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It’s Classics Retold Month!


Ah, the time is finally here for Classics Retold month! We’ve been preparing ever since April to read our classics and post all of the retellings and September is finally upon us!

I just wanted to create a post to sort of introduce what I’ve actually read so far since my plans have changed somewhat significantly!

Just as a reminder, all-in-all, there are five different blogs co-hosting this event which focuses on reading a specific classic along with various retellings/spin-offs. We would love if you would join in for Classics Retold and there’s still plenty of time to sign up! Here are all of the categories and there are still tons of open spots:

My specific selection for mythology is EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY and I’ve had a great time and a hard time with it. Some of the adaptations are great and others I really struggled with. Here’s a quick recap of what’s to come in September!


My first choice was THE CHAOS OF STARS by Kiersten White. This was the most obvious and exciting upcoming read but… I got about a quarter of the way through and was REALLY struggling with the main character. I didn’t like the way the gods were portrayed or the story line and it just clearly was not the adaptation for me. The first book I actually picked up was THE RED PYRAMID which is the first book in The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. I was a little nervous for it because it’s more middle grade than YA, but Rick Riordan did a fantastic job with the myths, legends, and incorporating them into a modern story. I actually think I may continue the series, although they’re quite hefty books! We’ll see how it goes. I attempted a younger MG book, THEODOSIA AND THE SERPENTS OF CHAOS by R.L. LaFevers. I loved Grace Mercy & Dark Triumph but I did not do well with her middle grade. It was younger than The Kane Chonicles but that wasn’t necessarily the problem… I felt like the action wasn’t going anywhere and I quickly became bored. I also read A CLOCKWORK SCARAB which is a mash up of Holmes & Stoker (their relatives) but the main plot revolved around Sekhment and Egyptian mytholgy, artifacts, and traditions. I actually finished it just recently and enjoyed it. Still had a few issues overall, but it was an enjoyable story!



I still have to watch The Mummy and The Mummy II (have to.. haha. I’ve seen the multiple times) but don’t worry. They’re on my DVR now thanks to TNT.

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK : Still want to rewatch Raiders because come on… Indiana Jones.

So that’s it so far! Looking forward to the official posts and I can’t wait to see what my other mythology ladies have in store for us!










Classics Retold: Egyptian Mythology Intro Post


Welcome to the CLASSICS RETOLD project! All-in-all, there are five different blogs co-hosting this event which focuses on reading a specific classic along with various retellings/spin-offs. We would love if you would join in for Classics Retold and there’s still plenty of time to sign up! Here are all of the categories and there are still tons of open spots:

If you’re interested in signing up to read a classic and its retellings (and we really hope you’re interested!!!), check out the original into & sign up post HERE. Easy as that! 🙂

I am hosting the MYTHOLOGY section of Classics Retold and for my chosen myth, I’m going with Egyptian Mythology. I’ve always been interested in the ancient Egyptian mythology, probably because it’s so different from the more common Greek/Roman myths and something about Egypt just fascinates me. Also, (don’t judge) for some reason, I always need to watch The Mummy when it’s on TV. The mythology and practices are just SO. COOL. I simply had to pick Egyptian Mythology for this project!

So here are the books I’m going to read for Classics Retold. I may not get to all of them but I definitely want to read a fair few, and since the posts don’t go live until September, I should have PLENTY of time to read a bunch.

Firstly, I want to read THE CHAOS OF STARS by Kiersten White. In my searches I found that a lot of the books about Egyptian mythology really toy with the line between mythology and historical fiction, which is actually pretty neat how interwoven those two are. The only problem I have with that is that many of these books aren’t so much based in mythology as the historical aspects. For example, there are actually quite a few books about Cleopatra or Nefertiti, but they’re more historical fiction than mythology. The Chaos of Stars seems extremely myth-based, though, and I’m excited to read it! Technically it doesn’t come out until September 10th, but I am extremely fortunate to have a copy via Edelweiss!

The next book I want to read is THE RED PYRAMID which is the first book in The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. I actually don’t read much of any middle grade books at all, but I couldn’t pass this one up! It sounds like there’s so much Egyptian mythology in this series that I will be perfectly comfortable in a younger age range (I hope). I haven’t read Riordan’s Percy Jackson series either so I’m not quite sure how the books read, but I’ve heard the audio is pretty good so, I’d like to pick up the audiobook for this one!

Next I’m attempting yet another middle grade book, THEODOSIA AND THE SERPENTS OF CHAOS (why is chaos intertwined with Egyptian mythology so much?) by R.L. LaFevers. I came across this one in my search for Egyptian mythology-based books and was surprised to see that Robin (or R.L.) LaFevers had a middle grade series that just fit perfectly! Before I met her in April, I actually had no idea she wrote middle grade (which is actually her primary writing focus) because I only knew her for Grave Mercy/Dark Triumph. I’m not much of a middle grade person, BUT I trust that I’ll still enjoy her writing in a different age range. I know she does a LOT of research for her books so I’m extremely interested to see all the research that went into all of the history and mythology in this book.

Next I’m trying two books that may be a little more historical fiction than mythology, but still have both aspects present in the books: SPHINX’S PRINCESS by Esther Friesner and LILY OF THE NILE by Stephanie Dray. These books are back in the YA age-range which I love so much and based on the stories of Nefertiti and Cleopatra/Celopatra’s daughter, respectively. I’m super interested to check out these retellings and see how the historical fiction plays out! I really hope there’s a good amount of mythology in the books as well! I love the mash-up between historical fiction and mythology, especially since the mythology really was like a religion. I’m hoping it’ll play a prominent part in these two books!


If I have time, I’d like to get to any number of these books below — Some are more historically based, some with less ties to Egyptian mythology, some are adult versus my preferred age range of young adult, so they’re kind of my “back up” books. I should have time to read more than the ones I’ve listed above so hopefully I can get to a bunch of these as well for a nice variety!




Of course I’ll have to re-watch The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. They’re the classic go-to Egyptian mythology/history-based movies that I somehow find myself watching every time they’re on TV (and The Mummy is ALWAYS on TV). I’m only watching the first two though because they kept making movies after that and let’s face it…. They weren’t great.

STARGATE (1994: Kurt Russell, James, Spader): Whaaaat? I knew the title of this movie, but let’s face it — released in 1994, it would have been way over my head for my age at the time (I was seven). Honestly, this is the summary on IMDb: “A small group of US troups and an Egyptologist use an ancient device found in 1920s Egypt to transport themselves to a distant planet. There they discover .. err, well any more plot would be considered a spoiler. Written by Rob Hartill” Sooooo. Sounds pretty secretive, which is EXACTLY what I want! I have no idea how good the movie actually IS (it’s rated 6.9/10 stars on IMDb) and I actually know very little (read: zero) of what it’s about. I’m actually pretty excited to watch this movie knowing it’s kind of futuristic, kind of mythology-based. Here’s hoping it’ll be interesting and no too hokey!

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981: Harrison Ford AND THAT IS ALL YOU NEED): It’s Raiders, guys. Of COURSE I’m going to watch it. I actually didn’t even think about it until I was doing my search and stumbled upon it as included in a list of movies that have Egyptian mythology as part of their main plot. They’re in Egypt, we’ve got the headpiece to the staff of Ra… TOTALLY USING IT. Granted, I usually think of the quest for the ark as more of the primary plot of the movie, but there’s enough of Egypt & Egyptian mythology in there that I’m totally counting it. If you weren’t convinced, this image alone is enough for me.

I know there are a ton of other movies out there and lots of old classics, but to be honest… the classics don’t quite do it for me. I’ve never been a fan of those really old ones (like, pre-1950) and I just feel like I won’t be as interested. The books are really my primary focus for this project anyway, so I don’t feel too bad skipping them! I know what I like and what I don’t need to spend extra time on!

So that’s it for my CLASSICS RETOLD plans! I’m really excited to dive into all this Egyptian mythology and I cannot wait to see what everyone else has planned!

REMEMBER! If you want to sign up, you still can!! Sign-ups are open until May 25th and we would love to have you join! Please head on over to the intro post and pick a myth that fits you! Not interested in mythology? There are TONS of other classics/genres/eras hosted by my wonderful co-hosts that you can sign up for as well!

Looking forward to September!!

Classics Retold: Intro & Sign-Up Post!


Welcome to the intro for the CLASSICS RETOLD project! Alison from The Cheap Reader had a great idea with Project Fairy Tale where we each selected a fairy tale and read various retellings. Since more and more classics are now being redone as well, she also came up with the idea for CLASSICS RETOLD! All-in-all, there are five different blogs co-hosting this event, each with a different era or focus:

Here’s a breakdown from Alison on how we’d like this project to go — Please pay attention to these rules if you’re interested in participating!

  • Timing: September 2013 will be our month to post everything so you have plenty of time to work on reading & blog posts! Sign ups will run from April 11th – May 25th.
  • How You Participate:
    1. You will choose a classic you’d like to read.
    2. You read your classic and read or watch as many retellings, spin-offs, sequels or adaptations of the classic as you can (please read at least one retelling in book form and then feel free to watch as many movie/TV adaptations!)
    3. You will post reviews or your thoughts on your blog for each one during September.
    4. 1-4 bloggers can work on a specific classic. You can work independently or work together. You’re allowed to all read/watch the same things or split the work up. (I will be listing some suggestions below for people to sign up — If you don’t see one you want to read, please don’t hesitate to ask!!!) 
    5. Post an “intro post” – It doesn’t have to be detailed, but this will help us spread the word to other bloggers and it can help you get your thoughts organized about the direction you want to take for your classic & retellings
    6. To participate in this project, you only need to sign up for one classic (and its adaptions). If you’re interested in reading a different classic, check and see if there are sign-ups open for that genre/era and sign up at that host’s page! If all of the spots are filled, feel free to contact the bloggers in charge of those posts and you may be able to do a “guest post” for their topic.
    7. Optional: Do other posts about your classic: character analysis, where else to find the characters, the book’s influence on culture, memes, etc. It can be literally anything involving your classic.
  • For a classic to be useable for this project, it should have at least 2 adaptations, spin-offs, sequels, or retellings. (If you’re having a hard time finding adaptations or retellings, please ask! We’ve come up with a whole giant list!)
  • YA/MG focus is not mandatory but all of the adaptations I’ve listed below are YA & MG.

The event itself and all the posts will not go live until SEPTEMBER 2013 so if you’re already intimidated, never fear! You’ll have plenty of time to read your original classic and the retellings.

GIVEAWAY: As a special bonus, I will be hosting a giveaway for the mythology participants! Each post (not including the intro post) will get you one entry into the giveaway for a retelling of your choice! This retelling does NOT have to be mythology but you do have to be a mythology participant (since I will be the host for this particular giveaway). There are oodles and oodles of retellings out there so there are plenty of awesome books to choose from. If you need help, you can always check out what other people are reading for CLASSICS RETOLD as well!
The fine print: 1) This giveaway will be international with the catch that The Book Depository ships to your location. 2) TBD must carry your choice so I can ship it! 3) Your choice must be a retelling. 4) Only your entries for the mythology part of Classics Retold will be your entries for the giveaway since I am the blog hosting it. When the time comes to start posting, there will be a linky for you to link up all your goodies! Get it? Got it? Good!

Hope that sounds like fun!! I know I’m excited to read some mythology as well as various retellings of the tales.
If you want to sign up, please take a look at the open slots below — This is just so we don’t have every single person doing the same classic/retelling. We’ll take four people max for one myth and you can work with the other bloggers who have chosen this myth should you wish! Here are the main myths are retellings that are out there that have some notable retellings:

SELECTED (but you can still sign up for these as well!)

PERSEPHONE: Adaptations include the Everneath series by Brodi Ashton, the Abandon series by Meg Cabot, the Goddess Test trilogy by Aimee Carter, Radiant Darkness by Emily Whitman

VARIOUS GODS/TITANS: Adaptations include the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, The Oh. My. Gods. series by Tera Lynn Childs, Antigoddess by Kendare Blake

THE ILIAD: Adaptations include Troy High by Shana Norris, Starcrossed by Josephine Angellini

SIRENS: Adaptations include Siren by Trisha Rayburn, Undercurrent by Trisha Rayburn, Sirenz by Charlotte Bernardo

THE AENEID: Adaptations TBD!

EGYPTIAN MYTHS: Adaptations include The Chaos of the Stars by Kiersten White, The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan — Also, Tara from Fiction Folio recently had a great post about her favorite books about Egypt!

NORSE MYTHS: Adaptations include Loki’s Wolves by KL Armstrong & MA Marr, Starling by Lesley Livingston, Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson

MEDUSA: Adaptations include Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton, Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs, Dread Locks by Neil Shusterman

THE ODYSSEY: Adaptations include The Odyssey (Hinds), Ithaka (Geras), King of Ithaka (Barrett), Stickman Odyssey (Ford), Ulysses (Joyce), Summer of the Mariposas (Mccall), The Odyssey (Cross)


THE FURIES: Adaptations include Furious by Jill Wolfson, The Fury Trilogy by Elizabeth Miles, Vengeance Bound by Justine Ireland

POSEIDON: Adaptations include Of Poseidon and Of Triton by Anna Banks

CUPID & PSYCHE: Adaptations include Cupid: A Tale of Love and Desire (Lester), Till We Have Faces (Lewis), Destined (Harrell)

JASON & THE GOLDEN FLEECE: Adaptations include Nobody’s Prize (Friesner)

ORPHEUS & EURIDICE: Adaptations include Everneath/Everbound by Brodi Ashton, All Our Pretty Songs (McCarry)

PANDORA: Adaptations include Doomed (Deebs)

THE MINOTAUR: Adaptations include Lost in the Labyrinth (Kindl), Dark of the Moon (Barrett), Everbound (Ashton)


These are just a few to get us started! Alison from The Cheap Reader also recently had a post about mythological fiction for YA/MG. Remember, you only have to read the original myth you sign up for (the full book if there is one — If not, the part of the anthology or some other credible source of the actual myth) and the retellings (preferably at least two. At least one book and you can watch movies for retellings too, but pretty please read the book).

Please sign up in the Google doc below to let me know which myth you would like to choose for the CLASSICS RETOLD project! As people sign up, I will update this blog post so you can see what has already been selected. Remember, up for four people can work on the same myth so if you see a person’s name there, it’s not too late until it’s followed by three others 🙂