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On The Same Page Secret Sister: Round 4 | Get to Know the Hosts!

Hey there loves! As many of you know, one of the biggest “rules” that we are pushing is that we hosts must “know” you. A lot of you have asked what constitutes us “knowing” you, and that is a very valid question in this digital age! Basically, we want to have faith in those that we are allowing into our precious project. We want to be able to say, “Oh yeah, that is the girl who OtSPcirclebanner250chatted with me about her search for a job as a Librarian.” Or, “She is the girl who was active in the hashtag despite not being able to join in on last round.” We look at your avi picture, we memorize your name, we make notations next to your sign-up in our spreadsheet. Full disclosure: when we go to our spreadsheet and one (OR TWO!!) of us has to notate, “no idea who she is, she doesn’t even follow me” we give some serious side eye. Are we looking for followers? Not in the least bit. Do we think that you ONE BILLION PERCENT should know who ALL THREE hosts are? OH. YES. We actually had a ridiculous amount of people this round thank two of us or not know that they were speaking to one of the hosts when we reached out to inquire about an issue, and so on. It is embarrassing for YOU when we bring this info back to base as the information on who we are is so readily available in a few different places.

With that being said, we thought it would be helpful if we each wrote up a little “about me” so that you had some points to bring up when you chatted us up over the next month. HINT: THIS MEANS IT IS A VERY GOOD IDEA TO GO AND VISIT ALYSSA AND AMY’S POSTS, THERE MIGHT BE A QUIZ LATER. We put the question to twitter, and some of you had some things you just HAD to know, so let’s get goin’!


How did you get the idea for The Secret Sister Project? The project was Alyssa‘s idea! There was a lot of negativity floating around in the blogging world — specifically on Twitter — and Alyssa wanted to implement a project to bring positivity and build relationships throughout the community. She/we threw some questions out there to gauge interest and voila! The Secret Sister project was born!

How did the three of you meet? I first “met” Alyssa when I was a baby blogger and looking for awesome blogs to follow. I liked her posts and then saw a Princess Bride quote in her Twitter profile and I knew we needed to be friends. We worked on the very first Fortnight of Fright together, ended up tweeting each other Friends quotes all the time, and finally decided to move our friendship from Twitter to texts. We finally met in person at BEA 2013! She actually picked me up from the airport and we roomed together. We were afraid that once we met, we’d have nothing to talk about but we hit it off as if we’d been friends forever!
I knew Amy from around the blogosphere and we had chatted but not really talked as much as I had with other bloggers. We met briefly at BEA 2013 but I still didn’t know her really well. Once I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire (one of her favorite series), we ended up talking about the series! She and Alyssa had texted and we were like, “This is silly! We need to group text about this so we can all talk at the same time!” And thus, our conversation and a best friendship was born! 


What is your favorite (or most popular) blog post that you have written? Favorite and most popular cross over a bit but are still a bit different! Some of my most popular:

Some of my personal favorites:

List a few things that anyone can mention to get you talking!

  • Friends (I’m obsessed. I quote. I re-watch millions of times)
  • Any of my big book fandoms: The Lunar Chronicles, The Grisha Trilogy, Harry Potter (I’m a Ravenpuff but lean more Ravenclaw!), anything Gayle Forman, Throne of Glass, The Name of the Wind, Brandon Sanderson books (Mistborn, Steelheart)
  • The Princess Bride
  • Beer (I’m a beer girl! I homebrew with my husband too)
  • Heroes: Reborn – I just binge watched and caught up on the season so far!
  • Pitch Perfect (JESSE <3)
  • Choir (I used to be a total choir nerd! I miss it. Sigh.)
  • What I’m currently reading
  • Anything about reading/blogging!
  • Hmmm this is hard! If you’ve struck out on all of those ideas, just stop by and say hi! I don’t bite 🙂

Which FRIENDS character would you have dated? Definitely Chandler. 

Were Ross and Rachel really on a break? No. I mean maybe a break but a “break” doesn’t mean “break up”. Sorry, Ross. 

What is in your Zombie Apocalypse Kit? Besides weapons/zombie-fighting essentials? A kindle loaded full of books (and some of my favorite physical copies for when I can’t find a way to charge the battery anymore), beef jerky, ummmm. This is hard! Photo albums to keep with me… and… water? I haven’t really thought about this! 

Marry, Kiss, Kill: Loki, Thorne, Jamie Fraser | Kiss: Loki, Marry: Thorne, Kill: Jamie (sorry, Jamie, only because Loki would kill me if I tried to kill him and we all know I end up with Thorne)

What genre do you enjoy reading the most? Fantasy (both YA and adult) and lighter contemporary. I’ve started getting more into sci-fi too! It’s changed a lot over the years! I didn’t think I liked fantasy until I started reading the right books and now I can’t believe I wasn’t reading those all along! I do like a more serious contemporary/realistic fiction but lately my life has been so hectic that I need those lighter books! 

Do you have interests outside of reading? Of course! My husband and I homebrew beer as a hobby (a delicious hobby) and we also started our own company to make and sell homebrewing equipment — Starting Point Brewing Equipment. It’s still a work in progress and we’re working on items to add to our shop but we’re hoping to kick that off even more soon! The dream is to open a brewery someday but that’s of course quite costly.
I also started making candles! It was just for fun at first and then I couldn’t help but pair them with book-inspired scents for inspiration and I really wanted to share that with other book lovers! I just opened my own Etsy shop — Novelly Yours — last month! 😀
My husband and I also love traveling. We haven’t gotten to do as much lately but we love to go camping, find new places to visit, and just get away when we can.


What is your favorite standalone book that you have read lately? Hmmm. The first one that comes to mind is The Lies About Truth by Courtney C. Stevens. I thought it was so well done and I really connected with the characters a LOT! 

Who is your favorite or least favorite character in literature? I haven’t thought about this question in a while and I think it’s Kvothe from The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. He just has so many qualities and traits that I love. He’s studious and smart but also wily and a prankster. He’s tough and yet sensitive. He loves music and performing, I love his friendships, and he’s maybe a bit of a dolt with the ladies but I’ll wait for that to develop a bit more haha! I just love him and I’ve become so invested in his story! 

Who is your favorite author that you have met in person? Leigh Bardugo is instantly the author that comes to mind! She’s such a strong and fierce woman, which you can see from her social media accounts as well, and she’s also absolutely hilarious and so much fun to be around in person! I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her a few times on tour and she’s always so nice, warm and welcoming, and just an absolutely blast to “hang out” with! 


What upcoming books are you excited for? Any new book by my favorite authors (Heartless, Throne of Glass #5, A Court of Mist and Fury, The Raven King, The Dregs #2), P.S. I Like You by Kasie West, The Last Star by Rick Yancey, Summer of Sloane by Erin L Schneider… oh just go look at my “omg can’t wait” list on Goodreads haha! There are WAY too many!

Favorite gifs for reference?  (All of these are like Friends, New Girl, and Pitch Perfect by the way…)

For times when people need to shuuuuush

I mean, you just need this one. JESSE!

And this one

We all need a good omg gif

When you’re having a bad day…

Because Schmidt

Okayyyyy that’s about it about me! If you’re new to #otspsecretsister we would love to get to know you ASAP so we can give you the green light for round four! Unfortunately due to some circumstances in the previous round(s), we are enforcing the “get to know” you rule and do want to be familiar with at least who you are and maybe some things that you love! Hit me up on Twitter (@bookaddictguide). That’s the best place to chat! But you know where else to find me on social media if you want to hang out there (see sidebar!)…

Don’t forget to stop by the other two hosts (and my BFFs), Alyssa and Amy! Hop to it, friiieeeends!