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No More Confessions (Confessions #3) – Louise Rozett

No More Confessions (Confessions #3) – Louise RozettTitle: No More Confessions (Confessions #3) by Louise Rozett
Publishing Info: January 25, 2015 by Independent
Source: Amazon
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Psych/Mental Health
Find it on the web: Buy from Amazon // GoodreadsDate Completed: February 25, 2016
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For Rose Zarelli, freshman year was about controlling her rage. Sophomore year was about finding her voice. With all that behind her, junior year should be a breeze, right? Nope. When a horrific video surfaces, Rose needs the one person she wants to be done with, the person who has broken her heart twice—Jamie Forta. But as the intensity between them heats up, Rose realizes she isn’t the only one who needs help. The thing is, Jamie doesn’t see it that way—and that could cost them both everything.


I’ve been a big fan of the Confessions series since I first read CONFESSIONS OF AN ANGRY GIRL back in 2012 on a whim. I was so impressed with main character Rose and Louise Rozett’s character portrayal and I’m so glad to see that continue throughout the entire series so far. I was thrilled to hear that NO MORE CONFESSIONS was still being published despite the series’ original publisher apparently dropping the series because these books are incredibly realistic, meaningful, and actually quite quick to read.

NO MORE CONFESSIONS went surprisingly quick for me! It looks like it is shorter than its predecessors but I also love that it wasn’t jam-packed full of unnecessary situations just to fill the pages. NO MORE CONFESSIONS gets straight to the point and sticks to the heart of the story which revolves around Rose, her family, and her relationship with bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold, Jamie Forta. I somehow forgot a lot of what went on in book two (it’s been a while!) but I easily fell back into Rose’s world and felt so comfortable picking up where I left off.

One of the things I love the most about this series is how realistic each character and situation feels. I love that so many reactions are based off of a character’s internal debate or personal involvement with a situation. It’s less conflict because of misinformation or unnecessary drama. These characters have gone through some really tough stuff but not so far that it becomes potentially unrelatable. I feel like if I haven’t experienced something that they’re going through, I know someone who has or feel a degree of connection somehow through my own experiences. The book addresses death, grief, addiction, relationships, friendship, and so much more in a way that really allows readers to connect on many levels. I love how relationships on all levels have changed and evolved throughout the book.

I really like how Rose’s friendship with her best friend Tracy has changed so much from the first book as both girls grow up, experience different things in their lives, and start to become individuals. They do drift a bit but they’re still friends and it was great to see that evolving element in their friendship, even if it does mean they’re not as close anymore. We’ve all grown out of friendships or have spent less/more time with a friend over the years and it was really nice to see that happen over time and not because of a blow-out fight. Situations like these are really well-represented throughout the course of this series and how people naturally change over the years. Some changes have happened quickly after major events but I really appreciate the slow and gradual changes that an individual might experience and how Louise Rozett really brings that aspect of growing up to life.

The ending of NO MORE CONFESSIONS was great. Rose and Jamie both converge and diverge — they’re really coming together as a couple but their current life situations don’t seem to be on the same path. Rose is looking at colleges since her senior year is drawing near and their relationship once again comes into question, proposing a big decision for the two characters on so many levels. Again, Louise Rozett does a great job at representing this and how a character might indirectly reaction to potential changes without that full-on confrontation. It’s just so beautifully represented in each book.

I forgot how much I loved this series and it was so wonderful to read another book about Rose, Jamie, and the wonderful cast of characters that supports them. This is some really great contemporary if you’re looking for that extra realistic element and I really hope there’s a Confessions #4 to really bring this series to a close (I’m guessing it would be the last one since we’ve been progressing through Rose’s high school years). I’m dying to see what happens after this book because NO MORE CONFESSIONS was just wonderful!


“The View from Goodreads” is a featured section in my reviews that I decided to incorporate! I tend to update my Goodreads status a LOT when I read — reactions, feelings, notes — so I thought it would be fun to share the sort of “reading process”! All status updates are spoiler-free (no specific plot points will be revealed) but will contain reactions to certain pages and/or characters!

no more confessions gr updates


Rose // Character Obsessions: Family, singing, Jamie.  
I’ve always like that Rose has felt very mature, even at 14, but it’s also great how she’s matured since the first book. I’m loving her character growth and how she’s able to see things from other people’s perspectives now. She’s still quite the teenager and goes through some typical teenage experiences but she’s also gained some real wisdom over the course of this series.
Jamie // Character Obsessions: Work, protecting himself, alcohol.  
Jamie has always been a little rough around the edges but NO MORE CONFESSIONS really brings some of that rawness to the surface. Jamie’s never been really good at handling emotions or stressful situations and you see some of the pressures really take a toll on him this book. It’s so hard to watch him go through that but I also really liked how it was represented. It’s especially hard to see that his bad boy exterior is so much more than that and he’s really hurting inside.


Kept Me Hooked On: Character development. I just love each and every one of these characters. It’s amazing how Louise Rozett brings them to life! They all feel so incredibly really and I just get so invested.
Left Me Wanting More: Conclusion. I truly hope there’s one more book! I NEED to know what happens to Rose and Jamie after this book and where the story goes from here.

Addiction Rating
Read it!

I think this is a highly underrated and unknown series and it’s one I’ve loved from day one. It’s always so delightful to read these again (even though the topics are not always delightful) and see such realistic representations of every day life.



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Pub Date [2] – Back to School

Pub Date

Hi, all! Welcome to back to our new feature called PUB DATE where Estelle from Rather Be Reading, Andi from Andi’s ABCs, and Maggie from Just a Couple More Pages and I all team up to pair books + beers in harmony! Each week, one of us will features a beer and a book of our choice, each with a different theme for that month!

This month’s theme: BACK TO SCHOOL

Last month, everyone else shared how they got into drinking beer. Being the first person up, I somehow didn’t think of this so I’m jumping on the bandwagon with our second go around!

I didn’t start out as a beer drinker. We usually drank vodka when we were going for alcoholic drinks (which, thanks to college, I can no longer stomach (not like that’s a bad thing)) and of course when we went to parties, we just drank whatever beer they had there… So, you know, generally crappy light beer (and we’re talking CRAPPY. And in, Icehouse). For a while, I really couldn’t stomach too much beer. We were a competitive group of friend so we were always playing drinking games at parties (oh, college) and it was hard to drink so much beer but you certainly cannot play those games with mixed drinks because you’ll die. Over time, I started getting used to the taste of beer and actually enjoying some of the nicer ones once I wasn’t drinking beer from a keg anymore. Every once in a while we got a nice beer for the apartment and when I lived with my sister after I graduated, we mostly drank wine. I didn’t really start drinking beer on a regular basis and really getting involved with it I guess until I met Shane!

For those of you who don’t know me as personally, Shane is my fiancé (we’ll be married in November!!) and he’s been into beer pretty much since he was a teenager. Not really in the sense that most teenagers are (drinking beer to get drunk) but he always liked the taste of it and even before he was 21, he was interested in home brewing. I had some beer knowledge before we met but it really took off once we started dating and drinking, making, and talking about beer became a hobby that both of us really enjoyed doing together. We always have a fridge stocked full of different craft beers and I’m always looking for new ones to try.  We’ve made quite a few homebrews by now and even plan on brewing some for our wedding! So that’s my personal story as to how I became a beer drinker!

I struggled a bit at first thinking of what beer I could tie in to a “back-to-school” theme because the first thing that popped into my head were all of the crappy light beers we drank in college. Umm. No thanks. I’m all for drinking a light beer every once in a while, but I’m never going back to the terrible ones we used to drink because they were cheap!

Then I got an idea. New Belgium (one of my favorite breweries) has a series called “Lips of Faith” which are basically small batch runs of some more specialized beers that also feature a variety of more unusual tastes — nothing too crazy, but not something you usually see in typical selection of craft beer six-packs. They come in 22oz bombers so you can grab one and share with a friend and if you don’t like it, you haven’t wasted a whole six-pack worth of beers to try something new.
Anyway… The point that I’m making here is that Shane heard a while back that some of the beers in the Lips of Faith series were concocted and brewed by Colorado State University students! (Ahhh, see the tie-in there?) Well, I tried to do the research to see if that was actually true and I couldn’t find a direct statement that says that… But I did find out that many CSU grads now work for New Belgium and the brewery actually takes on a lot of interns, most of which are from Colorado State as well as working with the microbiology department at the university for research programs (source). They also work closely with CSU regarding environmental studies since New Belgium constantly strives to be an environmentally-friendly facility (source). So I didn’t find anything that said CSU students had come up with the original Lips of Faith recipes, but New Belgium does work closely with the university on many other endeavors and if that’s not back to school, I don’t know what is!


The Lips of Faith beer that I chose was called Yuzu. I wanted something that was still light and summery since it was still the beginning of August and even though the Lips of Faith beers tend to have a little heavier flavors than the normal flagship collections, Yuzu was still crisp and delicious. It’s a Berliner Weisse which is essentially a Berlin white beer. Berliner Weissbier is usually a more crisp and refreshing beer versus hoppy or heavy and has strong citrus notes, sometimes even tart. Yuzu was definitely all of the above! I didn’t really get too much tartness from it but the citrus notes were definitely apparent and the only heaviness I really felt from it was the higher alcohol content (8.00%) versus the actual flavor or mouth feel. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit so this was the perfect flavor to pair with a Berliner Weisse!


It was a really hard choice to pick a book to pair with this beer (I honestly stood in front of my bookcase debating) and ultimately, I wanted it to be a book that matched the beer while still dealing with the “back-to-school” theme. Finally, I chose CONFESSIONS OF AN ALMOST GIRLFRIEND by Louise Rozett. When I first read CONFESSIONS OF AN ANGRY GIRL, the first in this YA contemporary series by Louise Rozett, I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting it to be light and very campy, but it was incredibly realistic, serious, moving, and a book I really connected with in all the right ways.

Book one takes place during Rose’s freshman year of high school and features such a mature voice (but not unnaturally so) for a fourteen-year-old. Book two, CONFESSIONS OF AN ALMOST GIRLFRIEND, takes place during Rose’s sophomore year where she starts to work on her new “Rose 2.0”, coming back after everything that happened in book one. It was perfect for the “back-to-school” theme for Rose to come back as a sophomore, trying to change how she comes off to her classmates as well as really attempting to change a few things in her life for herself.

I also paired this book & beer because I felt like you could use the same words to describe both: light, bold, unique, sweet and sour. The Confessions series definitely has a serious tone and the books deal with some heavy things (death, war, bullying) but also some really great themes as well (first crush, love, family, friendship, bravery, self-confidence). The books are a great balance of the ups and the downs of not only teenage life but anyone’s life. I feel like not enough people have read these books and I highly recommend them! Definitely check out the first book, CONFESSIONS OF AN ANGRY GIRL if this sounds like something you’re looking for!

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This Week’s Beers

Not a big beer drinker? Here’s a list of the other beers I’ve had recently and my current thoughts if you’re looking for a good place to start! 

  • BLUEBERRY LAGER from Sam Adams. Fruit Beer // 5.50% ABV. This beer is a part of the Sam Adams summer sampler pack which contains a pretty decent collection! I like the blueberry flavor a lot and it’s not too overpowering but not too subtle that it gets lost. I really enjoy this one and I always think fruit beers are a great place for non-beer drinkers to start!
  • WISCONSINITE from Lakefront Brewery. Hefeweizen // 4.20% ABV. This one was pretty good but a bit heavier than I normally like my Hefeweizens. I enjoy most of Lakefront’s beers but for some reason I can’t quite pinpoint, they’re not my favorite, but they’re all still pretty good brews!
  • GREEN LINE from Goose Island Brewery. American Pale Ale // 5.00% ABV. I’ve been falling out of love with pale ales recently… I think I drank too many pale ales and IPAs all at once when Shane and I started getting into them so I really haven’t been too into them lately… But Green Line is always a favorite with me. It’s an American Pale Ale, not an IPA, and it has a great crispness and always seems really fresh. Definitely a top contender in my book!
  • WHEACH from O’Fallon Brewery. Fruit Beer // 5.10% ABV. Wheach is a peach flavored wheat beer. Upon first taste, I was relieved it wasn’t too peachy because I was expecting peach overload! Then the more I drank it, the peachier it tasted. I’m not sure which way, but I psyched myself out somehow! Anyway, I drank a whole six pack (eventually, people. Not all in one night) and it was pretty good! It didn’t really taste like a “fresh” peach taste (a bit more… “canned”?) but a solid fruit beer and a fun one that reminds you of summer all year round!

** Beer styles and alcohol content from Beer Advocate **

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Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend (Confessions #2) – Louise Rozett

Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend (Confessions #2) – Louise RozettTitle: Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend (Confessions #2) by Louise Rozett
Publishing Info: June 25, 2013 by Harlequin
Source: Received from the publisher for review purposes
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Find it on the web: Buy from Amazon // GoodreadsDate Completed: July 13, 2013
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    Rose Zarelli has big plans for sophomore year—everything is going to be different. This year, she’s going to be the talented singer with the killer voice, the fabulous girl with the fashionista best friend, the brainiac who refuses to let Jamie Forta jerk her around...
    ...but if she’s not careful, she’s also going to be the sister who misses the signals, the daughter who can only think about her own pain, the “good girl” who finds herself in mid-scandal again (because no good deed goes unpunished) and possibly worst of all...the almost-girlfriend.
    When all else fails, stop looking for love and go find yourself.


I absolutely LOVED the first book in this series, CONFESSIONS OF AN ANGRY GIRL — so much so that I actually went out and requested this one from HarlequinTeen because I was dying to read it! So a big thanks to them for sending me the paperback to review! Louise Rozett did it again. Another great portrayal of Rose Zarelli’s life as she knows it. Rose is back for her sophomore year, and she’s ready to take on the world by storm with Rose 2.0! But where does she stand with heartthrob (and oh, he is) Jamie Forta?

The first thing I’m going to say about CONFESSIONS OF AN ALMOST GIRLFRIEND is JAMIE FORTA. Jamie. Forta. Oh, I love him. But okay… More on him later. This is the story of Rose! Who last year struggled with the death of her father and well… She’s still sort of struggling with it! But I’m glad she is — and don’t take that the wrong way — because grief takes time. It was interesting to see how Rose’s family has changed since her father’s death a year and a half ago, both as a unit and as individual people. The death of Alfonso Zarelli sort of tore his family apart in ways that I don’t think anyone would have predicted and I actually think Rose is the most adjusted one, despite what her mother probably thinks.
I actually felt like Rose’s mom really loses her cool a bit more in this book than in the first. Maybe we just didn’t see that change in her mom so much because Rose was having such a hard time and she wasn’t noticing the difference. Especially now that Rose and her mom are in counseling, so many issues come up that they’re forced to address and it puts even more of a strain on their relationship until they fix them. Her brother Peter is starting to deteriorate and that’s also become incredibly noticeable as well. Her poor family is falling apart without her father.

In a way, this jolt to the Zarelli’s helps Rose become more “Rose 2.0” than I think even she anticipated. Rose intended to start sophomore year with an attitude that no one would hurt her because she wouldn’t let it — Rose 2.0. Turns out, that’s a lot harder to do than it sounds, but Rose is able to rediscover herself in different ways, one of which turns out to be music. She actually has to try a lot of things to figure out what fits her best (and HEY. LOUISE. Didn’t appreciate the choir and musical theater slamming from Rose! But… Okay, I’ll let that one slide). She learns how to make decisions for herself and basically becomes isolated from her family and friends at one point in time because of a series of events that led to Rose REALLY figuring out who she wants to be and how she wants to act.

Rose is also dealing with yet another event that turns her from good samaritan to tattle tale when a bullying incident occurs. Rose simply does what she thinks is right and what she thinks will help and somehow it turns into one book-long catastrophe when she helps a boy named Conrad after he’s being hazed by the swim team for being gay. CONFESSIONS OF AN ALMOST GIRLFRIEND deals with several tolerance issues and brings up a lot of points on bullying which was interesting to see. I liked how it was handled and that even though it’s the right thing to do, sometimes it takes a lot of courage to stand up against a bully and put your foot down. Just because you do something good doesn’t mean that that’s the easy road, and Rose learns that several times over. I really did like this story line and the stand against bullying… But I also felt like that took away from the Rose story line and switched it to Conrad’s story. Rose was a victim of bullying in book one, so everything was relevant to her life, so I felt like for it to happen to a brand new character sort of just took away from the main focus being Rose.

That being said… JAMIE FORTAAAA. Oh, Jamie. He’s so dreamy. When he first showed, I practically melted into a puddle of little hearts. He’s just that bad boy with a heart of gold, and he’s the older guy, and Jamie! You’re killing me with this back and forth thing! I don’t know… I could swoon all day but.. Just read the books yourself! You’ll KNOW.

I think CONFESSIONS OF AN ANGRY GIRL may still be my favorite of the two, but I really liked where Louise Rozett took CONFESSIONS OF AN ALMOST GIRLFRIEND. Since book one was freshman year and book two was sophomore year, I’m hoping there’s a three and four in our future with junior and senior written all over them!


Rose Zarelli // Character Obsessions: Jamie Forta, her father’s memorial website, music.
Rose is back! I really liked seeing Rose evolve into Rose 2.0, as she called herself, and I’m actually glad it didn’t go the way she planned. Rose 2.0 was originally sounding like she might be a mean girl and sure, she still has some “angry” issues, but instead of getting tough, Rose starts to just grow up. I loved seeing her change and find herself along the way of this book!
Jamie Forta // Character Obsessions: Being dreamy, Rose Zarelli, the Deladdos.
Jamie has that sense of mystery that made me both want to swoon over him and smack him across the face. I think Rose did maybe a little of both haha! His internal debate sort of killed me this book, but how can you not love him? I’m HOPING he’ll have sorted some things out for the next book (there IS a next book, right!?) because I need to see him and Rose having a legit relationship!

Kept Me Hooked On: The bad boy. I feel like sometimes I can go either way with the “bad boy” romantic interest, but oh, Jamie. He keeps me swooning. (Also, just so you have this frame of reference, I’m picturing Jess from Gilmore Girls. Yeah.)

I mean… Come on.

Left Me Wanting More: Rose + Jamie. Rose does discover herself a lot in this book, but I also wanted see more of her AND Jamie. It was such a big part of book one and what I was expecting to see more of in book two and I just didn’t get enough!

Addiction Rating

I’ll buy this whole series. I love Louise Rozett’s writing and I still keep recommending CONFESSIONS OF AN ANGRY GIRL to people looking for a good contemporary read!


     Blaze           Revenge of the Girl With the Great Personality

Confessions of an Angry Girl – Louise Rozett

Confessions of an Angry Girl – Louise RozettTitle: Confessions of an Angry Girl (Confessions #1) by Louise Rozett
Publishing Info: January 4, 2012 by Harlequin
Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Find it on the web: Buy from Amazon // GoodreadsDate Completed: October 17, 2012
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Rose Zarelli, self-proclaimed word geek and angry girl, has some confessions to make…
1. I'm livid all the time. Why? My dad died. My mom barely talks. My brother abandoned us. I think I'm allowed to be irate, don't you?
2. I make people furious regularly. Want an example? I kissed Jamie Forta, a badass guy who might be dating a cheerleader. She is now enraged and out for blood. Mine.
3. High school might as well be Mars. My best friend has been replaced by an alien, and I see red all the time. (Mars is red and "seeing red" means being angry—get it?)
Here are some other vocab words that describe my life: Inadequate. Insufferable. Intolerable.
(Don't know what they mean? Look them up yourself.)
(Sorry. That was rude.)


When I first got approved from Netgalley to review this book (thank you!) I figured I’d like it, but just so-so. It seemed like a simple story and frankly, I expected it to be half-silly. It wasn’t. I was so impressed with the novel that Louise Rozett laid out for us and I got really into Rose’s character and the situations she was experiencing.

When we first meet Rose, it’s just months after her father was killed by an IED over in Iraq, her brother left her family for college, and she’s just starting high school. She’s feeling like she’s losing her best friend Tracy who’s more interested in being a cheerleader than the friendship they used to hold so dear, and through a series of events, she’s majorly crushing on Jamie Forta — a known bad-boy — and therefore a target of bullying by his “maybe girlfriend” Regina, who also happens to be the head of the cheerleading squad.

Rose’s situation is far from enviable and I really felt like the author did a great job of having the reader connect with Rose (at least I did!), especially since my expectations of this book was that Rose was going to be angry in a comedic way. I was so glad that this was an emotion-filled book and I really connected with all of the characters. In a lot of ways, Rose is very mature at only 14, but we do still see some girlish notions with the way she acts towards Jamie and romance, which is to be expected.

The thing I really liked about the book is how real it felt to me. I felt like this could have been a real person’s story. None of the characters were too “out there” (although I do have an issue with cheerleaders being prevalent in a lot of YA books since they didn’t have much stigma at my high school) and the emotions definitely made sense and were logical instead of people flying off the handle and acting a little bit crazy (hey, it happens).

I really didn’t expect to like this book so much and I loved it. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t a stand-alone like I thought and I’ll still pick up the sequel. I think it could have wrapped up neatly in the end in just a few more pages; however, I do love Rose and where this story was headed so I’ll definitely read the sequel to see where that goes.


Rose Zarelli: I loved Rose! I felt like she and I had a lot in common in our beginning years of high school so I totally connected with her. She was studious but still liked to have fun and was wary of all of the drinking and sex and drugs – Which is exactly how I was. I was fresh out of Catholic school and had a crash course in high school and public school. I just think I really made a connection with Rose.
Jamie Forta: Personally, Jamie Forta kind of reminded me of a Jess from Gilmore Girls (<3 <3). He’s the strong, silent type and it totally worked in this story. The age difference is a bit large for high school, but hey, this kind of stuff happens. He seemed like the bad-boy I would have been interested in with all of the mystery surrounding him too – But I probably wouldn’t have the courage to get anywhere near Regina!
Regina Deladdo: Regina reminded me of… um… Regina George? From Mean Girls. Hahaha. She’s the Queen Bee and they totally had the same personality. But she was a really good villain for the story. If anything, she was the character I liked the least just because she seemed the least realistic. I don’t know about other people’s high schools, but as far as I KNOW, we didn’t have any crazy bullies like that, outwardly making fun of and insulting people to humiliate them in front of everyone.



Wow, I was really impressed with this book. I REALLY enjoyed everything about it. I feel like not too many people have heard of this one so I’m recommending it to all!