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Blog Tour: Renegades by Marissa Meyer | Favorite Types of Villains

Welcome to the blog tour for
RENEGADES by Marissa Meyer

As I’m sure you well know, I’m a HUGE Marissa Meyer fan, with my fandom love dating back to The Lunar Chronicles and has continued ever since. I was so excited to hear about RENEGADES and of course, immediately jumped at the chance to participate in the blog tour when offered a spot by Fierce Reads/Macmillan Children’s!

One of my favorite part of any good book is a great villain. I love how complicated villains can be with intricate backstories, their villainous reasoning, the morally grey areas, and that dash of darkness that reels you in. Being an avid reader for so long as introduced me to so many different types of villains so I wanted to talk about a few of my favorites today, being that RENEGADES is actually largely from an Anarchist’s point-of-view with main character Nova being on the side of the bad guys!

Before we jump into the tour, let’s take a second to check out some details about the book:

Blog Tour: Renegades by Marissa Meyer | Favorite Types of VillainsTitle: Renegades (Renegades #1) by Marissa Meyer
Publishing Info: November 7, 2017 by Macmillan
Source: Received from the publisher for review purposes
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Superheroes
Find it on the web: Buy from Amazon // GoodreadsDate Completed: October 12, 2017
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Secret Identities. Extraordinary Powers. She wants vengeance. He wants justice.

The Renegades are a syndicate of prodigies—humans with extraordinary abilities—who emerged from the ruins of a crumbled society and established peace and order where chaos reigned. As champions of justice, they remain a symbol of hope and courage to everyone...except the villains they once overthrew.

Nova has a reason to hate the Renegades, and she is on a mission for vengeance. As she gets closer to her target, she meets Adrian, a Renegade boy who believes in justice—and in Nova. But Nova's allegiance is to a villain who has the power to end them both.


MARISSA MEYER is the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of The Lunar Chronicles series, as well as the graphic novel Wires and Nerve: Vol. 1, and The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book. Her first stand alone novel, Heartless, was also a #1 New York Times bestseller. She lives in Tacoma, Washington, with her husband and their two daughters.


I took on the side of the Anarchists today, always loving a good villain! According to Huffpost (and originally posted on Screencraft), there are 15 different types of movie villains, but I would imagine that goes the same for books! That’s a lot for one blog post today so I’m just sharing a few of my favorites and some of my favorite villains that fit the profiles with some of my favorite reads!

THE ANTI-VILLIAN (also known as Anti-Hero) 

This is one of my absolute favorite types of villains and a lot of what we see in RENEGADES! RENEGADES has a split POV between Nova, one of the Anarchists, and Adrian, one of the Renegades. There’s a lot more to Nova than meets the eye so I might not call her an anti-hero/anti-villain, but the book sure does make you root for the Anarchists and see things from their perspectives! It’s one of my favorites because I love seeing how complex villains can be and how an author can appeal to a reader’s compassion by creating a villain you can sympathize with. | Example: The Anarchists in RENEGADES, Dexter from the Dexter series, Joe from YOU by Caroline Kepnes


There’s something about an evil authority figure that just gets my skin crawling! Unlike the sympathetic anti-hero/anti-villain, the authority figure is just one I love to hate. They make a main character’s life horrible and there’s nothing they can even try to do about it, often pinning a main character under their thumb because disobeience leads to horrible consquences. | Examples: Benjamin Malvern in THE SCORPIO RACES, Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter


There’s just something about a genuinely appalling villain that brings a story to the next level sometimes. In contrast to an anti-hero, the Disturbed villain may suffer from some psychological disorders that lead them down the path of villainy but the audience doesn’t root for this villain at all. They’re just plain crazy or messed up! | Examples: Levana in The Lunar Chronicles, Amy in GONE GIRL


This is one that doesn’t pop up on my list often, but when you read a series like The Illuminae Files, this type of villain is literally everything. How fascinating is a machine as a villain? They have a program and yet are still unpredictable and they’re nearly unstoppable. | Example: AIDEN from The Illuminae Files


And it doesn’t get more evil than evil itself represented in a character! You’ve gotta love a character/person/concept that you can clearly hate and push towards total annihilation. These characters are often horribly frightening, representing everything you could possibly hate and work against. | Examples: Osaron from the Shades of Magic trilogy, The King of Hybern from A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy

Thanks so much for checking out my stop on the blog tour today! I hope you enjoyed my favorite types of villains and I would love to hear yours as well! And don’t forget to pre-order RENEGADES, on sale 11/7/17! I just loved it and it was such a great read!

A Fortnight of Fright: Favorite Villains

Welcome to A Fortnight of Fright! Two weeks of Halloween any way you can possibly see it, hosted by me (The Book Addict’s Guide) and my wonderful co-host, Alyssa @ Books Take You Places!

In this edition of A Fortnight of Fright, I’m talking about my favorite villains. If you caught my Top Ten Tuesday from October 9th, we had a freebie week, and I chose to talk about my favorite literary villains. Today I’m talking about villains and baddies of all kinds: movies, books, and TV shows, and I even got to hear what some of our fellow bloggers had to say about it too!

Professor Severus Snape
I think Snape will always be my favorite villain because he’s kind of a villain, kind of not. He’s got a lot of depth to him which we learn in the later Harry Potter books/movies so it just creates this whole complex character instead of just being a purely evil villain out to get everyone. I also must say that that the Harry potter movies have a big thing to do with this too because I could never pick a more perfect Snape than Alan Rickman. He’s simply brilliant in the role of Snape so it’s really I love him but hate him all at the same time. I guess that’s kind of the point!

Darth Vader
How can you not have Darth Vader on a list of the best villains? Star Wars is a classic (I’m talking about episodes IV-VI, none of this Jar-Jar Binks crap) and Darth Vader is the ultimate baddie. From kids to adults, I think we’d all agree! He’s got some unique powers, a super evil lair the size of a planet (thank you, Death Star), a creepy following, and of course our heroes to fight against. Plus, the voice of James Earl Jones creates for a super-mean effect. And oh yeah, we have no idea what he looks like (okay, so we find that out later on and I’m sure people’s images were just completely shattered) and he’s got the creepy constant audible breath thing going on at all times, and not in a weird phone-breather type way.
What do the bloggers think? Tee at YA Crush told us that Darth Vader is her favorite villain ever (and we can see why!)

The Joker
I get sad every time I think of Heath Ledger as the Joker, mostly because we all know this role more or less lead to his untimely death. His dedication to the role – although proven quite unhealthy – really made the Joker such a perfect villain. He was creepy. He was psychotic. He was ruthless. And it was perfect. I know we all know Heath played a great Joker, but sometimes I really have to snap back into reality and force my brain to remember that this is the same guy from 10 Things I Hate About You, A Knight’s Tale (yeah, that’s still one of my favorite Heath Ledger movies), The Patriot, etc. Because seriously. I really, truly forget that that’s him behind all the makeup. It doesn’t look like him, sound like him or seem like him. RIP Heath Ledger, but I will say he made the Joker one of my favorite villains of all time.

The Wicked Witch of the West
I sure hope everyone has seen the Wizard of Oz. If not, just stop what you’re doing and go watch the movie, then come back.
Okay, so now. The Wicked Witch of the West was definitely one of the best villains of all time. My poor mom was terrified of the witch when she was a kid (I don’t think I ever was though). Margaret Hamilton just absolutely owned the role and I couldn’t imagine someone else (not like I know any actors from the 1930s, but okay). I think we can all agree the Wicked Witch of the West is simply a classic and one of the most notorious movie (and literary – it did originate from a book, after all) villains, dating all the way back to the early 1900s in book form and 1939 as a movie.
I also had a LOT of fun reading various facts about the movie such as: the original director had Judy Garland as a blonde with baby doll-like makeup; Margaret Hamilton (the witch) suffered severe burns form a botched explosion during filming; and Toto the dog actually made more than some of the Munchkins as a daily salary.

Other honorable mentions: Jared the Goblin King from The Labyrinth (oh yeah, you know I’m including this one), Barnaby from Babes in Toyland (the 1961 version with Annette Funicello)

And now let’s hear from Ashley at Wholly Books! Who’s her choice for best villain?

Michael Meyers.

I’ve never been a fan of scary movies because in my experience they either 1) are stupid or 2) scare me. Neither option is ideal for me. So I pretty much stayed away from scary movies. However, when I was about 10 years old I was introduced to the villain that was to literally become my worst nightmare, Michael Meyers. My older cousin apparently thought that it was appropriate to let a 10 year old watch a horror movie with him. Then like all great older cousins, when the movie was over and I was officially scared crapless he decided to further scare me by getting an old Halloween mask and chasing me. Yeah, he was a super cousin.

(sorry for the visual, Ashley… Look away!)

For years after this I slept with my closet light on and whenever Halloween came around I was completely terrified that Michael would for whatever reason make an appearance at my house. Fortunately for me, this never happened.

Now, some of you that have watched Halloween may be wondering why I was so terrified of this guy. I think part of it was because I was young and scared of anything anyway but there were a few other reasons as well. For one, have you heard the music? It is creepy! I mean seriously, I still get scared whenever I hear the theme song. Second, the mask freaks me out. I hate how in the newer movies you can’t see his eyes. Third and most importantly, the guy won’t die! Shoot him, stab him, throw him off a cliff, run over him repeatedly and he will still be walking slowly after you…and he ALWAYS catches up.

So yeah, my name is Ashley and I am 24 years old and I’m still afraid of Michael Meyers.

A Fortnight of Fright: Intro and Looking for Blogger Participation!

Hey, guys! If you remember last week, I announced that Alyssa @ Books Take You Places and I were putting together a series of Halloween-related posts for your enjoyment. Well here’s the “official” official announcement! It’s called “A Fortnight of Fright” and it’s taking place from October 17th – 31st. We’ll be dissecting and discussing several aspects of Halloween fun, BUT we also want YOU to help with it. This was designed for all of us to get in the Halloween spirit and as much as we want you to read the posts, we want you to be a part of them too!

So here’s the breakdown: This is a rough outline of the schedule for the weeks to come!
October 17 – 20: Halloween movies, special guest posts, Halloween reads & book reviews, recipes/crafts
October 21 – 27: Scariest/best villains, Halloween TTT, more reviews, Haunted New England, ghost stories, best Halloween TV episodes
October 28 – 31: Alyssa’s trip to Salem, more reviews, real facts about Halloween

We are a week away and we’re still looking for some blogger participation! We would LOVE to feature you in a post. ANY of the topics list above, we want to feature a quote, blurb, or story from you!

Also, for all of my Halloween reads’ review that I’m posting (Something Strange and Deadly, Anna Dressed in Blood, Ten, Born Wicked), I’m featuring links & blurbs to other reviews for the same book. Haven’t read any of them? No problem! There’s also another full review pages for anyone else’s Halloween reads that they’d like to share! Links, blurbs, or mini-reviews – send ’em on over!

For all entries, please comment, tweet, or email me by 10/15/12. Since these posts are going live starting the 17th, the earlier the better, but no pressure 🙂
Twitter: @bookaddictguide
Email: bookaddictsguide(at)gmail(dot)com

We really hope to see your entries! This is part of what makes the event so much fun.

Now take this poll!!!! After all of this talk about Halloween, I NEED to know your favorite Halloween movies! If it’s not on the poll, leave me a comment 🙂

Top Ten Tuesday – October 9, 2012: Top Ten Villains

It’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful blog at The Broke and the Bookish!

This Week’s Topic is: a Top Ten Tuesday rewind!! So I went all the way back to 11/16/10 so I could talk about…. Villains/Criminals/and other Nasties!

Halloween is coming up (shamless plug for the Halloween event that Alyssa (Books Take You Places) and I are planning and want YOU to take part in…) and I want to go back through and talk about my favorite villains. Villains make for great Halloween costumes and go along with the perfectly wicked Halloween theme. Here are my choices (in no particular order):

1. Professor Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series: I have a love/hate relationship with Snape. He’s a great villain mostly because as the series progresses, he grows more and more dynamic and we see the good AND the bad side of him. Snape’s got sass and snark! Plus, Snape is mean with a vendetta, but not really malicious. Although this list is in no particular order, I still think Snape is my number one villain!

2. Prince Humperdinck from The Princess Bride: Oh Prince Humperdinck. You down-low dirty dog, you. Humperdinck is an EASY villain to hate. He’s a liar. A cheat. A con man. A murderer. He wants to marry the most beautiful girl in the world just so he can kill her – in order to start a war. What is with this guy? I’m saying antisocial personality disorder. I was also tipped off by the creepy-ass zoo that he keeps in the dungeon (yeah, that’s the book, not the movie. Go read it!!!!)

3. Housemaster Vaughn from the Chemical Garden trilogy: I don’t know why but this guy just creeps. me. out. I’m sure for most, he’s probably not one of the worst villains out there. For me? Totally. It was a combination of mad scientist, skeevy old guy, and sadistic prison guard. *shiver* He’s old-guy skeeving on Rhine like he’s nice but kind of hitting on her at the same time, and oh wait, we also want to dissect her body too! Ew.

4. The baddies in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Okay, if you’re one of the people who hasn’t read the book, just in case, I won’t spoil the end for you – but it’s no secret that the villains in this book are more than just villains. They’re MESSED. UP. The book was so good, but so bad at the same time – I loved it, but it was kind of like watching a horrible accident or something. I was horrified, but I couldn’t stop wanting and needing to know more. But don’t let the popular ratings fool you – It’s no feel-good book. There are some sick, sick sickos in this series.

5. “The Authority/Society” from any dystopian: One thing I love about dystopians is putting myself in a future world. The other thing is the classic story of hero/heroine vs the authority. It’s one of those things that are impossible to get away from. It’s all around you. All the time. And generally these are the people who have the power to track you down and make sure you succumb. Creepy.

6. Prentisstown in The Knife of Never Letting Go: Now, I’ve only finished the first book in this series so this is all I know so far, but man, those guys are creepy. There’s always something just off enough that you know something’s up but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Obviously these secrets are revealed later in the book (no spoilers), but I couldn’t help but just be freaked out by this weird town the whole book! Definitely creepy…… Especially Aaron.

7. President Snow from The Hunger Games series: Another seriously creepy old man/authority figure (do I have a problem with old people and/or authority? Maybe I do……) and why does he always use roses to cover up the fact that he smells like blood? And his mouth smells like blood. What is he doing?! Even though it’s not the case, I had the smallest thought of cannibalism which it the worst possible idea to pop into my head, and then I couldn’t shake it.

8. King Randa & King Leck from Graceling: Ugh, what creeps. I hate when villains make the characters do something totally against their will or blackmail. Ew. Not all of the kings are bad or corrupt in Graceling, but apparently a fair few of them are.

9. Dexter Morgan from the Dexter series: Okay, so I confess. I only read the first book in the actual series of books. It was too similar to the TV show (which I had already seen) and I was bored reading the book. Ahh, I hate to say it, but it’s true. Anyway, from what I know of the show, I love Dexter. This is one of the only times I’ve actually rooted for the bad guy! How did they do that? How did they make a serial loveable?

10. Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series: I just had to include Bellatrix, and Helena Bonham Carter nailed this role in the movies! She’s bad and just deranged. I love it!

Okay, so those are my choices for my top villains. That was actually harder than I thought!

Like I mentioned above, Alyssa and I are putting together this series of Halloween posts starting probably next week sometime and ending on Halloween day. We want YOU guys to help us out. It’s not just us putting up the posts, but we’re sharing anything and everything we can collect from our fellow blogger friends and we’re putting in your thoughts, quotes, and opinions. Send us your favorite Halloween movies, TV episodes, villains; any real ghost stories you’ve experienced, creepy places you’ve been, true facts about Halloween, favorite villains, even guest posts if you have a great story or Halloween event – and of course, any Halloween related book reviews! Either leave me a comment or better yet, send me an email with your Halloween-related ideas! I can be reached at bookaddictsguide(at)gmail(dot)com. We look forward to your contributions!!!