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Fortnight of Fright 2015 | Halloween Book Recommendations (Chelsea from Books for Thought)


Welcome to our third annual FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT event!
October 17th – October 31st, 2015

Thanks for checking out the THIRD annual edition of FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT where Alyssa (Books Take You Places), Amy (Tripping Over Books), and I bring you two full weeks of Halloween-related posts! We’ve invited bloggers, authors, and book lovers alike to share their favorite things about Halloween and we feature a new person and post each day. 

Today, Chelsea from Books for Thought is sharing some Halloween reading recommendations! Check out her recs below!

I’m really excited to be participating in Fortnight of Fright this year! Thanks to all the hosts/organizers for being so fantastic. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking clearly when I choose to sign up for Halloween book recommendations because I didn’t think I had read anything that would be considered “Halloweeny”. After looking through my book lists, I realized I had tons to share with you! They might not be Stephen King scary but most of them are definitely spooky enough for Halloween. I tried to pick a variety of books based off genre, and age group. Even if you pick up just one of these books to get in the Halloween spirit, I think that’s just enough! Enjoy 🙂


House of Leaves

House of Leaves by Marcus Z. Danielewski
For lovers of: intense books, mind manipulation and not sleeping ever again.
Genre: horror, thriller, mystery

what the night knows

What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz
For lovers of: murderous ghosts, mystery, and unexplained things.
Genre: thriller, paranormal, mystery


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
For lovers of: classic literature, monster making, and criticizing book to movie adaptations.
Genre: horror, sci-fi, classic


Dracula by Bram Stoker
For lovers of: journal style books, blood sucking monsters, and screams of terror.
Genre: horror, classic, paranormal


locke and key

Locke & Key by Joe Hill
For lovers of: crazy murders, mysterious houses, and unlocking mysteries.
Genre: graphic novel, horror, paranormal

Miss Peregrine's Home

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
For lovers of: history repeating itself, tragedy, and creepy photographs.
Genre: paranormal, mystery, horror, historical fiction

divinersThe Diviners by Libba Bray
For lovers of: seriously creepy ghosts, the 20’s, and serial murders.
Genre: historical fiction, horror, paranormal

the monstrumologist

The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey
For lovers of: mystery, things that go bump in the night, and the study of monsters.
Genre: historical fiction, mystery, paranormal


night of the solsticeThe Night of the Solstice by L.J. Smith
For lovers of: magic, multiple worlds, and talking animals.
Genre: paranormal, adventure

a monster callsA Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
For lovers of: vivid pictures, scary monsters, and sad moments.
Genre: paranormal, horror

the graveyard bookThe Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
For lovers of: spooky ghosts, crazy killers, and breathtaking adventures.
Genre: horror, paranormal

15944406Doll Bones by Holly Black
For lovers of: dangerous quests, unfortunate curses, and animated dolls.
Genre: horror, mystery, adventure

Thanks, Chelsea!! These are fantastic Halloween recommendations. I adore The Graveyard Book (especially the audio!) and I tried to read House of Leaves but it MAY have been too scary for me haha! 

Fortnight of Fright 2015 | Halloween Movies for Scaredy Cats (Katrina from Bookish Things and More)


Welcome to our third annual FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT event!
October 17th – October 31st, 2015

Thanks for checking out the THIRD annual edition of FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT where Alyssa (Books Take You Places), Amy (Tripping Over Books), and I bring you two full weeks of Halloween-related posts! We’ve invited bloggers, authors, and book lovers alike to share their favorite things about Halloween and we feature a new person and post each day. 

Today, Katrina from Bookish Things and More is sharing her favorite Halloween movies for people who don’t like/can’t handle horror (like me)!

I love Halloween.  It’s one of my favorite holidays, which is shocking because I don’t like to be scared.  I haven’t been to a haunted house since I was about 7 or 8 because of a bad experience that stuck with me.  But I do love dressing up.  I love helping my kids get ghoulish, or sparkly, depending on which child.  We also love watching Halloween movies.  Luckily they are like me and prefer the fun, cute ones. So without more rambling, here are my top picks for mild Halloween movies.

hocus pocus

Hocus Pocus

This is probably one of my favorite movies ever.  It’s also the first movie I saw in theaters.  We’ve watched this movie so much we’ve had to buy multiple copies of the DVD.


Halloweentown Quartet

These movies are so much fun.  They bring out the ghouls and goblins in a way that isn’t terrifying.

Ernest Scared Stupid

Ernest Scared Stupid

I am most definitely a sucker for the Ernest movies.  This one may have terrified me when I was little, but I couldn’t stop watching it, and want to watch it with the kiddos.

Tim Burton

Tim Burton Movies

I would get specific, but you can watch pretty much any of these during October.  I watch them all the time, even when it’s not a spooky month.  

Some of my favorite actually scary movies

Actually Scary Movies

There are a few scary movies that I will watch even though they can be terrifying for some: Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Thanks, Katrina! These are some of my favorite Halloween movies too! You can never go wrong with Hocus Pocus and I loved Halloweentown though I don’t think I’ve seen the last two! 

Find Katrina at her: Blog | Twitter

What are some of your favorite Halloween movies? Do you go more for horror or funny?

Fortnight of Fright 2015 | The Vampire Combat Field Guide


Welcome to our third annual FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT event!
October 17th – October 31st, 2015

Thanks for checking out the THIRD annual edition of FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT where Alyssa (Books Take You Places), Amy (Tripping Over Books), and I bring you two full weeks of Halloween-related posts! We’ve invited bloggers, authors, and book lovers alike to share their favorite things about Halloween and we feature a new person and post each day. 

Today, I’m sharing some details about THE VAMPIRE COMBAT FIELD GUIDE by Roger Ma!

Fortnight of Fright 2015 | The Vampire Combat Field GuideTitle: The Vampire Combat Field Guide by Roger Ma
Publishing Info: October 6, 2015 by Penguin
Genres: Adult, Horror, Paranormal
Find it on the web: Buy from Amazon // GoodreadsDate Completed: October 15, 2015

In The Vampire Combat Manual, Roger Ma, the nation’s preeminent expert in undead warfare, prepared the average citizen to defend against a brutal vampire attack. But without appropriate training, even the most adept slayer of bloodsuckers can be left vulnerable.
Therefore, the Institute for Undead Combat Studies has once again created an essential practice handbook for anyone seeking to avoid serious injury, infection, or death at the hands of a vampire. This comprehensive guide includes:
*Detailed illustrations to aid in identifying various types of the undead and their vulnerabilities, as well as anatomical drawings you can color to promote knowledge retention
*Interactive mental and physical exercises that will teach invaluable fighting techniques and prepare you for battle
*Work pages to hone weapon selection, defensive and offensive techniques, and precise staking strategies
*and much more!
With the proper preparation, no one need fear death by exsanguination or an eternity spent in darkness. Learn to ward off these bloodthirsty creatures while you can—or say good-bye to your days in the sun…

When I received an email from Penguin Random House about THE VAMPIRE COMBAT FIELD GUIDE.. and that it was a coloring book!? Well I surely couldn’t say no to that! I thought it would be the perfect way help kick off A FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT! This was actually my first foray into adult coloring books and I have to say… it was a lot of fun! Possibly a bit more gory than what I might normally aim for in coloring book but I did say yes to a vampire combat guide!

vampire guide


A vampire guide is exactly what you get here! It was fun to see the details and instructions on how to best defeat a vampire — from the best approach based on your stature, to best weapons to use, and even staking techniques. If you’re a vampire or horror nut, this is probably a super fun guide and you get to color too!

IMG_8446      IMG_8445

I was actually hoping for a few more coloring opportunities since it is advertised as a coloring book. Every page is open white space, ready for your crayons, markers, or whatever medium you choose to color in each illustration but some didn’t really call to me like they were supposed to be colored in.


Overall, it was really enjoyable and so much fun to read through and color in! It was absolutely perfect for Halloween and so much fun to experience! Thanks again to Penguin Random House for sending it along!

Fortnight of Fright 2015 | Short, Spooky Classics (Sabrina from Steakuccino)


Welcome to our third annual FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT event!
October 17th – October 31st, 2015

Thanks for checking out the THIRD annual edition of FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT where Alyssa (Books Take You Places), Amy (Tripping Over Books), and I bring you two full weeks of Halloween-related posts! We’ve invited bloggers, authors, and book lovers alike to share their favorite things about Halloween and we feature a new person and post each day. 

Today, Sabrina from Steakuccino is sharing some book recommendations! Check out her recs below for some short and spooky classics!


It’s getting to be the spooky time of year and if you’re anything like me, I bet you’re looking for something a little spooky to read to match the atmosphere. If you are even more like me, you might be kind of a slow reader and therefore looking for something shorter that you’ll be able to read within the next two weeks or so leading up to Halloween. Have I got the thing for you! I’ve compiled a short list of equally short stories and books that I love and that happen to match the season!

Now, I really love to read classics and I am of the firm belief that classics can be for everybody. You’ve probably heard of these but you may not have had the chance to read them yet. I hope you’ll give them a chance and see what makes them so timeless!

Better yet, because they are all classics, they are all public domain and can be found on Project Gutenberg’s website for free! Let’s get to the books!

The Legend of Sleepy HollowPublished in 1820 and written by Washington Irving, this fairly short story (about 100 pages depending on the publisher) tells the tale of Ichabod Crane, the schoolmaster of the small town of Tarrytown, New York. Ichabod wants to marry the lovely Katrina Van Tassel but he and the town are plagued by a terrible Headless Horseman. This one has inspired a lot of movie and television adaptations so you may feel like you already know the story. Why not read the legend that started them all? 

The Cask of Amontillado: This short story by Edgar Allen Poe is a tale of envy and revenge. Our narrator, Montresor, meets Fortunato, a man he knows who has terribly insulted him, on the street. He then invites him back home to try some delicious amontillado wine but the offer is not all that it seems. *If you’d like to hear this read aloud, I made a video of it last Halloween!

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeThis 1886 short book (about 140 pages) by Robert Louis Stevenson is a classic story of good versus evil. Kind and gentle Dr. Jekyll has created a secret potion which, to his horror, unleashes unspeakable evil upon the world in the form of Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll doesn’t know how to stop him! **Many abridged versions are available for middle grade readers. 

The Adventure of the Speckled BandThis is a suspenseful locked room mystery featuring Sherlock Holmes. Sir Grimesby Roylott and his stepdaughter Helen live on the vast estate of Stoke Moran. Two years ago when she became engaged, Helen’s sister died mysteriously and not that Helen is engaged, she, too, fears for her life. Holmes is enlisted to help her discover the meaning of the strange things she has been experiencing. 

CarmillaThis precursor to Dracula written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu in 1872 contains absolutely lovely prose, overt lesbian subtext, and what we modern folks might consider some silliness. The ‘twist’ ending is really not at all unguessable but that doesn’t detract from how classically thrilling and really fun it is. If you wish Dracula read slightly more like Northanger Abbey, this is for you. 

The Monkey’s Paw: This particular story has been told and retold in plenty of movies and tv shows like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits and it remains superbly spine-chilling. The original is a tale of a gift that turns into a curse. The titular monkey’s paw grants the main characters three wishes but they come with horrible unexpected consequences. 

The Haunted Hotel: Finally, if you’d like to read something a little longer (about 250 pages), you could check out The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins. I don’t know much about it because this is what I’ll be reading this season and it’s a new one for me. It’s the story of, well. . . a haunted hotel. In Venice, there is a hotel supposedly haunted by the ghost of Lord Montberry. Mysterious things happen to the people staying there and foul play seems to be afoot. I don’t know about you, but I find that pretty creepifying and I’m definitely excited to learn more about The Haunted Hotel! 

This list was compiled by Sabrina who has a booktube channel at Steakuccino and is trying her none-too-deft hand at sharing her book love blog-style at https://steakuccino.wordpress.com/

All pictures in this post were found on Goodreads and do not belong to the writer or poster.

Thanks, Sabrina! These are great! I’m not HUGE on classics but I love Sherlock Holmes and I’ve read a bunch of the shorter stories so this is perfect for me! Thanks for the great recs!

Seasons Readings | Fall

Tree-with-four-seasons-vector-material-01For the past few months, I’ve been hard at work with a project from Nori (Read, Write, Love) and her Book Blogger Creativity Project. The project was designed to gather bloggers of all sorts together to forge friendships, enhance our community, and get a little creative as we all worked together on a “group project”. Throughout August and September, I worked with Debbie from Silk Serif, Erica from Escape Under the Cover, Kailia from Life According to a Bibliophile;  Kj from Birds that Love Words, Let from Other Side of Ordinary, Maggie from The Novel Orange, Nori from Read Write Love, Orchid from The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia, and Veronica from Grounded Wanderlust. After so many great and creative ideas, we landed on each one of us doing a post based upon the seasons and sharing some of our favorite seasonal reads!

seasons readings

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year — the weather is cooling down, Halloween is around the corner, I get to wear pants and long sleeves again, and of course PSLs — so autumn was the season I chose to pair up with some books today! I love when the weather gets a little cooler and I can wrap myself up with a book, a hot beverage, and a blanket for some quality reading time! Here are some of my favorite “fall reads”!


    The Scorpio Races paperback cover

The series totally doesn’t even start in the fall (it’s not autumn in the books until book three) but there’s just a really nice vibe in these books that just shouts “fall” to me for some reason! I think part of it is because THE DREAM THIEVES was released in September and BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE takes place in the fall and I also read it in the fall so that sort of stuck. Regardless… I love the feel of these books and I think they’re perfect to curl up under the blankets, light a candle, grab some coffee/tea, and binge read the whole series (because let’s be honest, you’re gonna need to and you won’t care about the light of day).

Okay, I know I already mentioned The Raven Cycle, but maybe even more important is THE SCORPIO RACES. I first listened to the audiobook a few years ago and I will forever listen to the audio each fall — during the end of October into November, to be precise — since that’s when the Scorpio Races take place in the book! The audio is amazing and these two narrators have really become the characters for me. It’s a yearly tradition now to listen to this in the fall!

The Raven Boys (#1) // The Dream Thieves (#2) // Blue Lily, Lily Blue #3)
The Scorpio Races // Re-read


a madness so discreet             The Fall

Halloween is just around the corner and even though it’s one of my favorite holidays, I’m also a HUGE scaredy cat. Halloween is the one holiday I always seasonally read for so my mood-reads in September and October tend to be of a more spooky/mysterious/gothic vibe rather than scare-your-pants-off.
A MADNESS SO DISCREET just came out in September (and I was on the blog tour with a fun interview with Mindy McGinnis!) and it’s the perfect gothic horror with a little mystery/thriller for all of you fellow horror-chickens!
I also loved reading THE FALL by Bethany Griffin last year. It’s a Poe retelling (The Fall of the House of Usher) and it was a little scary but an excellent amount of creepy for me!

A Madness So Discreet Blog Tour (review coming 10/21!)
The Fall by Bethany Griffin


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer           First & Then

I’m not in school anymore, but every fall I get that feeling of nostalgia from my school days… mostly from college! Considering I read YA, I’m constantly in the world of school with my reading but two examples stick out specifically in my mind that I think are great fall “back-to-school” reads!
Harry Potter is the first one, of course. Harry Potter is perfect for any season but why not starting reading (or re-reading) in the fall! The Hogwarts Express leaves September 1st and reading about Harry’s trips back to school always get me in a fall mood — and vice versa.
I also just read FIRST & THEN by Emma Mills and it’s Jane Austen meets Friday Night Lights. How much more back-to-school can you get?? I’m not an Austen fan but I loved the football feel and it had me throwing it back to when I used to go to all the football games in high school. Great memories!

Harry Potter // First & Then

So those are some of my favorite fall reads! Do you do any mood or seasonal reading? If so, for which seasons? What are you favorites?
And don’t forget to visit the rest of my “team” involved with this project! They’ve got even more “Seasons Readings” in store for you!

A Fortnight of Fright 2015: Intro & Sign-Ups!


October 17th – October 31st, 2015

Wow. We are back here for a FOURTH year for Fortnight of Fright and I can hardly believe it!! It’s that time again! One of my favorite times of the year… Fall and HALLOWEEN!! October is almost here and that means our annual FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT feature is nigh! I am SO excited to be hosting this event again with Alyssa (Books Take You Places) and Amy (Tripping Over Books)!

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about (hello, and welcome!) Fortnight of Fright is a time in which we host and share different posts related to fall and Halloween! We work with you guys and some amazing authors to showcase some creepy books, interviews, movies, and SO MUCH MORE! There is no limit on what you can post about! Do you have a signature Halloween or Autumn cocktail recipe? Pinterest board filled with DIY decorations? A book recommendation for those of us who love to be scared? We want it all!! JOIN US!!  As always, the more the merrier, so scroll on down to our Google Doc and sign up to help us out! Also don’t forget about All Hallow’s Read and the giving of books in lieu of candy!

Here’s a bit more about the event:

  • A FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT runs from 10/17 – 10/31
  • Alyssa, Amy, and I are your hosts for this event so your FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT post would be posted on one of our blogs as a guest post (this goes for all topics — so even if you did a book review, it would still be a “guest post” on one of our blogs)
  • Once we have enough people sign up, we’ll put together the schedule and let you know on whose blog your post will appear and on what date!
  • We’re open to pretty much anything Halloween-related! Favorite TV shows, movies, books, candy, facts, celebrations… Book recommendations, book reviews, highlighting a specific movie or TV show… Recipes, Pinterest boards, crafts, how-tos, costume contests, Halloween costumes for book characters… Really, the sky is the limit! NOTE: Your post should be original content, not something previously posted.
  • Sign ups will be open from 9/9 – 9/20 and you will be notified the following week to confirm your post topic, and so on. We are going to ask that all posts get to us the week of 10/12 as we will be hosting you during the event which runs from 10/19 – 10/31! As always, the more the merrier, so scroll on down to our Google Doc and sign up to help us out!

Wondering what we had going on from years past? Check it out:



Top Ten Tuesday – November 4, 2014: Top Ten Books I Want To Re-Read


November 4, 2014

It’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful blog at The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s topic: Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

I have been doing a LOT of re-reading lately! I didn’t for a very long time and I think I really started getting back into it when the Hunger Games movies were coming out and I wanted to re-read the books before I saw the movies. I re-read them via audio to read them in a different format and I really, really enjoyed that experience, so lately I’ve been re-read a LOT via audio (with the exception of Anna and the French Kiss which I re-read via print again because I was told to stay awayyyy from the audio). Anyway… Now that I’m on a re-reading kick, I can’t stop. I’m remembering how much fun it is to read these books and it’s so much fun to revisit these characters and these worlds all over again so I have many plans to keep on re-reading!

The Lunar Chronicles

Glitches (The Lunar Chronicles #0.5) – Marissa Meyer
Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) – Marissa Meyer
The Queen’s Army (Lunar Chronicles #1.5) – Marissa Meyer
Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) – Marissa Meyer
The Little Android (The Lunar Chronicles #2.5) – Marissa Meyer
Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) – Marissa Meyer
Carswell Thorne’s Guide to Being Lucky (The Lunar Chronicles #3.5) – Marissa Meyer

FAIREST is coming out in January and WINTER is coming out late 2015 so that gives me plenty of time to re-read one of my all-time favorite series before it finally comes to bittersweet end next year. I’m planning to re-read via audio and already have all three books lined up for me. The next time I have time for audio, CINDER will be what I start!


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) – J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2) – J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter #3) – J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter #4) – J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter #5) – J.K. Rowling

I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter on audio for the last year or so, on and off. I just finished OotP the other week and now I’m preparing to start HBP! The sixth book was my long-standing favorite so I’m interested to see how my last two re-reads go and if those will change as favorites too!

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

 Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

READY PLAYER ONE was one of my first audiobooks back in the day and I picked it up because I had heard so many good things about Wil Wheaton’s narration. It was SO good that I can’t even imagine reading the print version. I fully plan to re-read via audio again just so I can have that same amazing experience.

All of Rainbow Rowell’s books


Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell
Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

I say all of Rainbow’s books, but mostly I’m looking at ELEANOR & PARK and FANGIRL. I JUST read LANDLINE (and also while I enjoyed it, it wasn’t an instant favorite so I’m not sure I will re-read it (or at least re-read it soon)) and I actually recent listened to ATTACHMENTS on audio as a re-read because I read that book soooo long ago (it was before I was even blogging!) so I’ve already re-read that one. I really want to listen to both of these via audio — E&P to relive that magic and FANGIRL because I think my expectations were a little different than the book and I’d like to go back in and sort of give it another chance. I liked it the first time but was caught off-guard with some things and they bothered me. Knowing what I know now, I think I’d enjoy it a lot more!

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Tiger Lily – Jodi Lynn Anderson

TIGER LILY was another one that I read relatively early in my blogging career and it was SO beautiful. I’ve always been meaning to re-read it and bought myself a copy but still haven’t gotten around to it yet.

 The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

The Sea of Tranquility – Katja Millay

I definitely want to re-read this via audio too. I WEPT while reading this (at work, mind you) and totally fell head over heels in love with it. I can’t wait to re-read someday and this one will be via audio because I’ve heard it’s also quite amazing!

Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill

Meant To Be – Lauren Morrill

MEANT TO BE was another instant favorite and I really want to hop back into this book. I wasn’t AS thrilled be Morrill’s sophomore novel BEING SLOANE JACOBS so I’d like to head back to the world of Julia and Jason and MTBs and London and remind myself how much fun that book was to read!

Nantucket Blue/Red by Leila Howland

Nantucket Blue (Nantucket #1) – Leila Howland
Nantucket Red (Nantucket #2) – Leila Howland

These books REALLY stuck with me and I just REALLY connected to Cricket. I want to have those feelings and live with her and get my (our) heart(s) broken all over again. Leila Howland writes some beautiful things in these books about friendships and family and first loves and growing up and I just connected with it ALL. Definitely want to relive these books.

The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler

 The Book of Broken Hearts – Sarah Ockler

I SWOONED. I UGLY CRIED. I NEED THE FEELS AGAIN. I especially want to re-read after having read #SCANDAL lately… Sorry, but the two books were TOTALLY different — and there’s nothing wrong with that — but #SCANDAL was a feel that I do not connect with. I thought it was a safe bet being Ockler and how much I LOVED TBoBH but it was not. I need to spend some more time with Jude & Emilio and fall in love all over again.

Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

Dangerous Girls – Abigail Haas

 Knowing how this book ends I simply HAVE to read it again. I MUST see how things play out knowing how it ends. I’ll also have actually been to Aruba at that point (maybe I should make notes of places to see while I’m there…) and it will be neat to see the same places! (Well, some might be fictional but I can make physical comparisons in my head too. Let’s just hope I don’t see the inside of a jail cell, right?)

The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

The Beginning of Everything – Robyn Schneider

 This book kind of broke me and put me back together. I think this was another “read in one day” book and I just loved it. It was very musical and very hip and very… I don’t even know how to describe it. It just totally hit me in the feels. Need to feel that again!

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Open Road Summer – Emery Lord

OPEN ROAD SUMMER. This was a book I immediately wanted to re-read after finishing AND I SHOULD HAVE. I definitely need to get this one back in my lineup quickly. A super-instant-favorite and I need it in my life. More. Always.

The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

 The Sky Is Everywhere – Jandy Nelson

I read THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE in a day back when I was just really getting in contemporary YA and I just devoured it. I remember feeling incredibly confused and moved and I definitely sobbed. I would love to revisit this book and re-feel those feelings and thanks to Angie at Disquietus Reads, I CAN because she bought me the gorgeous paperback copy that I had my eye on!


A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

I would love to revisit these books but OMG will I EVER have time? I managed the first five in 10 months and that was reading in print AND audio AND Kindle. Maybe someday when I’m old and gray and have the time… I’ll start from the beginning.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Shut up. I know. I JUST finished these books but I already want more! I started ALLOY OF LAW which is the same series but three hundred years in the future but I already need more Vin and Elend and Kelsier and Mistborns and Allomancy and The Lord Ruler and ahhhh. So amazing.

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

I mean, I’ve only read the first two books so far (with the third book being out and fourth we are anxiously awaiting) but I already know these are ones I’m going to want to re-read.

His Fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers

These books were SO great. I definitely want to re-read the whole series someday! I read GRAVE MERCY a while ago and having just finished MORTAL HEART, I already want to go re-read the whole series.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I know we’re only three books into a six book series right now (plus novellas) but they are just SO good that I know once the series gets to the end or closer to the end, I’m going to need to re-read them all!

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

I think I need to re-read this series before the last book comes out! I looooove BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE and I totally want to revisit books one and two before (and three) before the last book comes out so I can really dig in deep before the finale!

I picked waaaaay more than ten books, I know. But I couldn’t help myself! I had to share all of these with you! Which are you looking forward to re-reading? Do you generally re-read series? Re-read before the last book comes out or only invest time in stand alones?

Fortnight of Fright 2014: Short Story – “The Hole” (Michelle from Unraveling Books)


Welcome to our third annual FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT event!
October 17th – October 31st, 2013

Two years ago, Alyssa (Books Take You Places) and I really bonded over our mutual love of Halloween and came up with the idea for A FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT: a two-week long event celebrating everything Halloween and horror-related! We decided to bring it back again for the third annual Fortnight of Fright event, this time along with Amy (Tripping Over Books), so this event is brought to you by all of the gals from On the Same Page!

Today, Michelle from Unraveling Books wrote a short story called “The Hole”! It’s lots of fun and quick read so I hope you enjoy her Halloween short!!

“The Hole”

    “Shh, he’s coming!”
“Ow! Timmy you’re stepping on my foot!”
“Anna be quiet. We have to scare Conor this time! On the count of three. 1, 2, 3…NOW!”
Anna and Timmy threw the closet door open and yelled “BOO!”
“Really? That’s the best you two could come up with?”
“Ugh, we’re never going to be able to scare you!” exclaimed Anna.
“I know,” Conor said with a smirk. “Come on, it’s time to go to the pumpkin patch.
Timmy and Anna followed Conor downstairs to his parents’ car waiting out front.
“Alright kids, buckle up!” said Mr. Davis.

     “Ooh look at this one!” Anna yelled from across the patch. “Conor, Timmy come look!”
The boys run over and find Anna holding a pumpkin the size of her palm.
“Anna, you called us all the way over here for that?” asked Conor with disbelief.
“Look how cute it is!”
“Oh my God, I’m going back. Call us if you actually find a REAL pumpkin.”
“Yeah. I’m with him.” Timmy said and followed Conor.
After twenty minutes, the place began getting more crowded so Anna headed closer to the trees surrounding the pumpkin patch. When she got there, she noticed Timmy, too.
“Hey, any luck?”
Timmy just stared at the trees.
“Timmy?” Anna tried again.
“Let’s go in here,” he finally said.

“Ok, hold on. Hey! Conor! Conor! Come with us!”
Conor ran over.
“What’s going on? Where are we going?”
“In here,” said Timmy.
After about five minutes, they came to a run down looking house and right there in the front were three of the largest pumpkins they had ever seen.
“Whoa! Awesome!” exclaimed Conor. “Look at these!”
The three kids ran to the pumpkins.
“Timmy, how did you know to come in here?”
“I don’t know. It just felt like I should.”
“We need to find something to cut them off their vines,” said Conor.
The three kids walked around the house and found a shed in the back. Walking in, they found all kinds of tools, including a giant pair of gardening shears.
“Perfect.” Conor grabbed the shears and they all walked back to the front of the house. Timmy picked up the first vine pulling it tight so that Conor could cut it. Once the vine was cut, the two boys started pushing the first pumpkin out of the way. But then suddenly as they were pushing the second one, a vine reached out and wrapped itself around Timmy and yanked him to the ground!
“Ahhh! Guys help! HELP!”
“Anna, grab Timmy’s hand and help me pull him!”
The ground suddenly opened up and Anna screamed and let go of Timmy’s hand.
But Anna just stood there screaming as Conor’s grip loosened from the strength of the vine pulling on Timmy.
“Conor, please don’t let go!”
“I’m trying Timmy but I’m not strong enough.”
     Suddenly another vine reached out and grabbed Conor, and the hole in the ground shot out a bright light. The light was so bright that Anna covered her eyes, but when she opened them, her friends were gone.
Scared, Anna turned around to run back to the pumpkin patch, but right in front of her was the pumpkin they had cut loose earlier and this time it had a face with an evil grin.
“What in the-“
The pumpkin let out a loud roar, the wind picked up and next thing Anna knew she was flying in the air, trapped like she was in a twister. The hole opened back up and then she was thrown in the hole, joining Conor and Timmy.

    “Wow, kids those pumpkins look great! Where’d you find them?”
“It’s a secret, Mr. Davis.”
Mr. Davis laughed. “Okay, well let’s get these in the trunk and then tonight we can carve them.”
The pumpkins were loaded into the trunk and everyone piled into the car.
“Guys, how come you all look a little orange?”
“Because we used to be pumpkins but we took Conor, Timmy and Anna, sucked them into a hole in the ground and took over their bodies. We’re not even human.”
“You kids and your imagination.”

Thanks, Michelle! What a fun little story! I hope you all enjoyed it and also importantly, I hope you have a great Halloween! Thanks for making this year’s Fortnight of Fright just as great!

Top Ten Tuesday – October 28, 2014: Top Ten Characters Who I Would Totally Want To Be For Halloween


October 28, 2014

It’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful blog at The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s topic: Top Ten Characters Who I Would Totally Want To Be For Halloween

This is a totally awesome topic. There are so many characters I would LOVE to dress up as for Halloween but 1) I have no Halloween parties and 2) most likely the attendees wouldn’t even know who half of my choices are because they are not cool enough to be as big of readers are we are (high fives!)… So for the mean time, I will just get all these ideas in my head and pretend like I have the means to put these costumes together! 😀

As for my choices, I also sought out pictures that weren’t just Halloween-store, cheapie costumes. As popular as they are, I’m always a fan of the homemade costumes and I LOVE what people come up for cosplaying too! (And seriously. What’s up with the sexy Hermione costume…?)

Celaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass)

Image Source: cosplayisland.co.uk

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

  Image Source: Teen.com

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Image Source: I’m really not sure because the link led to Amazon…? But the Pinterest caption just said SDCC 2013!

Vin (Mistborn)

Image Source: Pinterest (actual blog was removed)

Ismae/Sybella/Annith (His Fair Assassin)

Image Source: Tumblr

Alina Starkov (The Grisha Trilogy)

Image Source: Pinterest (Macmillan Kids)

Cinder/Scarlet/Cress (The Lunar Chronicles)

Image source: (I could only find the link from Pinterest to this photo)

Stephanie Plum (Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series)

Image Source: Maggie’s Corner (blog) 

Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy)

Image Source: Deviant Art

Princess Buttercup (The Princess Bride)

Image Source: Pixgood.com

Image Source: Coolest Homemade Costumes

Well, as fun as these costumes would be, I am not dressing up this year! Someday all of us book nerds will get together and dress up as our favorite characters and what a fun party that will be!
So what do you think? Which costume is your favorite? Which character would YOU dress up as for Halloween?


Fortnight of Fright 2014: Guest Post from Author Bethany Griffin!


Welcome to our third annual FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT event!
October 17th – October 31st, 2013

Two years ago, Alyssa (Books Take You Places) and I really bonded over our mutual love of Halloween and came up with the idea for A FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT: a two-week long event celebrating everything Halloween and horror-related! We decided to bring it back again for the third annual Fortnight of Fright event, this time along with Amy (Tripping Over Books), so this event is brought to you by all of the gals from On the Same Page!

Today, I am SO excited to welcome author Bethany Griffin to the blog! I asked her to participate in A Fortnight of Fright and she graciously accepted, offering up a guest post for all the readers today! I read her most recent book, THE FALL, as one of my Halloween reads this year so I’m especially excited to read more about it in today’s guest post!

How Setting is Like a Character in THE FALL

I’m going to begin by saying that I hope that most (all?) of my settings are developed enough to be characters within the stories, but in The Fall since the setting is a haunted house, it’s a little easier to consider it a character, and even to give it some personality and a will of its own.

I tend to layer my stories in that I lay out the bare bones of plot and dialogue first, and then add in details and description, and then delete what isn’t necessary, layer in more, delete, etc. until I’m happy with what’s on the page, so I’d say in the Fall, about 25-30% of what’s on the page was original to the story, and the rest was added as I worked back through the story over multiple drafts.

So, in The Fall, the house has intent—it wants the Usher line to continue, though it eventually drives every Usher mad. It wants to control Madeline. At times we believe it enjoys her adoration, at times it seems directly antagonistic towards her, particularly when she doesn’t do as it wants. The house is more parent to Madeline than both of her actual parents combined.

The following scene is from Madeline’s 15th year, when she’s starting to investigate everything, furtively looking for ways to subvert the will of the house.

My feet make no sound as I slip from my bedroom into the corridor. Cassandra follows. I thought I heard Roderick in the corridor, but he is very obviously in his room. Even from here, I can hear the sounds of his breathing. Roderick’s door isn’t fully closed. Though he ignores the power of the house, he knows instinctively not to be trapped inside any of the rooms. I brush my hand against his door as I pass, pulling away quickly so the house can’t urge me to go in.
 The moon shines through the window at the end of the hallway, nebulous and green. Forgetting to be watchful, forgetting fear, I approach…
A black curtain billows in my face. Silk slides against steel as the curtain unravels from the rod, pushing me to the thick carpet that muffled my footsteps moments ago. The cloth molds to my face, pressing into my mouth as I gasp, trying to draw enough air to scream.

 We see the house through Madeline’s eyes, so the reader should get her sense of the house as an entity, and though they may question Madeline’s perceptions, it’s impossible not to see the house as a sort of looming presence.

Another BIG thank you to Bethany Griffin for that great guest post! One of my favorite things about the book was how much the house was really a part of it so it was so great to get a bit more insight on that too! I highly recommend THE FALL for one of your creepy Halloween reads this year too!

If you want to check out my review for THE FALL, you can do that here!
Review: The Fall by Bethany Griffin