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Spoiler Alert or Spoiler-Free?

This post started when I was going through my daily comment routine: Going through my Bloglovin’ feed, checking out new blogs, clicking on Twitter links… You know. When I came across a review for a book that I really loved! I always like reading reviews for books I’ve already read so I can (hopefully) share the joy with the other person, so I went through the review and…. OH MY GOSH. THEY JUST GAVE AWAY A HUGE SPOILER AND THEY DON’T EVEN REALIZE IT. Seriously. They didn’t even think it was a spoiler, but in my opinion, it gave away an entire plot twist and a really surprising moment of the book.

** And before I go any further, no matter how many times you ask me, I will not tell you who this person was or what the book was because I’m not trying to point fingers or attack here. This incident merely led me to all these THOUGHTS and FEELINGS… and I also need advice. **

So now what do I do? I was in a major pickle. I didn’t really KNOW this person. I think we’d commented on each other’s blogs here and there, very sparsely, so I didn’t exactly feel comfortable saying, “HEY. Your review. I think that’s spoilery!” Because if you don’t know me, I’m very much a people pleaser and I hate hate hate to start up drama or step on anyone’s toes. You know what… even if it was one of my closer friends, I might not even say something because I don’t want anything to ruffle their feathers! I’m really afraid of confronting someone and then they get upset with me or think that I’m being all high and mighty because I’m judging their review.

Here’s a little something about me if you didn’t already know: I have a MAJOR fear of spoilers. MAJOR. I’m one of those crazy people who won’t even read a blurb in full or (confession time!) sometimes I don’t read them at all and just trust recommendations from my friends because I have read spoilers in blurbs before! I like going into books blind because I’m so afraid of reading even the smallest spoilers. Granted, most of those blurbs that have spoilers? They’re nothing major. But even things that happen in the first quarter of the book, although setting the entire base of the novel, can be total surprises that I don’t see coming and just that shock or anything that gets my emotions stirring can add that much more to an awesome story!

It may seem a little extreme, my intense fear of spoilers, but I just love feeling like I’m personally experiencing the story and I like to go through it as the characters would. I love being fully wrapped up in a book and losing myself in the story. That’s just my personal preference so I just try REALLY, REALLY hard to avoid an extra info that’s not necessary for me to start a book! I always feel uncomfortable approaching someone and telling them something negative about their review like that. I don’t want anyone to take offense, but maybe after reading, you didn’t think that was a spoiler whereas other people who haven’t read the book would.

This is where the advice part comes in: When is the right time to tell someone their review contains a spoiler or a possible spoiler? If I know the person well enough? Always? Never? Personally since I try to hard to keep my reviews spoiler-free (with the obvious exception of talking about previous books in the same series… Because you kind of have to), I would absolutely ask everyone to tell me if my reviews ever contain something you think is a spoiler for the book being reviewed! I try so hard to keep these books fresh for myself and I would hate to ruin it for someone else. If I ever write a spoiler in a review, PLEASE TELL ME. I promise that I will not get mad at you! I will thank you for telling me that my review was spoilery and ruining things for other people!

I was talking with Sharon and Jamie on Twitter about this topic when it first came up and I think a sort of “informal blogger pact” is just what I need! If I ever write a spoilery review, I want someone to tell me, no hard feelings. Let me/the blogging world know if you would like the same!

So what do you do if you see a spoilery review? Do you tell the person? Do you just try to skip the spoilers? What’s the common blogger courtesy?