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Quick & Tiny Updates!

Hello, my fellow book lovers! Just wanted to do a quick post and alert you of some very tiny changes at The Book Addict’s Guide!


Book and a Beverage

Book and a Beverage got a spiffy new banner this weekend! I thought it was time to update it because I wasn’t entirely happy with my first design. As always, if you want to be featured, head on over to the feature’s main page to sign up! (Side note: You guys are AWESOME and I have people literally schedule through February so… it may be a while! But sign up now before someone else takes that place in line!)



ALSO! Since the actual Book and a Beverage feature is so backed up, I thought it would be nice for anyone and everyone to participate! I love taking my own #bookandabeverage pictures and uploading them on Instagram/Twitter so I want to extend the invitation to everyone else to do the same! Not sure how well it will catch on, but I think you book nerds love sharing your book pictures as much as I do (which is…. a lot!) so tweet & Instagram those #bookandabeverage photos and don’t forget to mention me so I can retweet them too!

I was thinking I could do a little round up of all the #bookandabeverage photos and put them in a blog post for a little weekend feature. Sound like a good idea???


Bloggiesta is coming up: September 20 – 22nd! For the first time, I will be hosting Bloggiesta mini-challenge and instantly, I knew what I wanted to do: “How to make Goodreads work for you!” Before I write up my mini-challenge post and put sign-ups out there, I’ve been asking people about their Goodreads habits and preferences with this survey. If you’ve got the time and desire, I’d love for you to fill out for me so I can gather as much data as possible for the mini-challenge post! (I’m already excited about charts and graphs… You have no idea.)
It’s all anonymous so I’m not going to judge or stalk you through Goodreads and there is no right or wrong answer! Feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you want or that pertain to you. Any data is helpful, even if you’re not an avid Goodreads user!!!

Here’s the link to that survey one more time: “How to Make Goodreads Work for You” Pre-Post Survey


As always, Alyssa and I have ARC tours open for sign-ups on Literary Lushes, but after our #LitLush chat on Thursday, we had a blast gathering up which female heroines you thought were the most badass of them all and we gathered them into a little poll. We thought it would be fun to go through a few rounds of voting, maybe set up a couple matches to see who you think would win, and have you guys decide who is the most kickass heroine!

Take the poll here and don’t forget to follow Literary Lushes so you can keep voting in future rounds and decide who wins in the end!

Okay, lovelies, that’s all for now! Thanks so much for checking out my little bits of news! Check back here tomorrow because I’ve got a new edition of MY LATEST BOOKISH ADDICTION for you!

Announcing… Literary Lushes!

Remember that post where Alyssa (Books Take You Places) and I asked you for your input on a Twitter chat? Well the time is finally here to announce…



We’ve created Literary Lushes as a 2-part website: One, as you know, is a Twitter chat. Follow LL at @LitLushes and participate in a Twitter chat using the hashtag #LitLush! The Twitter chats will be biweekly at 9/8c for 45 minutes. Each chat will revolve around a general bookish topic which will be determined beforehand. For more info and scheduling, please visit the website!
Secondly, Literary Lushes is an ARC Tour site! We were so excited for all of the books we brought home from BEA this year, but we also couldn’t stop thinking about all of our friends and other amazing bloggers that weren’t able to go. We wanted to share the BEA glory with everyone, as well as continuing to pass along the opportunity to read those coveted ARCs well after the BEA books are gone. Anyone is welcome to sign up to be a part of the ARC Tour and of course we are accepting donations from you lovely people who would like to share the wealth as well! All details can also be found on the website.

We are so, so incredibly excited to launch this project and we thank you guys for your input and support throughout the formation process! We hope to see you in the chat and on some tours! 

Want more info? Check us out at the following links!
Literary Lushes webpage || @LitLushes on Twitter