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#weeklybookstagram | A New Instagram Photo Challenge!

I’ve recently become quite a bit more obsessed with Instagram and I pretty much find any excuse to post pictures of books and bookish things! I first started Instagramming about two years ago and really got into it at BEA 2013 when Alyssa introduced me to Book Soulmate‘s Instagram challenge (#BSMPhotoADay) to take a new picture each day, with each month having a theme. I immediately hopped on for June and loved the idea but I kept forgetting to take a picture one day or put it off another. Some days I’d catch up but I ended up giving up the project because I just couldn’t keep up with it from day-to-day, even though I really wanted to!

Years later, I’m growing even more obsessed with Instagram — sharing my own pictures and checking out everyone else’s (I LOVE book pictures!) — and I wanted to pick up #BSMPhotoADay again but realistically, I knew that I just wouldn’t be able to keep up. I tried searching for a weekly challenge but I Googled and searched in IG high and low and couldn’t find a weekly hashtag… so I wanted to create one of my own!

#weeklybookstagram is going to be my new weekly bookish Instagram project. I’ll post a schedule of weekly themes and participants can post any time during the week (or multiple times if you’re really an over-achiever *wink*) and just use the hashtag #weeklybookstagram to play along! Some themes will be somewhat specific and others more vague so you can play around with the idea and interpret it how you want to! I just want everyone to have fun with it! So without further ado, here’s the schedule for the first round of #weeklybookstagram!


Feel free to have fun with these topics! You can snap a simple picture or get a little bit more creative. No matter what it is, I’m excited to see your bookish photos!  I’ll be posting the image above on Instagram and Twitter to invite everyone to play along and you should feel free to do the same!

The first week will officially start on Monday, April 20th and this little schedule goes through the end of May. I’ll post a new set of weekly topics once the end of May is nearing!

  • 04/20 – 04/26: April Showers
  • 04/27 – 05/03: Into the Woods (not the musical/movie — find some woodsy bookish themes!)
  • 05/04 – 05/10: Stack it!
  • 05/18 – 05/24: Pastels
  • 05/25 – 05/31: Circles

INSTAGRAM: @bookaddictsguide
TWITTER @bookaddictguide

Sound like fun? I hope so! I’m really looking forward to this project/challenge so I hope you’ll join me once a week to share your bookish pictures!

Are you obsessed with sharing your bookish pictures? Here are a few of the Instagram memes & hashtags that I know about — feel free to share more if you know them!

I know I’m missing TONS so if you participate in any photo challenges (book-related, please), do let me know so I can add them to the list! I’m not participating in any at the moment so they’re hard for me to remember but I want to give shout outs to all of the photo challenge hosts!