea! I had a blast. If you’re a FRIENDS fan, I really hope you’ll also check out my own Friends-themed post, Young Adult Meets Friends!

This is the part where I tag other people to join in the fun so I have to tag my FRIENDS friends Alyssa, Andi, Lauren, and Kiki! And of course if you see this post, join in on the fun!

Book Tag: The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

I got tagged by Jenna from Jenna Does Books and Angie & Ashlea from Disquietus Reads for this hashtag! Thanks, ladies!



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  3. Answer the ten questions you have been asked.
  4. Nominate ten other bloggers and ask them ten other questions.


When and why did you start blogging? I started in April 2012 on sort of a whim… My friend Lisa and I got obsessed with our local used book store and with the crazy amount of books I was reading, I felt compelled to do something with my reactions. (Don’t know why but Goodreads reviews weren’t enough.) So I got the idea for a review blog and things escalated from there!

What is your favorite book series and why? Haaaaaa. Like I can answer that. (I guess I can, actually.) If someone asked you what my favorite series was and they know me at all, they’ll tell you that it’s The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I’m a wee bit obsessed and I collect all of the editions of the books I can. I FINALLY got to meet Marissa this past October and she was gracious enough to sign ALL OF THEM. (But next time we cross paths, all those are already signed so she won’t have to sign so many!!! Haha)
Then a second close favorite is The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, which I also collect multiple editions of, and of course the obvious Harry Potter.

lunar chronicles obsessed




Describe your favorite place to read. Hmmm. FAVORITE place to read is anywhere NEW. I love reading on vacation: on a plane, on a balcony, on the beach, in the forest (I sound like Green Eggs & Ham, but you get it). I don’t know why but I just think it’s so much fun to read in a brand new place! Though honestly, the place I read most often is my couch haha.

What time of day do you read most often? Morning, noon or night? Usually at night because I TRY to squeeze some reading in after work/while I’m cooking dinner/before we watch TV. I also always wake up earlier than Shane on the weekends (unless we get up at the same time) so I use that time to drink my coffee and either read or blog until he gets up. It’s about the only time I have quiet time to read so I try to take full advantage of it!

What genre do you tend to read more of and why? I’ve been pretty consistent with the amount of contemporary I read but I’ve started to get into fantasy a lot more! Both YA and adult fantasy. I will always love contemporary because I can make those connections to my personal life or experience something else that I haven’t been able to through someone else. Fantasy has sucked me in with its world building and magic systems!!! I used to read a lot of dystopian and paranormal, but I seem to have grown a bit tired of them. I feel like they tend to feel a lot more similar than the plots of fantasy and contemporary.

How many books do you read a week, on average? I used to read about two a week when I had the time. I had to do a giant pause on reading with all the wedding planning but now that that’s all done, I’m hoping to pick it back up! Catching up is hard though…

What is one thing you wish you’d see more of in fiction? I don’t think I really have anything! I’m not usually looking for something specific. I just latch onto things when I see them!

Do you consider yourself a book hoarder? Why or why not? Hahahaha yes. Have you SEEN my shelves?


Why do you read YA? This was a hard question for a while and now it’s incredibly easy. I read YA because it’s the age range I connect with. I’m sure some people (especially non-YA readers) think that’s weird since I’m almost 30 years old, but in the past 5 years, I JUST moved out by myself for the first time. I JUST bought a house. I JUST got engaged. I JUST got married. They’re not things that feel old hat to me like they are in some adult novels. I’ve been through everything these teens have gone through (well, not EVERYTHING, but certainly an array of their emotions). I’ve gone through those times and been that age. I even sort of get to relive my own past through these characters and see things I may have done wrong in my OWN life or seen things that have happened to me that I didn’t understand. I worked through things in my past that I didn’t even know I was still holding onto. I can’t do that with adult novels. I just haven’t experienced that stuff yet. I just really have a connection to YA because I feel like I’ve been there!

What do you do when you’re not reading? Ummm work? Haha. That honestly takes up most of my time (of course). Now that I’m not wedding planning, Shane and I have started homebrewing a lot more again. I know we’ll go camping some more this summer and hopefully take a few more vacations (like weekend trips. I can’t take THAT many vacations)! We love to travel and see the US. I have some friends back in town so I’m so excited to see more of them too, and of course, travel to see my long-distance friends too!

What is one book or series that you would make everyone read if you could? The Lunar Chronicles, of course. Actually no — First everyone who hasn’t needs to read Harry Potter first. Let’s start off with the basicis!

Who is your favorite book boyfriend/girlfriend? Of all time!? Well that’s an impossible question. I’d say… Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles, Adam from If I Stay/Where She Went… Ummm. I’m blanking so those must be the two most important ones, right?

What are your favorite book covers? I hate this question. Only because I never keep track! Ummm. Pass on specific examples. I love typography, rainbow-y colors (they just catch my eye). You know. Those things.

Name 3 fictional places you would move to in a heartbeat. Hogwarts. Cabeswater. The Cosmere.

What books are you looking forward to most in 2015? Oh good! An excuse to organize my 2015 shelf! *organizes Goodreads* Well obviously Fairest and Winter (going to count that as one since it’s the same series). Six of Crows. Emmy & Oliver. I’ll Meet You There. The Storyspinner.

Name your favorite and least favorite books of 2014. Oh. Oh my. Okay, BEST OF 2014: Cress by Marissa Meyer. Open Road Summer by Emery Lord. Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. OH MY GOD THIS IS SO MEAN. Listing more than five because I need to.
Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas. Dissonance by Erica O’Rourke. Okay, whew I feel better.
WORST OF 2014: I will only count the ones I actually finished and not my DNFs because I guess it’s not fair if I didn’t finish them, right? A Little Something Different, #scandal, What I Saw and How I Lied, Second Star, Mortal Danger. 

Who is your most owned author? I’m pretty sure it’s Janet Evanovich! I own almost all of the Stephanie Plum books plus a few more!

When and why did you start blogging? See above!

What is your favorite thing about blogging? Honestly? It’s all of the friends that I’ve met because of it. LIFE FRIENDS. SOUL FRIENDS. For real.

What hobbies do you have besides reading? Haha NOT MUCH? Beer. Sounds like a shady hobby, but not just drinking. Home brewing, visiting breweries, etc. Hmmm what else. Camping. Taking pictures (I can’t really call it PHOTOGRAPHY because I know nothing legit. I just take pictures and hope they turn out well!)

Oh my gosh, SO much fun! Thanks to Jenna and Angie/Ashlea for tagging me!

Wanna play? (If you’ve already been tagged or don’t want to play, TOTALLY OKAY. I’m just tagging you because I love you) I TAG:

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QUESTIONS for my friends!

  1. What is your favorite book from childhood and why?
  2. Have you been to any literary places? (Where an author is from, where a book takes place, etc) And if not, where would you LIKE to go?
  3. What’s one book or series that you not only recommend but BUY for people because you love it so much?
  4. What’s your favorite thing about being a book blogger?
  5. What’s been the best thing/event that’s happened to you because of reading/blogging?
  6. If you could invite five authors to your Christmas party, who would they be?
  7. Which do you like better? Short books or long books?
  8. What’s the longest book or series you’ve ever read?
  9. Do you have a literary dream job?
  10. Do you re-read your favorite books or series? And if so, which ones have you read the most/how many times?


Book Tag: The TBR Tag

I got tagged by Andi from Andi’s ABCs for this fun book tag! I feel like I’ve been keeping up with my blog posts but since I’ve been pretty busy lately, it’s been hard to keep the fun in them. This one is purely for fun because I love surveys and it’s just a neat idea to do for kicks! And I also LOVE talking about my TBR pile!


How do you keep track of your TBR pile?
GOODREADS. Goodreads and my “Review Log of Shame” (yes, that’s really its title). I am OBSESSED with logging things on Goodreads. From TBR to categories to DNFs — I’ve logged it all!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.41.10 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.41.29 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.41.41 PM

Is your TBR mostly print or ebook?
Mostly print. I have shelves for the books I’ve grabbed from Netgalley and Edelweiss but I have so few ebooks that I’ve actually purchased that I actually don’t even have a spot for them anymore. I don’t mind ebooks but usually I’ll only purchase ebooks if there’s a good deal. Otherwise, if I’m purchasing a book, I just prefer to have a physical copy. It’s so exciting to have a book show up at my door or to bring it home with me!

How do you determine which book from your TBR to read next?
I’m kind of terrible at choosing my next read. I’m always behind on what I wanted to read in which month so usually I’ll try to pick an ARC/egalley within my “schedule” but I’m very much a mood reader so that doesn’t always work. I HAVE to be in the mood to read what I’m reading or else I just can’t get into it. Sometimes I just see something on my shelf and say to myself, “YEP. That’s the winner.”

A book that’s been on your TBR list the longest?

I just checked Goodreads (SEE? I need it for help. Always.) and DRACULA is the winner! Apparently I added it on Halloween in 2010. Yep. I’ve had the book for four years and I still haven’t read it. I think I started it a long time ago but wasn’t into it at the time. I still wanted to read it but the classics are hard for me sometimes so they’re not usually what I’m in the mood for when it’s time to pick up a new book. Maybe I need to buddy read this with someone sometime!

A book that you recently added to your TBR pile?


THE GHOSTS OF HEAVEN by Marcus Sedgwick and THE QUEEN OF BRIGHT AND SHINY THINGS by Ann Aguirre! I just received these two lovelies in the mail from Macmillan and finally added them to my TBR!

A book on your TBR strictly because of its beautiful cover?

Hmmm. I don’t think anything strictly BECAUSE of cover but covers have certainly attracted me! THE RED QUEEN immediately drew me in and I admit… I barely read what it was about before adding it to my TBR!

A book on your TBR that you NEVER plan on actually reading?
Truthfully? I actually have some that I bought because I had talked to the author back when I was a newbie blogger and those books have been on my TBR ever since but I was never really super excited about reading them. Then I still have a bunch of cozy mysteries that I bought yeeeaaarrrs ago. I ditched a few series but still own some so I’m hanging on to them but I don’t know that I’ll ever read certain ones.

An unpublished book on your TBR that you’re excited for?
TONS. Here I will just give you this link to my “omg can’t wait list“. I was going to try to pick but between Leigh Bardugo, Marissa Meyer, Emery Lord, Gayle Forman, Robin Benway… I mean HOW. HOW DO I CHOOSE?

A book on your TBR that basically everyone has read except you?

*winces* DON’T HURT ME. I totally planned to read this this summer and then wedding planning got the best of me.

A book on your TBR that everyone recommends to you?
See above? Haha! Also: Mara Dyer. Also: Amy & Roger. Also: tons more.

A book on your TBR that you’re dying to read?
Ahermmmm. Referring you to this list again: “omg can’t wait“. (Apparently I can wait for some.)

The number of books on your Goodreads TBR shelf?
JUST TBR? 639. Total Goodreads shelves? 1255.

Yay!! Thanks to Andi for tagging me! So much fun again!!
Once again, I’m not going to tag anyone in particular because I’ve seen this floating around and not sure who’s done it already so if you see this and want to complete it, consider yourself tagged! 

Book Tag: Seven Deadly Sins

I got tagged by Nicole and Ashley from The Quiet Concert for this fun book tag! I feel like I’ve been keeping up with my blog posts but since I’ve been pretty busy lately, it’s been hard to keep the fun in them. This one is purely for fun because I love surveys and it’s just a neat idea to do for kicks! So thanks to Nicole & Ashley for keeping the fun alive!!



What is your most inexpensive book? What is your most expensive book?
Hmmm, most inexpensive book (assuming that this refers to a book I actually paid SOME money for and not received for free/as a gift)… I really don’t know! I guess something that I picked up at a thrift store. I go hunting for books at thrift stores from time to time and can find some for less than a dollar!
My most expensive book that I still own is probably my huge Spanish dictionary! It is kind of enormous and I bought it for my college Spanish classes back in the day. Once college was over, I was still in love with it and I may never use it again but I didn’t want to give it up! I bought it new at Borders (yes, Borders haha) and I can’t remember what I paid for it but it was a hefty amount!


What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Oh wow, hmmm. I guess I have two! Firstly, Lois Lowry (within The Giver Quartet). THE GIVER is still one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITES but the quartet went downhill from there. The second and third books were okay and I hated the fourth. Secondly, Sarah Ockler. I loooooved THE BOOK OF BROKEN HEARTS and then read #scandal and it didn’t even feel like it was from the same author (not in a good way). I still have to read her backlist titles but now I’m a little scared.


What book have you devoured over and over with no shame?
Harry Potter! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve re-read the books (no, really. I don’t even know because I never used to count) and I’m doing a re-read via audio right now! I will forever re-read these books.


What book have you neglected reading due to laziness?
I thought this was going to be hard at first but oh wait, I know exactly which book. ALLEGIANT. Even before the BIG THING got spoiled for me (thanks, Tumblr) I was just not movitated to read it. I enjoyed DIVERGENT and INSURGENT but I was never ga-ga over the series so the sheer size of ALLEGIANT had me pushing it off. I still haven’t read it. I sort of don’t even feel the will to pick it up at all. But I want to finish it still. Sigh.


What book do you talk about most in order to sound like an intellectual reader?
Haha! I love this question. Well I don’t really read classics so I can’t really pick any of those. Probably HEART OF DARKNESS by Joseph Conrad. It was one of the few books I really enjoyed throughout my high school career and I know that was ALL because of my teacher at the time.


What attributes do you find attractive in male or female characters?
I luuuuurve snark & witty banter (see: Swoony Snark). Maybe a little bit bad boy with a heart of gold (or bad boy who doesn’t do nice things and when they do nice things, you just die (see: Ronan Lynch)). And just general swooniness too. It happens in the most random places sometimes!


What book would you most like to receive as a gift?
Probably the special editions of FANGIRL and ELEANOR AND PARK because OMG so pretty! Or really any international editions of my favorites. I am just becoming obsessed with international editions!!

Yay, that was fun! I’m not going to tag anyone in particular since I don’t know who has already done it and who even has time to post, so if you see it here and you do a post, let me know! I’d love to see your answers! 🙂